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Filipina Bar Girls

That’s right. I said understanding the Filipina Bar Girls! I have finally figured it out. It is so easy! The Filipina Bar Girls are motivated by IT.

What is IT, you ask? What is the magical IT that every Filipina Bar Girl wants?

IT is whatever a bar girl deems is the most important thing in her life (here comes the key part to understanding everything) right at that moment of time. In other words, The Filipina bar girl is only motivated by some outside factor that is influencing her the moment any type of decision is pending.

Filipina Bar GirlsThink about it. Just what is the daily life cycle of the typical Filipina Bar Girl? And I use the term Filipina bar girl as opposed to their sisters in Thailand or Burma or Korea, or wherever as the Filipina bar girls are unique on this planet and has a mix of cultures and social norms and morays the don’t quite match up with any other bar girl.

Just one example of this is the Filipina bar girls are for the most part Catholic as opposed to their Thai bar girl cousin who is influenced by the teachings of Buddha. Not that and Filipina bar girl understands what it means to be Catholic, they just understand that Catholicism is what they are and when it is time to speak of religion or it is Holy Week or some other religious holiday, they all follow the Catholic dogma as best they can.

So anyway, the daily life cycle of the Filipina Bar Girl is a simple one. The Filipina Bar Girl at some point of the day wakes up. This is usually some time during the hot part of the day if they were not barfined the previous night. That is the first example of an immediate influence. The sun forces them to wake up and do something… anything to beat the heat. Some will shower, some will wash clothes, some will go find a short time, while others just sit and vegetate. Here is the problem…


More LBFMs at playThe Bored Filipina Bar Girls

A bored Filipina Bar Girl has nothing better to do than gossip and talk with other Filipina Bar Girls. And guess what they are talking about? YOU!

The Filipina Bar Girls share stories about tips or the latest cell phone their Yahoo guy bought them or how much Western Union they are receiving and how they got the poor sap to give them money…

“ Honey, I don’t know what to do. My mom is so sick and I can’t pay for her hospital…”

So the IT is money right now and that affects you.

Next they go shopping…

“ That hat is cute, isn’t it?” and with those fateful words she buys a hat which in turns makes her bar girl friend buy that hat and some bar girls see that hat and they buy the same hat. It’s like all the Girls in town shop at the same place. You can see trends come and go so fast. But the IT now is style and “keeping up with the Jones”. Or should I say, “Keeping up with the Maricels”?

Next the Filipina Bar Girls are hungry. They will spend more of your money and the only thing that matters is getting food. Don’t try to talk to a Filipina Bar Girl when she is hungry. They are single minded and focused on one thing at a time. The Filipina Bar Girl is NOT multi tasking!

Next is getting ready for work and then back in the bar.

Make a little love, do a little dance, get down tonight…

Then at some point (again depending if she got barfined or not) the Filipina Bar Girl goes to sleep. The whole cycle starts over again. A very simple life.Filipina Bar Girls

Now you throw anything into that mix and it is paramount you understand that the IT will be whatever that thing is. No load for her cell? She will try to get pasa load out of you. Her friend is having yet another crisis? She will ignore you. Mom is putting more guilt on her? She will try to get money from you. It is raining? She will not meet you.

Whatever is in the Filipina Bar girl’s life right at that moment will influence her decisions more than the average person. While you plan ahead and it rains so you have an umbrella and it does not effect you, the bold Filipina will not worry about rain until it actually happens.

Get IT? When you get IT everything else falls into place and you will avoid all those arguments before with Filipina Bar Girls. No more will you say things like, “What? Your mom is sick again? But what happened to that 200 dollars I sent you last week? Didn’t you save any?”

You will still think these things, but you will not say them. Because now you too know and understand the Filipina Bargirls.