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LBFM Appeal

Time moves quickly in our world. That's why we develop acronyms for favourite phrases . it saves time. And a favourite acronym among travelling men is "LBFM".

LBFM ???

Literally, LBFM stands for "Little Brown Fucking Machines", but what it really means is accommodating Asian women who'll provide enthusiastic sex in return for a small payment. In other words, not like women where you live (who require big spending and then often still don't put out).

Angeles City LBFMs Two Bar Girls PartyingThe term "LBFM" was coined several decades ago when Western soldiers were posted to Asia and discovered the joys of LBFM. Having come from lands where women were neither little nor accommodating, young (and not so young) soldiers and sailors very quickly warmed to the LBFM concept.

The availability of enthusiastic LBFM sex also played an indirect role in extending the Vietnam War (according to one inside source), as members of the press, the military brass and Embassy personnel slanted their reports to make the war seem ultimately winnable. Why? They were in no hurry to trade in the LBFM in Asia for the OOSM ("Oversized Overbearing Spending Machines") they had left back home and would return home to again when their tour of duty was over.

Is the term "LBFM" derogatory? Originally, it was. Those were the days of "saints and whores". Good girls didn't put out and guys married them in the belief that they'd not stray after marriage either. Those men craved sex and enjoyed the women who did put out for them. But those weren't quality women. They were good for fun, but not good enough to marry.

LBFM were fun . they put out! And to guys back then who fell for the "saints and whores" scam, LBFM by definition weren't "quality women". Some young guys did actually marry an LBFM and brought her home. But most guys kept to the distinction. They did their tour of duty, got lots of LBFM sex, maybe knocked up an LBFM or two along the way and then headed back to Kansas to marry their college sweethearts (many of whom turned out to have married someone else while her "one and Angeles City LBFM Geckos Bar Girlsonly" was overseas fighting).

But that was then and this is now. Suppose you're a young man looking for attractive and accommodating women today who'll provide enthusiastic sex without requiring a lot of expensive wooing first?

You're in luck! The LBFM phenomenon continues today although that may change one day, as Western women's groups pressure governments to put LBFM off limits to men from the prosperous countries. Even today, OOSM can't compete against LBFM so, as with any special interest group, they're lobbying to outlaw that competition.

So why wait? Click here to find out more about what makes LBFM sex so appealing to Western men and to learn how you too can enjoy the delights of LBFM from Thailand , the Phillipines, Indonesia and Cambodia. You'll be glad you did.


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