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·Miss Blue Rock 201803/20/18 07:47 AM
·El Nido03/18/18 11:30 AM
·Re: SANDMAN'S Sample of March OXYMORON TRIP 201803/17/18 09:37 PM
·Re: Silly Sunday in Det 503/17/18 08:50 PM
·SANDMAN'S Sample of March OXYMORON TRIP 201803/17/18 08:47 PM
·Re: POD 17 March03/17/18 12:02 PM
·POD 17 March03/17/18 07:24 AM 20 posts

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You can ask your questions about bars, bargirls, lbfm, hotels etc. on the messageboard, the messageboard is full of nice members that are usually helpful with whatever info you need.

You can also use the messageboard to get other members together for a barhop or other social function.

We will announce events etc. on the message board as well, so you will never miss a good party.

So this is the place for the guys that wants to keep up with the news from Asias party hot spots.


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