Lucky Mike's Sari-Sari Store
Baloy Beach, Barrio Barretto, Olongapo
+(63) 09292257349

Baloy Beach is full of hotels and resorts catering to the tourists, but where do you go if you need to purchase something for your honeyko who has accompanied you along on your trip? Or maybe you need some information or a dependable trike driver. You can find all of these things and much more at Lucky Mike’s Sari Sari store located on Baloy beach located near Treasure Island resort.

His store provides competitive pricing for both foreigner and Filipino alike; he doesn’t differentiate between the two. At Lucky Mike’s, you can find pretty much anything and everything you need while visiting Baloy including packaged food, drinks, beer and liquor, household items, beach supplies (in Kano and Fil sizes) as well as a well rounded “turo turo” (deli) style food selection once again providing both American and Filipino foods.

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