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lbfmModern societies have been designed around harnessing the power of the male sex drive (in the same sense that nuclear power is referred to as ‘harnessing the power of the atom’) for the betterment of women and children. Why? Because it works.

That subjugation process is cloaked in ritual and mystery, of course, since otherwise too many men would rebel and cast off the yoke. For us to be easily controllable, it’s necessary that we NOT be sexually satisfied most of the time. Otherwise, we won’t be likely to ask “How high?” when women dangle the possibility of sex in front of us and then tell us to “Jump!”

If you’re a Western male living in a developed Western country, you know how the algebra works: “Do a lot but only get a little back in return – if you’re lucky”. You’re a productive asset for the women in your life, a job that doesn’t pay you well.

But then travel was invented. It’s actually nothing new; but the availability of fast, comfortable, inexpensive travel options to the average guy IS a recent phenomenon. And with the rise of the internet, it has become easier to learn about what’s out there in other parts of the world.

What’s “out there” is women who are a lot more enjoyable to be with than what we have back home in the Western countries we grew up in. And not surprisingly, more and more Western guys are enjoying that pleasant alternative.

You can too.

I know what you’re thinking: you’re just an average guy making an average income. You weren’t blessed with the good looks of a Greek god. You’re on the shy side and maybe the girls back home consider you to be short. And maybe you’re too old to get women back home who are still in their prime? Therefore, you can’t imagine having different luck with women somewhere else?

You would be astounded to discover how much better you can do overseas. If you do know where to go and how to go about it, it’s almost like dying and going to Heaven …. but without the ‘dying’ part.

filipina bar girlThailand is becoming quite well-known by now, especially Bangkok and Pattaya .

If you prefer the big city experience, Bangkok holds endless delights. Some of the better-known venues in Bangkok include Patpong, Nana Plaza , Soi Cowboy and Soi Zero (these are mainly go-go bars ), beer bars , blow job bars , escort services , many massage options and every other delight you can imagine (with a few more delights that you can’t imagine, including the legendary Eden Club ) .

If you prefer something more focused and targeted, Pattaya has a similarly broad menu of enticing delights and a beach as well. Pattaya has a full assortment of go-go bars and massage options and is well-populated with many hundreds of beer bars (which are outdoor bars each of which will have ten or twenty or thirty lovely young Thai ladies who are hoping to become your new best friend).

Girl Friend Experience

The Philippines is also a major attraction, especially Manila and Angeles City , with more of the same available in Olongapo . Most Filipina bar girls speak much better English than does the average bar girl in Thailand and tend to also be more romantic, so guys who are looking for more of a “girl friend experience” tend to gravitate to the Philippines .

If you’re a big-city buff, Manila has quite a few clubs and go-go bars , and it tends to be a bit more on the upscale side (not uncommon in bigger cities). It also tends to get the prettiest girls, although you’ll find many filipina bargirls in almost any venue anywhere in the country who look better than anyone you’ve dated back home.

If huge cities don’t appeal to you, Angeles City is a gem of a place only two hours by road from Manila that has an unusually good blend of size and opportunities for fun. It has several dozen clubs ( go-go bars ) with each having dozens of Filipinas who are also eager to be your new best friend. The nightlife section is fairly compact (and therefore easy to get around) and prices in the Philippines are low.

If you want to put in some beach time, Olongapo is only an hour or so down the road, with several more go-go bars to help you pass the evening with frosty beverages and many delightful Filipinas who are anything but frosty.

What’s the downside? Aside from really irritating Western women (who intensely dislike the idea of you having much better alternatives to their pussy cartel), the main risk to you would come from lack of information.

bold bar girlWhere to go? Where to stay? How to get around? What are the best values? Best bars? Which places are clip joints to be avoided? What are the going rates for different services? What’s new? What’s different? How do the many different options compare? How can I get discounts? And so on.

If you bought an airline ticket recently, you will know that prices vary all over the place (as airlines try to gouge each passenger for the maximum amount they think that category of passenger will part with). The airline wants to maximize its profits, at your expense.

Human nature being what it is, the same game is often tried in less developed parts of the world in all sorts of transactions . especially when, to them, you’re rich. And in many parts of the world, if you can afford to fly there, then you ARE rich.

In other words, there are scammers in every country on earth (including your own). And the laws that protect consumers in rich countries often don’t apply to in another country.

You’re on your own. But you can be a smart shopper. For the price of a single date in a Western country (after which you most likely will not get laid), you can learn how and where to actually start while avoiding the many pitfalls that trick and trap so many newbies overseas.

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