We receive a lot of emails from expired members asking how they rejoin again and maintain their old user account with post counts and settings saved. Also they ask why they did not get an email informing them of their expiry. All members are sent an email 24 hours prier to expiry but unfortunately these in many cases go to their spam box and are never seen. Other members after receiving their email try to rejoin before they expire and experience problems.

In this tutorial I will explain how re-signup a non-recurring account registered on ccbill.

The first and most important step is to wait until your current account has expired before continuing the re-signup.

Next step navigate to the ccbill signup page which is the page you just came from. In the future you can access this page by clicking on the orange "Join Now" button on the AE non-members page.

Once you reach this page choose your method of purchase.

Once you choose a purchase method you will be presented with the signup form as show below.

Next put in all your details into the form.

Below is an image identifying two key areas of the form.

The area highlighted in red is a drop down selection box. Click the small blue arrow and a menu will drop down that gives you options on how you long you wish to purchase a membership. The options are as follows:

US$15.95 for 30 days. Recurring
US$39.95 for 90 days. Recurring
US$59.95 for 180 days. Non-Recurring
US$79.95 for 365 days. Non-Recurring

Next the area that was highlighted in blue is the Username and Password fields when trying to reactivate an expired account it is very important that you use exactly the same Username and Password as the expired account, this includes identical case (capitals or not).

If you have followed this procedure correctly you will have reactivated your old account and will have maintained all your previous posts and uploaded images.