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Pattaya Bar Girls

The world famous Pattaya bar girls has kept me coming back to Thailand year after year and time after time. I have in fact spent many years worth of vacation time in various Asian countries, and it is always interesting to see and compare the differences between bar girls. Pattaya Bar Girls looks a little more seasoned when compared to their sisters in Angeles, Manila, Phnom Pen or anywhere else in Asia.

But like when cooking a good meal it is the seasoning that makes a meal special!

This experience is a big advantage in many fields when dealing with the Pattaya Bar Girls. They know what their job is, and they know how to do it. And do it well!

Make no mistake here, they will give you the girlfriend experience we have all come to love here in Asia, but most of the time they will not fall in love overnight. That girl friend experience is if anything more real in Pattaya and in Thailand as you can trust when they do fall for you (and they all will eventually if you play your cards right) it is not just what they do with any guy, every time like they are on auto-pilot.

Once you have won the heart of a Pattaya bar girl, you are in for a treat; she will take very good care of you and make sure that your every need is taken care off. The girls here are well known for their loving and caring nature. And let me tell you from personal experience that the Thai bar girl is well versed in taking care of their man!

Partying in Pattaya is a very special adventure. You will see almost as much neon in Pattaya as you would see in Las Vegas, and with its over 3000 bars it is one of the most vibrant and action filled places to party.

Just go up through walking street from 8 pm onwards and you will see thousands of beautiful and willing ladies. It is impossible to actually make a list of all the bars in Pattaya as many close and many new ones open every month. Add to that that even after a hundred trips I have yet to hit every single bar. Each night is a new experience just waiting for you.

We have on Asian Escapades compiled a good selection of pictures of Pattaya bar girls, and we have set up a partnership with a bar in Pattaya to keep a steady supply of new content coming in to our site. We have also got several very good trip reports from Thailand where our members describe their encounters with Pattaya bar girls.

This new addition makes Asian Escapades even better; we boast a new release from an Asian hotspot every day, and we are at the time of writing (check the front page for updated information) getting close to 50,000 pictures / video files of Asian bar girls.

Our members will always have something to look at while they sit in their home country dreaming about their past experiences with Pattaya bar girls. So what are you waiting for, sign up and join our group of happy members.

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