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Filipina Girl - Just what is the deal?

Why is the western male so attracted to the Filipina girl? I mean, just what is this magic the Filipina girl has over us that makes us travel half way around the world to get.

It is as if the Filipina bar girl casts some spell on us that makes us act stupid and lose track of all time and sense of money. She takes a bad day and turns it into a magical night. The Filipina girl can take years of a man where he no longer feels the aches and pains in his body. He will make his body perform as if a teenager all for the love of the Filipina girl.

It can’t just be that a Filipina girl is better than her western sister because of looks, can it? I know some guys (myself included) find Asian girls much more attractive than Caucasian girls, but the Filipina girl isn’t really your typical Asian, is she?

The Filipina girl is a mix of cultures and races. Filipinas can look like many races around the world. I have seen a Filipina girl look like she is Spanish. I have seen a Filipina look like she is Thai. I have seen a Filipina girl look like she is Chinese or Korean.

A Filipina bargirl has some sort of magical thing about her that is almost chameleon in nature. I have heard many stories and experienced myself when she travels to a foreign country she is spoken to in the native language. Then the poor girl just stares at the person as if they are stupid. Then the foreigner thinks the she is insulting them or something else. It is not until the foreigner realizes that she is in fact a Filipina girl and not Thai, Japanese, Korean, whatever, before they can continue.

So it is not necessarily looks that make the Filipina girl so desirable.

Maybe it is their demeanor? After all the Filipina girl is known as being more subservient to their men, right?

Don’t you believe it!

The Filipina Girl beneath the surface

The Filipinas while on the surface may seem that way, when you really get to know a Filipina girl you will learn that they control you more than you could ever hope to control her. The Filipinas are independent in thought and ways of acting than you’ll ever know. You try to change a Filipina girl and she will rebel against you. You need to learn to understand the Filipinas and what motivates her and then try to influence and change those factors around her. That is the only way to change a Filipina girl, teach her how to change herself.

So it’s not the demeanor.

So just what is it?
Maybe it’s the culture is so western and the punter feels more at home with the Filipinas. This is somewhat true as English is a common language and you can speak with her, right?

Ummm, no.

English is more understood here than other Asian countries but that often leads to more problems as the foreigner when speaking to a Filipina girl will assume she understands everything you are saying.

Being a Filipina will always feign understanding before admitting they don’t comprehend leads to more arguments and misunderstandings than anything else I have seen living here.

The Filipina girl will never tell you they don’t understand unless you ask her directly. This also applies to other assumed cultural traits. Filipinas while Catholic really isn’t following any Catholic dogma you’ll understand. A Filipina Girl watching an Western movie won’t laugh at the same things or relate to the same things as you. While dressing in western clothes don’t follow the same styles you do and she won’t listen to the same music you do. It is endless…

So it’s not the culture that draws us so close to the Filipinas…


Well, I really don’t know. All I know is that the Filipina girl is a combination of all those things and it is the Filipinas I love most on the planet. And even though the Bold Filipina frustrates me as I try to understand her world. The Filipina girl for me is the perfect creature so far. Or to paraphrase Winston Churchill, “The Filipina girl is the worst female on the planet, except all the others…”

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