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Pattaya is a monger’s wet dream come true!

Pattaya has some of the best nightlife you can imagine.

Try to imagine what you would get if you took Disneyland but with an adult theme and mixed it all together with a ton of hot Asian girls all waiting for your attention. That is Pattaya.

I of course read a lot about Thailand and it’s infamous red light districts. This was about the same time I was looking for someplace to take a vacation from the Filipina bar girls and look for some fun from their Asian bar girl sisters elsewhere throughout South East Asia. Not saying I am your classic sex tourist, I love to travel and see the sights but when night time comes I like to have my fun. Well, fun put Pattaya on a short list of destinations I wanted to check out!

Of course I looked at other Asian places of interest but quickly saw that basically it boiled down to two choices; Pattaya in Thailand or Svay Pak in Cambodia. But after some research there are just many more things to see and do in Pattaya and that made Pattaya win by a long shot over Svay Pak. Got my tickets and off I went.

Getting to Pattaya was not half the fun. The flight was crowded and then had trouble lining up a car to drive the rest of the way. Pattaya is about a 2 hour or so drive from Bangkok and they must have assumed I was a newbie as the touts at the airport wanted way to much. Finally I spotted a big sign saying “PATTAYA SPECIAL” and got a decent rate from a car company right in the airport called “Eastern Travel”. Look them up if you’re looking for a ride. They were fantastic.

I spent 2 weeks in Pattaya and each night was different. It is not like the smaller nightlife spots like Angeles City Philippine or even Manila where that nightlife is spread out all over town. Pattaya is just thousands of bars all within walking distance. Just amazing! And those are just the Soi places! Where Angeles City Philippine you can see all the bars and basically all the Filipina Bargirls in one or maybe two nights, Pattaya has so many Thai bargirls and clubs that 2 weeks wasn’t nearly enough time!

Then there is Walking Street. This is the heart of the action and no trip to Pattaya would be complete without a visit down this World famous street. Closed to foot traffic you will see a ton of Thai bar girls just vying for your attention. There are so many agogo bars along this stretch you can spend a lifetime getting to each one and truly experience them completely.

I have spent many vacations in Angeles City Philippine and I basically know every Filipina bar girl there after a two week vacation. But after two weeks in Pattaya I don’t think I saw even 10% of all the Thai bar girls in town. And from what I heard I was visiting during Pattaya’s slow season!

So do yourself a favor if you are looking for a great place to party, have fun, and maybe meet a Thai bar girl you will just fall head over heals for. But don’t fall to deep because Pattaya has thousands waiting for their turn with you!

God bless Pattaya!

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