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Pattaya Soapy - World Famous!


Ok, if you haven’t heard of the “soapy” that is available in Pattaya, you just are ready for your vacation as you certainly haven’t done enough research!

A trip to Pattaya is not complete if you don’t go down to the GIANT massage places and get yourself a soapy. This is a special massage that while you can get it elsewhere the only great place where they do it right is in Pattaya, Thailand!

So here’s how the world famous Pattaya Soapy works. You go down to the giant massage places located in town. The best in Pattaya arguably are one of the three 'Sabai' Massage parlors. All of these parlors are located near each other and within walking distance of the Central Festival Shopping Plaza in North Pattaya.

The first is the “Sabai Room” which is next to the Shopping Plaza. Then there is “Sabai Land” which is opposite of the Shopping Plaza. And then there is the largest of all “Sabai Dee” which is simply the biggest Body Massage venue of Pattaya and is located opposite the Big-C in North Pattaya.

The first thing you will notice when walking into one of these is the "fish bowl". The Fish Bowl is when you have several ladies and in places like Sabai Dee up to several hundred ladies during peak hours, sit in a display case behind glass waiting for you to walk in.

Each one of these lovely Thai girls is attempting eye contact with you trying to get your attention. Some of the things these Pattaya beauties do behind their glass prison are highly amusing. Everything from eye winks to licking their lips or fingers to mouthing sexual innuendos to anything else you can imagine.

Your job is a simple one. You just sit on a coach or chair with a drink in your hand, not in any type of rush and look over all the beautiful and willing Thai girls. Soon you will see one girl that will stand out to you, either by the smile she flashed you or the eye contact. That’s all you’ll need and you will know that is the one you desire.

Next you tell the manager of the parlor which one you have in mind and he (or she) will call out her number which is placed on her with a tag or large plastic button (another Pattaya tradition) and she will come out of the fish bowl to meet with you. You can then have a small conversation with her first, or go directly to the room after paying the required fee.

If you are not sure which lady would be right for you, simply ask the manager, he (or she) will then ask you what would be your preferences, and select on your behalf the lady that would best fit your tastes. The managers are generally fairly accurate, as they know the girls quite well, and what their specialties are.

First, the girl undresses you in a private room. She then fills a tub full of warm sudsy water, you get into the tub and she proceeds to follow you. Once in the tub she will wash you thoroughly from head to toe (and I mean every part of your body) with the warm soapy water. After a period of time of this very pleasant experience, she will get out and ask you to follow her to a small area usually located in the same small section yet not by the bed which is also in the room.

She then dries you off with towels and directs you lie down on a rubber mattress she (or her partner if you selected two Thai girls) has set up. She then soaps you down once more while you are lying flat on your stomach. Next she uses her body to rub you clean. This is the soapy. Up and down she rubs her body against yours slipping and sliding all over the place. When you have two girls doing this at the same time it can sometimes get comical, but damn does it feel good!

You then turn over and the same wonderful experience is repeated on your front. After a period of time of this heavenly process you then get up and she dries you off completely.

She will then guide you to the bed, and more fun is still ahead of you. She will generally ask you "what you like" and she will then proceed to complete all of your wishes as best she can. Again, with the help of her friend if you are “up” for it.

This entire massage generally takes up to 3 hours so schedule some time and don’t be in a rush. You owe it to yourself to try the Pattaya soapy just once!

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