Mirrors Bar
Inside Clarkton Hotel
Trading Hours 3pm Till 3am

Lately a number of people have been talking about Mirrors bar at the Clarkton hotel so I thought I would check it out and at the same time compile a bar review for AE members.

Mirrors Bar was originally opened in 1987 which in Angeles bar terms makes it a long term survivor. Initially it was under Australian management but taken over by Germans in 1992. Over the years Mirrors has remained a steady favorite amongst AC locals and Clarkton guests alike. Mirrors was a somewhat tongue in cheek name inspired by the Filipina bar girls penchant for admiring themselves in the mirror and there is certainly an abundance of mirrors in this club especially around the dance floor.

Mirrors is open from 3pm through to 3am and happy hour is from 3pm to 6pm.  The local drinks are 40 peso during happy hour but there is no happy hour for imported drinks which on average will cost you 110 peso. Mirrors has has a very well stocked bar and all drinks are competitively priced. For example Crè me de Menthe and Malibu are 90 peso through to Johnny Walker Black 170 peso and Baileys Irish Crè me 150 peso.

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