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The Barkada of Filipina Bargirls

A barkada is loosely translated from Tagalog as a group of friends that are special to each other. More than just acquaintances or friends, the barkada is a very important factor when it comes to Filipina Bargirls.

The word barkada is even in the motto of one of the local TV channels here in the Philippines. “Ka Barkada Mo!” is on every Studio 23 commercial. And believe me, Filipina bargirls watch a lot of TV!

You could say that when it comes to Filipina bargirls one of the most important things in their young lives is their barkada.

I mean everything Filipina Bargirls do in their life revolves around their barkada. They influence the way Filipina bargirls walk, the way Filipina bargirls talk, the way Filipina bargirls dress, and even the type of guy Filipina bargirls date and maybe marry. It can be the determining factor of a relationship between foreigners and Filipina bargirls working out or absolutely falling apart.

Filipina vs Thai Bargirls

I use the term Filipina bargirls as this subtle nuance seems to effect the Filipina more so than their Thai bargirl sister or even the close knit units of Korean bargirls or elsewhere. In many parts of the world the bargirl is indentured to a club or place and their entire bargirl life will be spent in one place. Opposite is the trend for Filipina bargirls. They tend to follow their barkada or family from bar to bar, and even city to city.

Filipina bargirls will look to their barkada for a lead in most areas of their life. Each barkada has certain roles they fill, almost as if it was a board of directors. Sort of like an executive committee.

There is a president or leader of the group. There are the Filipina bargirls who fill the role of treasurer, the one who lends money out to their barkada sisters. There are other who fill the role of style and fashion coordinator. These are the ones others in the group turn to for the latest trends or make-up colors. And there are many Filipina bargirls that make up pledges or followers of the more dominate leaders of the group with more influence.

If you find you are in a relationship with one (or maybe with a lot of Filipina bargirls.. hehehe), you need to not only know which Filipina bargirls are in your prospective mate’s barkada, but more important what role she plays in her barkada.

Filipina bargirls do not take this lightly. If your girl is a pledge or follower she has a greater chance of following her barkada’s wishes than your own. If she is the leader she will spend a lot of time acting in this role with her fellow bargirls than spending time following you. After all she has power there and in control while she may feel some resentment towards you for trying to act as her boss. We all know power is addictive and she might have problems with the role reversal.

Just remember this dynamic when dealing with Filipina bargirls. It could be the deal breaker or seal maker. Filipina bargirls are easy to control if you understand the barkada and make it work to your advantage.

For example, if your Filipina bargirl is the treasurer in her barkada you can give extra allowance and not give her a hard time about it when she doesn’t seem to have anything to show for all the pesos you have been giving her. The increased status in her barkada will be because of you and she will know that by keeping you happy the others in her barkada will respect her and look to her as an important person.

This really works guys. I’m telling you! Filipina bargirls are simple; it’s just understanding all the factors of a relationship with Filipina bargirls that is hard. Follow the barkada and you are half way there.

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