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Kokomos Review

Field Ave Balibago
Open 24 Hours

Welcome to the world of Kokomos and when I use that expression in many ways I mean it literally. Kokomos is both a restaurant, a meeting place, a viewing area, a pool party place and a bar complex. There is something for everyone at Kokomos and this establishment has become a central landmark and the archetypal Angeles establishment.

Kokomos was first opened in 1998 and over the last 10 years it has established itself as the classic Angeles restaurant supplying a wide diversity of food and beverages at reasonable prices. Kokomos was built by Mo who conceived the idea when a partner in Margaritaville and this establishment is specifically designed on similar guidelines as that of Margaritaville. Indeed Kokomos is designed specifically to attract the lower and mid end market and in so doing directly compete with Margarita Station.

One important aspect of Kokomos is that it is used as a meeting place. At the front is a large section with several tables for dining accompanied by a serving counter and stools which afford customers a splendid view of central Fields Avenue. On just about any time of day or night you will see people using this as a meeting place. Because of its centralized location and laid back atmosphere this is probably the perfect place to meet with ones friends, enjoy some splendid sightseeing indulge in a refreshing beverage and plan ones bar hopping activities.

A major focal point where knowledgeable expats and bar managers choose to meet is the Kokomos Managers Table. The managers table tends to attract a close knit group who have a direct or indirect involvement in the bar business. That is not to say this is an elitist area reserved for those who work in the bar industry, on the contrary, everyone is welcome here but on the whole it tends to be dominated by bar industry personnel and knowledgeable expats who have had many years visiting the bars and availing themselves of the services offered there.

Thus several segments of Angeles society are catered for here. The front area is perfect for customers planning their daily or nightly bar hopping activities where at the same time they can sit, enjoy a drink and watch the happenings on Fields Avenue. The managers table is perfect for the longer term residents and bar personnel and it is in this area where many key issues affecting the bars are discussed and analyzed. At the same time it is also a great place to meet knowledgeable people and swap a few tall tales while enjoying a refreshing drink or light snack.

Kokomos is open 24/7 and has an efficient generator which supplies power whenever the inevitable brown outs happen. Because it is open 24/7, Kokomos supplies a huge range of food and beverages in concurrence with the time of day or night. Kokomos always employs a foreigner chef to supervise proceedings and the incumbent chef is Cozma who specializes in curries and mid eastern cuisine.

Kokomos works on many levels but first and foremost it is a restaurant and the bottom line for any restaurant is its food.A major aspect of Kokomos menu is its breakfast dishes. The breakfast dishes include classic dishes from America, Mexico, England and Australia. There is even an option to build your own breakfast and of course the large mugs of freshly brewed coffee are always available.

For those who are only a little bit hungry there is a nice range of soups and appetizers.

No open air restaurant, open 24/7, is complete without sandwiches and in the case of Kokomos the sandwiches are truly something special. They also serve there now famous Subs and Hoagies.

A favorite dish produced in Kokomos is their pizza. Within recent history a blind pizza taste test was held where customers were asked to taste many different pizzas and name their favorite. The most frequently chosen pizzas were those of Kokomos and to this day the boys at Kokomos still claim to have the most popular pizza in Angeles.

Another very popular dish on the Kokomos menu is their burgers and hot dogs. For me I find the burgers fairly ordinary however they sell extremely well so it would seem most people do not share my opinion.

There are a number of beef dishes and numerous chicken based dishes

Being in the Philippines pork and seafood are readily available and as such Kokomos has a range of delicious dishes utilizing one of these food types.

When it comes to dinner the Kokomos menu features a large range of delicious entrees.

For those of us with a more adventurous or exotic taste in cuisine there are a number of Asian dishes including Filipino Thai and Indian. These dishes are complemented by a number of tasty side dishes.

When I asked what was the most popular Kokomos dish I was told their Pizzas and the Cozmatic curry. Indeed the staff at Kokomos are proud of the Cozmatic curry and display an award won in this years Australia Day Curry Cook Off.

For the customers with a sweet tooth there is a basic range of deserts.

Being licensed to serve alcohol Kokomos features an extensive range of alcoholic beverages.

The Kokomas bar.

In my opinion the food at Kokomos is standard fare. It is by no means a 5 star restaurant but then again the prices reflect this. The food is mid range as are the prices, making Kokomos the perfect restaurant for the Angeles market.

Kokomos is an open air restaurant with a very high roof and overhead fans to keep the temperatures reasonable. Having only fans to run and no airconditioning the power bills are lessened considerably. It composes several booths and movable tables for people to enjoy their food at. There is also an often used pool table which provides cheap entertainment whilst waiting for ones food.

A view from upstairs

A comfortable booth with a seating capacity of four grown adults. For me these booths are very much a direct copy of those found in roadside diners.

The Kokomos kitchen is currently behind the serving counter. The area where the computers and accounts are now kept will be moved and renovated into an open viewing kitchen, where customers can see their food being prepared.

The front area composes a number of smaller tables for those who wish to eat and an extended bar counter area where people can rest their food or drinks and just watch the street go by. As said previously this is an ideal centralized spot to just sit back and get a grasp on what is going on, or to meet someone and plan your bar hopping activities.

One unique aspect of Kokomos is the outside pool area. With its umbrella covered tables, outside grilling facilities and handy bridge spanning the width of the pool, this is the ideal place to hold a private party or just enjoy a quite meal with your favorite person or indulge in some fun and games in the swimming pool.

One important aspect of Kokomos success is the efficient waitresses who happen to be extremely knowledgeable regarding the Kokomos menu, very friendly and on the whole, visually appealing in their clinging tropical dress uniform.

As I have previously stated Kokomos works on several levels and this is partly because there is so much going on here allowing Kokomos to offer something for everyone. Within the Kokomos building there are two bars Voodoo and King of Diamonds both of which can be accessed from the street and from inside Kokomos itself. There is also a barber shop and travel agency and laundry service inside.

The Kokomos pool table is very popular and provides simple entertainment for numerous people.

There is a second floor in Kokomos and up here there are 10 hotel rooms open to the public but at the time of writing this report all rooms were occupied so we were unable to get photos of the rooms. Currently plans are under way for a major renovation of all the rooms.

Kokomos is undoubtedly a successful business and in many ways a blue print for the perfect business in Angeles city. When I asked the management staff what they think are the factors leading to Kokomos success they outlined its centralized location, its astute pricing, its diverse menu , its ability to appeal to people on a number of different levels, the marketing and brand awareness of the name and the bars which are included in the same building allowing Kokomos customers visual stimulation and easy access to the girls. Indeed the girls from Voodoo and King Of Diamonds will often stroll through the restaurant on their way to the comfort room which makes for some very pleasing visual stimulation whilst you enjoy your meal or refreshing drink. Kokomos literally offers something for everyone and is the ultimate in one stop shopping.

Kokomos is an Asian Escapades friendly business and offers a 10% discount to all members..

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