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For a yearly fee of 10,000 pesos your advert will appear in multiple locations across our site. This includes:

- The main forum index.
- Every sub section of the forum.
- All posts.

Your Ad will appear in a rotating banner block along with a limited number of other banners.

We can also link your banner to another web page so that mouse-clicking the banner will re-direct the viewer to another web page - such as your own website or the AsianEscapades review of your business.

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As a service to our advertising customers we can create your banner for FREE. All we require is some basic information about your business and, if available, graphical images to place in the banner

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Here are some examples of our work:




With approximately 50,000 views per month, we believe this deal is far superior to that offered by our competitors in both affordability and quality/views.

For further details contact please email us at

Asian Escapades Staff.