Club Asia

Club Asia is the old Chicken and Ribs building situated just besides the Blue Nile Executive Club down the McArthur Highway end of Fields Avenue. This is a large long building which goes all the way from Fields Avenue through to Vien Street. This is not the ideal shape for a bar but despite the logistical challenges the DollHouse group has risen to the challenge and designed a classy functional theme bar named Club Asia. The DollHouse groups hallmark is an emphasis on theme bars which specialize in shows and presenting an entertainment package rather than just dancers on a stage and Club Asia is no exception.

Throughout the club there is a strong image of Asia which is created right from the moment you walk in through the front door. This image is created by the girl’s costumes, the lighting, the artwork which decorates the walls, the seating comfortable lounge seats rather than bar stools, the special shows which incorporate an Asian theme and of course the music. All of these factors combine to give this club a classy uniquely Asian feel.

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