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C How They Made Me! Chapter 71

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 71:

One last AC romp then back to Manila

Seeing Wally was not exactly the highlight of my day, but even though he was being a belligerent little dickhead I just smiled at him and said, “how are you Wally I see you found MayAnne again, good on you mate and I hope you two are happy”. This warm welcome disarmed Wally and while he was still trying to comprehend my intent, I simply turned my back and walked away.

Now that I had enjoyed a blow job and a nice cold beer, I was ready to pick up Helen and head back to the Maharajah for a swim and some bedroom entertainment. I strolled up the street absorbing the sights and sounds and then ambled into Stinger. As I stepped through the door I had a feeling something was wrong and sure enough there was Helen grinding on some guys lap while enjoying a lady’s drink. My first reaction was one of anger but then I realized it was my fault, I had left her in the bar while I went bar hopping so what did I expect her to do.

With a smirk I got a chair up the back, ordered a beer and watched Helens show. Helen at this stage had no idea I was there, at least that’s what I thought until she rested her head on the guys shoulder and blew me a kiss. This was a very confusing situation for me. On the one hand I considered her mine since I had paid the bar fine but on the other hand I had left her in the bar and when in the bar she has to do her job. With conflicting emotions raging inside of me I just sat there watching her work this guy and I thought to myself Martin you still have a lot to learn, and right there and then, I vowed to myself to make an effort and learn how the scene works and try to understand the girls.

In a way this situation was a real learning experience and I realized that even though these girls were 18 years old and had very little formal education, when it came to life experience and street smarts, the majority of them left me for dead.

Helen must have worked this guy for ten minutes or so and I was just about to pay my bill and ask for my money back when suddenly she was there beside me saying “for a while honey, I dance then I come you”. In a way I was flabbergasted at the gall of this lady but before I could say anything she was back on stage wiggling that ample behind and making lascivious eye contact with me. Somewhat confused I sat back and ordered another beer. Helen must have danced for about ten minutes then with a smile she ambled off the stage and came and sat next to me. At first I was a bit worried what the other guy would say but he seemed to take it in his stride and I could sense no tension from him.

Helen sat and talked with me for about half an hour while gulping down two more mango juices and then announced she would get changed and we could go. Looking back on it I probably should have exerted more control but I was still comparatively new at the game, and was like a puppy dog in Helens experienced hands.

After the drinks in Stinger we headed back to the hotel for some fun and it was here that Helen showed her true colors. After stepping out of Stinger I was just about to hail a trike when Helen stopped me and said wait jeepney better and more cheap. I remember thinking I can afford 30 peso for the trike ride and I was chomping at the bit to get this girl home but she was adamant and next thing I knew we were climbing into a jeepney at checkpoint. The jeepney must have taken at least 20 minutes to get to the Maharajah and along the way Helen struck up a friendship with a another female passenger. I looked at this other girl and was thinking she is pretty hot when suddenly Helen asked me, “hon is it okay if my friend come to hotel”. Well I was pleasantly surprised and I had a hard time restraining my enthusiasm so I simply mumbled “sure” and gave them both a big smile.

When we got to the hotel the ladies at the front desk reception were all smiles and giggles and I got the feeling they were thoroughly enjoying the fact that I had two girls with me. Back then there didn’t seem to be the judgmental attitudes which we see more and more off in current times, but then again I was a lot younger and had no idea about Tagalog so maybe it has always been there but I was to inexperienced to see it.

We proceeded past the swimming pool which both the girls seemed to admire and into my room. Once in the room Helen said “hon I want swim and my friend but no swimming clothes”. Seizing the opportunity I casually mentioned that we could maybe go swimming naked which was greated by little giggles and next thing I knew I was handing over money so they could go and buy some “swimming clothes”.

After the girls disappeared I was left on my own so I headed out to the pool to get some sun and just recharge the batteries for what I hoped was going to be a great night. I am not sure how long I lay there just relaxing but it seemed like ages and still no sign of the girls. I was just about to give up on them and head down to the bar to get my money back when suddenly I heard Helens laughter and in she waltzed with two other girls. I looked at them and thought all my Christmases had come at once especially since the newest girls were super hot and I had lurid visions of what was going to happen in the bedroom.

The girls rushed into the room and within minutes they were changed and frolicking in the pool. My initial reaction was to join them but then I realized they would get thirsty so I wandered over and ordered a big container full of Rum and Coke and some mineral water. Now for the uninitiated alcohol and Filipinas is a heady mix provided they don’t have to much, the idea being to get them slightly tipsy so their inhibitions disappear.

Watching the girls play in the pool was fun but I wasn’t in the Philippines to be a voyeur so I quickly dove in the pool and joined in the fun. Sitting in the pool fondling nubile Filipinas while drinking Rum and Coke was definitely a pleasurable experience particularly since the sun was going down and as the rum and coke kicked in the girls were getting more and more playful. They were taking turns alternating sitting on my lap and kissing me which was delightful but I was craving something more than a tease, so I decided to push my luck and see what would eventuate.

All three girls were attractive and gave me the signs they were ready, willing, and able but for some reason I had decided I wanted the tom boy looking one. I don’t know what it is about women with short hair but for some reason, most of the time, I find myself attracted to them. Maybe it’s the fact that the short hair defines their facial features, or maybe it’s because the short hair is often indicative of a more assertive attitude which I find challenging. Whatever the reason women with short hair have always been my Achilles heel and this one was no exception. Her name was Claire and to put it quite simply she was a very attractive woman. She had the classic Filipina smile and a beautiful Mocha complexion. Her stomach was firm, her tits were small but perfectly shaped with pointy nipples and her legs were shapely with just the right amount of muscle tone. Claire’s looks were definitely the starting point but what really attracted me was the fact that she could speak English so well and she seemed a genuinely intelligent and friendly human being. We started our pool conversation casually enough with Claire asking me where I came from and how long I had been in the Philippines, but I soon discovered Claire was quite an intelligent and educated girl and the conversation moved on to discuss a range of subjects from Philippine politics, through to memorable sexual encounters.

On the one level I was really enjoying my conversation and mental connection with this girl but on the other hand I realized I wasn’t here for intellectual stimulation, so I decided to steer the conversation towards sex. I carefully considered the best strategy and deciding on the straight forward frank approach asked her, “so Claire I get the impression you may be a little bi-sexual, do you like boys or girls or both”. The abruptness and frank nature of this question momentarily surprised her but she recovered quickly and replied, “honestly I like girl better than guy, but I go with guy if I like him”. Well this is a step in the right direction I thought to myself and decided to press my luck. “So do you and Helen go together” I asked her, and in reply she gave me a mischievous smile and said “of course she is my girlfriend”. So far so good I thought to myself and deciding fortune favors the brave I asked, “do you do threesomes”. She looked at me somewhat confused and asked me “what is threesome”, to which I replied, “you know two girls and one guy together”. Upon hearing this her face lit up and she said, “we do that one time only”. Seizing the moment I then promptly asked, “would you like to try it again with me” and straight away she answered, “for a while please, I talk Helen”.

With that said she jumped off my lap and swam over to speak with Helen. She must have been talking with her for about 5 minutes and the two of them would giggle and glance furtively in my direction. During this time I tried to appear casual and nonchalant but deep down I was hoping fervently she would come back and reply in the affirmative. That must have been one of the longest five minutes in my life and needless to say when Claire and Helen came swimming back over and both proceeded to take turns kissing me and playing with my now excited male member, I was literally ecstatic.

A heavy petting session began in the pool and I was all for trying to do both of them right there in the pool but the girls would have none of that and insisted we go back into the room. I suddenly realized we were leaving out the third girl so I suggested to Helen that she bring her friend along but Helen replied in the negative saying, “No she is good girl, she not work bar”. Oh well I tried I thought to myself and then said okay girls lets go back to the room and party”. Helen said something to her friend in Tagalog and we then proceeded to my room to let the action begin.

At the risk of this turning into a sort of soft porn story I will give a few details of that sexual encounter because for me it was absolutely fantastic and the details remain crystal clear in my mind some 23 years later. Upon entering the room the two girls literally collapsed on the bed and started embracing and French kissing each other . This went on for several minutes leaving me standing there like a Shag on a rock and as much as I enjoyed watching these two turn each other on I wasn’t about to be left out, so I politely said, “excuse me girls but can I join in”. As if having some sort of reverie interrupted they both looked up at me and Claire said “sure you take off clothes and join us.

It started off with me lying on the bed with the girls taking it in turns to kiss me then each other and we soon progressed to Helen giving me a blow job while Claire kissed me and Helen. I remember at the time thinking to myself how good is this. This is what I came to the Philippines for, and wouldn’t the boys back home be as jealous as all hell.

With all this action it didn’t take long before I was rock hard and I suggested that Claire should eat Helen while I fucked her from behind. Claire simply smiled and replied “good idea” and next thing I knew I was banging away at Claire like there was no tomorrow. The moans from both girls were fairly loud but I was oblivious since I was in seventh heaven and never wanted this to stop. After about 15 minutes of banging Claire I asked her if I could now bang Helen while Helen ate her pussy. Once again Claire simply smiled and said, “sure why not”. I don’t know how many of you guys have enjoyed the threesome experience with two girls who “play well together”, but I will say, for me this was an absolutely fantastic experience and the stuff that dreams are made off.

Helen had a more voluptuous behind than Claire and longer legs but that was just more of a turn on for me because variety is the spice of life and I was in full fucking mode and at that stage would have fucked a rat on the run if I could have kept in step. Claire seemed to enjoy being fucked while eating pussy but she enjoyed being eaten by her girlfriend even more and at one stage in the throws of orgasm she was grinding herself into Helens face while pulling on her hair. Seeing these girls abandon all inhibitions and just give themselves to the feelings of lust was to much for me, and next thing I knew I was shooting my load all over Helens back.

Latter while lying back utterly spent with the two girls entwined in each others arms I thought to myself, now that is what life is all about and I couldn’t wait to tell my mates back home about this experience. In some ways it was totally surreal, it was fantasy world straight out of Penthouse porn letters, yet on the other hand it was reality, it had happened, and I had experienced what most men only dream about. This was exactly what I had come to the Philippines for and I gave a silent vow of thanks to my buddy Tim who had first opened my eyes to this wonderful country.

The girls were sleeping soundly utterly exhausted after our torrid sex session and although I was extremely content something was nagging at the back of my mind and then I remembered we had left their friend outside. Thinking that she was probably thinking these dickheads have forgotten about me, I decided to get dressed and invite her to come have something to eat since all this ‘sexercise’ had worked up a hunger in me.

I proceeded outside and there sitting by the pool was Helens other friend. I asked her if she was feeling hungry and after she replied in the affirmative I suggested we go to the hotels dining area were we could have some dinner. She seemed pleased with this idea but at the same time a little hesitant and I could clearly see dealing with a foreigner was a new experience for her. We made our way to the restaurant, sat down and who should come up and present us with the menu, yes you guessed it, none other than the girl from the Maharajah that I had been banging the night before.

Filipino Food

There was a group of six of us sitting around the table at Neros and the subject of how and why we first came to the Philippines came up. The guys each stated why they came there and then it was Shaggers turn but before he could answer I butted in and said well there could only be one reason for Shagger to come to the Philippines and that’s right there on the stage. This provoked a knowing chuckle from all the guys, except Shagger, who upon hearing my remark turned to me and said “actually mate I came here for the chicken adobo”.

Shaggers remark caused yet another round of guffaws from the guys but at the same time it got me thinking about some of the dishes that are symbolic of Philippine cuisine and an integral part of Filipino culture. When spending time with the Filipina it is almost inevitable that you will be exposed to Filipino cuisine and if your anything like me you will have probably been curious about certain dishes and wonder what the heck they are composed of and why are the girls so fanatical about them.

At first glance Filipino cuisine seems basic and bland but it is in fact quite the opposite. There are numerous dishes and even more variations in their preparation and cooking so much so that a simple dish such as Chicken Adobo will vary from region to region throughout the Philippines. There have been numerous influences on Filipino cuisine including Chinese, Spanish, English and American. These influences have all in some way been fused together along with local produce to create the unique cuisine of the Philippines.

Perhaps the signature dish of Filipino cuisine is Chicken Adobo. What curry is to Indian cooking adobo is to Filipinos. Pinoys and pinays have been known to wax lyrical about their chicken adobo to the point where it has become an iconic symbol of Filipino culture. Bands such as the Black eyed peas have paid homage to adobo in their songs and there are numerous websites and cook books dedicated to the different recipes’. Chicken adobo is nearly always associated with fond memories of childhood or happy times and Filipinos all seem to have a personal experience with this dish.

Although there are numerous variations in the adobo recipe’ they basically all include vinegar, soy sauce and pepper corns. These are the three ingredients that can be found in all adobo recipe’s and combine together to create the unique adobo flavor. Adobo is often referred to as the Filipino national dish and all Filipinos seem to know how to cook it.


Like most dishes in Philippine cuisine Adobo is always served with rice.


One of my favorite Filipino dishes is Sinigang. Sinigang is a mixture between a stew and a hearty soup. There are numerous different ingredients used including sea foods, pork, chicken beef and many different vegetables including eggplant, onions, tomatoes, beans, white radish and these are all stewed in a Tamarind broth.

Sinigang na Hipon

Sinigang na bangus

Bangus is a local fish and in this dish they use guava leaves giving the broth a sweeter taste.

Pork sinigang or sinigang na baboy

Beef sinigang or Sinigang na baka

This is an interesting dish in that it has contradictory flavors these being the sour taste of Tamarind and the strong earthy flavor of beef.

Beef Kaldereta as the name implies is basically a beef stew and is a result of the Spanish influence on Filipino cuisine. The main flavor is created through stewing the beef and extensive use of tomato paste. Just as in adobo Filipinos will sometimes use vinegar which acts as a meat tenderizer and also gives the stew a slightly sour tang. Other common ingredients in the Kaldereta are carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, bell peppers, onions and garlic.


One of the first Filipino dishes I tried was KareKare. Basically this is composed of meat normally pork, beef or oxtail combined with some vegetables and all stewed in a peanut flavored sauce. Most often the main vegetables used will be string beans eggplant and sometimes jack fruit. KareKare is often eaten with a salty shrimp paste named Bagoong as a side dish.

Kare Kare

The pancit canton is composed of long noodles and includes basic meats and vegetables mixed in with the noodles. Pancit Canton demonstrates the Chinese influence on Filipino cuisine and will often be used as a quick dish in times of celebration such as birthday parties and New Year celebrations. Pancit Canton is also a comparatively quick and easy dish and is cheap to make. It also comes in an instant meal form.

Pancit Canton

Pancit Bihon

Pancit Bihon is composed of glass noodles mixed with various meats and vegetables.

Tinapa or smoked fish is sometimes referred to as food for the masses or poor peoples food. Tinapa are small salt water fish which are smoked. The Filipinos buy them and them fry them in oil creating the fried fish smell that permeates throughout so many of their houses. Another way of cooking them is on the grill and many of the poorer Filipinos will purchase the Tinapa in bulk, grill them then resell them right of the grill in a kind of street side operation. Tinapa is often eaten with rice using tomatoes and lettuce leaves as the vegetables accompanying it.



Bicol Express is a stew that originates from the Bicol Region and is composed of pork onion garlic chilies shrimp paste all gently simmered in a coconut milk sauce. Bicol express normally contains several chilies and has a reputation for being their hottest dish. This is an interesting dish because in most of their dishes unlike their South East Asian neighboring countries they tend to shy away from spicy food however the Bicol Express is loaded with chilies and has a reputation of making its eaters horny and supposedly it increases sexual potency.

Bicol express

Perhaps the staple meat in the Filipino diet is pork and it is cooked and consumed in a number of different ways. Pork forms the basis for many dishes including the ever popular Sisig. It is a common belief in the Philippines that owning a piggery is a “good business” and it is not uncommon to see pigs being transported for slaughter whenever traveling. The sisig is reputedly a Pampangan dish created in Angeles. Throughout Pampanga and now Manila and beyond Sisig is considered the ultimate pulutan and is enjoyed during social get-tog ether’s. Normally Sisig will be accompanied by a cold beer or two and Filipinos will order it when engaged in drinking sessions as a side dish to be enjoyed either by itself or with rice.

Pork sisig

Pork Sisig is the most famous but it is not exactly a heart starter. In fact for those suffering with cholesterol problems or hypertension then this is a dish certainly best avoided. Sisig is composed primarily of the pigs head the brains, the ears, the tongue, the snout etc . They will also use the pigs heart if available.

To make sisig the ingredients are chopped up into small pieces then marinated in water together with pineapple juice, salt and black pepper corns. This mixture is then simmered for about one hour. This mixture is then put onto a hot grill and combined with chopped up ginger, garlic onions, calamansi, salt, pepper and of course some chopped up chili to add that extra bit of zing.

Sisig is not restricted to pork and for those who are watching their diet sisig can be made from chicken, fish and even tofu. When you know what goes into sisig it can be a bit off putting but the end result is truly delicious and the crispy pork really does make the perfect accompaniment to a cold beer.

For lechon kawali pork is once again the meat used. To make this dish the Filipinos use pork belly (liempo) which is broiled in water with salt, pepper, garlic and laurel leaves. This is done for 35 minutes then it is deep fried in oil until crispy brown and served with a sauce composed of vinegar soy sauce onions and garlic. This is not exactly a healthy dish but it is truly delicious and like sisig can be enjoyed while enjoying a cold beer or two.

Lechon Kawali

Kilawin literally means to cook in vinegar but this is in some ways misleading because the fish (primarily mackerel) is actually soaked in vinegar with shallots, chili, ginger, salt and pepper added. The dish is served cold and has a distinctive flavor. Normally Filipinos will eat this together with rice but I find it even better just by itself. This is a light dish and makes a perfect non fattening snack. It can be made from tuna or tanigue or lapu lapu.

Kilawin Tanigue

Kilawin Tuna

Shanghai Lumpia was perhaps the second dish I was ever exposed to when trying Filipino food. This is basically the Filipinos answer to spring rolls or egg rolls and it has the advantages of being fast, light, cheap, easy to prepare and can be consumed quickly.

Shanghai Lumpia

Shanghai Lumpia is composed of either ground pork or mince meat together with carrots diced onion, spices and all held together with raw egg. This ingredients is then poured into lumpia wrappers and deep fried until golden crispy brown. The lumpia are small and treated by Filipinos as finger food or a quick snack. The lumpia is always associated with party times and social gatherings and as such is a favorite amongst Filipinos.

Beef tapa or tapsilog are basically the same thing. The word tapa refers to salt cured meat which is normally beef although they use pork as well and the tapsilog is the name for a particular dish incorporating the beef tapa. Tap refers to the salt cured meat, si refers to the sinangag or garlic flavored rice and log which refers to the egg or as the Filipinos pronounce it Itlog. Tap-si-log. Tapsilog is primarily recognized as a Filipino breakfast dish although to be honest they seem to eat it at all times of the day especially when traveling. Tapsilog is also convenient and a number of fast food restaurants exist whose primary dish is tapsilog or other dishes utilizing beef tapa the classic one of these that springs to mind is Tapa King which has branches all over the Philippines. The Tapa especially when it is beef is usually tenderized but for me this is a bland dish and I am yet to find any what I call decent beef in the Philippines.


Tapa King advert

Another breakfast favorite is longanisa. The longanisa is basically a Filipino sausage and is most often served together with garlic rice and an egg. This is a long time favorite of the Flipinos and harks back to the Spanish influence when they introduced the sausage to the Filipino diet. Longanisa together with garlic rice and egg is considered a so called power breakfast and comes in many different variations and formats but the most common is certainly as a breakfast dish with garlic rice and eggs.


There are of course many other Filipino dishes far to numerous to mention here and as a result I have stuck with the main ones that you will more than likely be exposed to through your interaction with the girls. As said previously there are many books and websites dedicated to Filipino cuisine and as you read through them like me you will probably get a much better idea of the truly unique cuisine that is so much a part of Filipino culture. No visit to the Philippines is complete without trying at least one of these dishes but be warned like the Filipina it can become addictive and don’t be surprised if you find yourself seeking out Filipino food when back in your own country.

Bon apetite or as the Filipinos would say Mabuhay

Fields Avenue Double Ladies Drinks

It seems like the longest time I have been hearing and viewing peoples complaints regarding the Double Ladies Drink. I have heard and seen various people complaining about them calling them a scam, a rip-off, a con and a variety of other names, however the fact is, the double ladies drinks are proliferating throughout the bars, even in some Perimeter Road bars, many customers are buying them without complaint and it seems like they are here to stay.

Some have claimed double ladies drinks represent the changing face of the new Angeles and to some extent they are right. The double ladies drinks are indicative of a more commercialistic attitude from the bar owners, a more businesslike attitude from the girls and the fact that they are being purchased with such frequency clearly shows there is a wealthier breed of customers visiting AC who are less conscious of the amount they are spending or how they spend it.

For me the double ladies drink has always been paradoxical as I see both disadvantages and advantages to them depending on which hat I am wearing be it the bar managers hat or the bar customer hat. As a bar manager I see definite advantages for the bar and its personnel and when considering them I always find myself thinking back to a conversation I had with the then manager of Blue Nile Executive bar when he said “ the one customer who complains about double ladies drinks is more than made up for by the 20 customers who buy them all night long without so much as a single negative comment”. Viewing them from the customer stand point I dislike them and see them at best as a waste of money and at worst a blatant rip off.

In this article I will look at the development of the double ladies drink and examine how it started and how it became so common place. I will also outline some of the advantages that are normally overlooked as well as reiterating the commonly discussed bad points. At the end of the day I hope to give readers both sides of the double ladies drinks debate as well as giving them some new points to consider together with some light hearted entertainment as well.

The double ladies drink first came to prominence in approximately 2003 under the well known mamasan of Neros Mummy Perla. They had been in existence before her but she was the first to introduce them and bring them to prominence in a mainstream Fields Avenue bar. At the time Perla had strong customer base of Korean and Taiwanese clientele all of whom would buy Perla a drink in return for her introducing them to a girl. Invariably these drinks were non alcoholic and were charged at double the price of normal ladies drink. It wasn’t long before the girls working in Neros realized the benefits of double ladies drinks this being a double commission and very soon the practice was established throughout the Blue Nile group of bars especially the Executive which was a high end bar and supposedly attracting a more affluent clientele. In fairness to Perla her rational for the double price tag was based on the quantity of the drink. When she would order a coke they would use a can of coke which holds enough liquid to fill two of the ladies drink glasses therefore her logic was the customer is in effect buying me two ladies drinks in one. For the customer this logic is clearly flawed since he only ordered one drink and is expecting to be charged for only one, however, I can also see the Filipino mind set this being that the amount of liquid contained in the can or bottle is enough to make two drinks so why not charge accordingly.

Perlas habit of getting double priced ladies drinks was a genuine double edged sword. On the upside it would gain increased sales for the bar in the short term and it would enable her and the girls to earn more money in the form of commission. On the downside it would also cost the bar money because it would cause disgruntled customers who would vote with their feet and take their business elsewhere. Also Perla would have various little scams going such as when she ordered a drink, lets say a coke, the customer would be charged for a double and yet she would only have one glass of coke saving the other half of the can for the next customer who bought her a drink. In effect this meant one can of coke was the equivalent of purchasing 4 ladies drinks. And here’s the twist. Every time a customer would order her a drink this meant a new can of coke even though her drink was poured from the already open can. At the end of the night Perla would often have cans of coke that had been put aside for her and she would then take them home no doubt to resell them at a reduced price. Some may see this as stealing however technically speaking the drinks had already been paid for by the customers so therefore in her mind she was entitled to take them home and do with them as she wished.

Mummy Perla who is credited with bringing the Double Ladies Drink to prominence in the mainstream Fields Avenue bars.

The amount of liquid in the can or bottle justifying the double price tag was soon applied to the dancers as well. Somewhere along the line someone figured out a bottle of San Miguel light if used together with ice could fill two ladies drink glasses so as a result they could charge for two drinks rather than one. A dedicated beer drinker would cringe at the thought of putting ice with the beer but for Filipinos this is common practice and totally natural. Generally speaking they do not drink beer for the taste but rather as a refreshment or simply for the effect of the alcohol contained within it. As such it was simply an extension of this logic to drink beer in the bar utilizing ice and therefore being able to make two glasses full out of one bottle which in turn led to the double price tag.

The alcohol content of beer also acted as a sort of justification for charging double. On many occasions I have heard the waitress or bar staff claim “ she ordered San Miguel Light sir” as if this automatically justifies the double charge. The logic here is that by drinking San Miguel Light the girl is going to get drunk and will therefore be unproductive for herself and the bar so as a result the bar is somehow justified in charging double which acts as a sort of compensation for the loss of her productivity. This is what I loosely refer to as the quick kill mentality and it is very common in Filipino culture. As a customer I expect to pay more for the privilege of getting a girl drunk however the alcohol content does not justify charging double. If I am being charged for alcohol then the price of Gin and Tonic or Rum and Coke should also be significantly higher when they are purchased as ladies drinks and yet in all bars they are only charged as singles.

Seems like all the hot ones go for the SML option these days.

Believe it or not there are a number of positive aspects to the double ladies drink and it is my intention to outline some of them here. My ex boss in Makati used to justify the high price of ladies drinks there by saying “Martin you are not really buying a drink you are buying her time” and this logic was applied to AC when a friend of mine and regular AC customer said “Martin I don’t mind the double ladies drink. I nearly always buy two or three ladies drinks if I am interested in the girl and by buying a double the drink lasts longer resulting in me having more of the girls time”. I thought this was an interesting argument so I sat and studied the girls who were ordering double ladies drinks and in most cases he was certainly correct the double ladies drink took just as long as two single ladies drinks to consume.

In terms of the bars operational aspects the double ladies drink helps it operate more productively. On many occasions I have seen girls “milk” ladies drinks simply because they do not want to dance but when they do this with a double ladies drink they are at least still making money for themselves and the bar whereas when they do this with a single ladies drink they are making less money for themselves and the bar. The double ladies drink increases the profitability of the bar and at the same time allows the girl to get a larger commission. This is important because at the end of a day the bars are a business and if we as customers are to enjoy their continued existence they need to make a profit. It is also important that the girls make money because this in turn will encourage more girls to come and work in the bars which of course is beneficial for us as customers. Lastly the more money the girls make the more they will spend which in turn supports the local economy and infrastructure that surrounds the bars.

The single LD is ideal when initially interviewing prospective dates.

I recently had a customer say to me that he really enjoys buying the double ladies drink but he insists that the drink must be Gatorade. When I heard him say this I looked at him with surprise written all over my face and I asked him “why Gatorade I thought you would buy them beer” to which he replied, “no Gatorade is much more effective. Tell me Martin have you ever seen a Filipina who can drink three Gatorades in a row”. I thought about this and I then realized I have only seen a few full grown men who could drink 3 Gatorades in a row let alone a smaller framed Filipina. The point here was that the double ladies drink provided this customer with an opportunity to play games with the girl and have some fun.

Gatorade is often charged as a double ladies drink. I guess this is because one bottle can make at least two separate drinks.

A lot of customers like to get the girls intoxicated thinking that this will lessen the social barriers between them and the girls and here again the double ladies drink comes in handy. The girls knowing they will get a double commission from the drink will play along with the game as well because of the double commission. If your aim is to get the girl a little drunk and lessen her inhibitions then I would recommend the vodka cruiser. This is charged as a double ladies drink and it is sweet and easily consumable even though it is 5% alcohol which is stronger than most beers. As a result the girls can drink it quickly without realizing its strength. Many guys view the Vodka Cruiser as a rip off because in terms of volume it does not equal two glasses full of drink however for a customer such as myself who likes the girls to get slightly drunk and looser the Vodka Cruiser is an excellent means to an end and I have no problem purchasing them providing they drink them in their entirety.

The infamous vodka cruisers. Despite the fact that these are only a small volume they are quite powerful and get the girls drunk. They also cost the bar more to purchase.

The bottom line for the both the customers and the girls is more often than not money and by purchasing a double ladies drink you are demonstrating that not only do you have money but also that you are not afraid to spend it. A girl working the bar soon learns the importance of money and she soon learns how to read the signs telling her whether the customer has money and is prepared to spend it. By buying a double ladies drink the girl will often interpret this as a signal you have money and are willing to spend it.

There are a number of negative aspects to the double ladies drink but the one that is most vigorously voiced is that it is a scam or a rip off. Customers call it a scam for a number of reasons not the least of which is that the cost of a ladies drink is advertised as that of a single drink and not a double. This argument states that if the customer is charged for a double then he should be made aware of its existence either by some sort of signage or at least by the waitress telling him. Many guys have said they don’t mind the double ladies drink as long as they are informed prior to purchasing it. A second argument against the double ladies drinks states that if they are going to pay the prices of two drinks for the girl then the girl should receive two drinks not just one. In my opinion this is a valid argument unless of course the customer has been informed of the double ladies drink price and has been given the chance to order a single ladies drink only. And this is where a third problem occurs because due to limited English and a lack of training the waitresses are often vague as to the exact cost of the double. They will tell customers “ she ordered San Miguel Light sir is that ok or sir that is a double is that ok with you”. Vague lines such as this are not fully informing the customer what is happening prior to purchasing. When it comes to this situation it is verging on deception.

One of the biggest problems regarding the double ladies drinks is that it represents an easy way for the girl to make money and therefore can act as a disincentive for her to go out with the customer. An attractive girl working the bar these days can make a good nights earnings just by getting the commission from double ladies drinks and as such has no incentive to go out with the customer. The term “drink sluts” has been coined to describe this situation. When it comes to the drink slut scenario the double ladies drinks is in fact empowering the girls which for the customers can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending upon your perspective.

One costumer being overwhelmed by drink sluts..

The time factor which as I have explained earlier in this article which has positive connotations for some customers can also have negative connotations for others. For example many of the harder core mongerers do not want to waste to much time chatting up the girl by using a double ladies drink. They want to conduct the interview quickly and efficiently with minimum fuss and at minimum expense. Since the double ladies drink takes longer for the girl to consume this then extends the so called interview time and it is more expensive.

The classic example of the hard core mongerer. They like to cut the interview short and not waste time buying double ladies drinks.

On a personal level one objection I have to the double ladies drink is that as it becomes more and more widespread it will become the norm which in effect is merely raising the prices making the mongering experience more and more expensive. I can see in the near future a situation in the major Fields Avenue bars where the single priced ladies drink will become a thing of the past and all ladies drinks will be doubles. So far competition has kept this from becoming the case but every year as operating costs rise it gets harder and harder for the owners to keep the prices down and the double ladies drink is a tempting partial solution to maintaining the bars profitability.

As I hope this article has demonstrated there are several sides to the double ladies drink debate but one thing is for sure, like them or hate them it would seem they are proliferating and it would seem are here to stay. It would also seem they are destined to become a standard in the Fields Avenue bars which will possibly replace the single ladies drink. Currently the majority of Perimeter Road bars do not have double LD’s but as the economic pressures come to bear it is my prediction they will be forced to slowly adopt them.

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the lbfm guide

lbfmModern societies have been designed around harnessing the power of the male sex drive (in the same sense that nuclear power is referred to as ‘harnessing the power of the atom’) for the betterment of women and children. Why? Because it works.

That subjugation process is cloaked in ritual and mystery, of course, since otherwise too many men would rebel and cast off the yoke. For us to be easily controllable, it’s necessary that we NOT be sexually satisfied most of the time. Otherwise, we won’t be likely to ask “How high?” when women dangle the possibility of sex in front of us and then tell us to “Jump!”

If you’re a Western male living in a developed Western country, you know how the algebra works: “Do a lot but only get a little back in return – if you’re lucky”. You’re a productive asset for the women in your life, a job that doesn’t pay you well.

But then travel was invented. It’s actually nothing new; but the availability of fast, comfortable, inexpensive travel options to the average guy IS a recent phenomenon. And with the rise of the internet, it has become easier to learn about what’s out there in other parts of the world.

What’s “out there” is women who are a lot more enjoyable to be with than what we have back home in the Western countries we grew up in. And not surprisingly, more and more Western guys are enjoying that pleasant alternative.

You can too.

I know what you’re thinking: you’re just an average guy making an average income. You weren’t blessed with the good looks of a Greek god. You’re on the shy side and maybe the girls back home consider you to be short. And maybe you’re too old to get women back home who are still in their prime? Therefore, you can’t imagine having different luck with women somewhere else?

You would be astounded to discover how much better you can do overseas. If you do know where to go and how to go about it, it’s almost like dying and going to Heaven …. but without the ‘dying’ part.

filipina bar girlThailand is becoming quite well-known by now, especially Bangkok and Pattaya .

If you prefer the big city experience, Bangkok holds endless delights. Some of the better-known venues in Bangkok include Patpong, Nana Plaza , Soi Cowboy and Soi Zero (these are mainly go-go bars ), beer bars , blow job bars , escort services , many massage options and every other delight you can imagine (with a few more delights that you can’t imagine, including the legendary Eden Club ) .

If you prefer something more focused and targeted, Pattaya has a similarly broad menu of enticing delights and a beach as well. Pattaya has a full assortment of go-go bars and massage options and is well-populated with many hundreds of beer bars (which are outdoor bars each of which will have ten or twenty or thirty lovely young Thai ladies who are hoping to become your new best friend).

Girl Friend Experience

The Philippines is also a major attraction, especially Manila and Angeles City , with more of the same available in Olongapo . Most Filipina bar girls speak much better English than does the average bar girl in Thailand and tend to also be more romantic, so guys who are looking for more of a “girl friend experience” tend to gravitate to the Philippines .

If you’re a big-city buff, Manila has quite a few clubs and go-go bars , and it tends to be a bit more on the upscale side (not uncommon in bigger cities). It also tends to get the prettiest girls, although you’ll find many filipina bargirls in almost any venue anywhere in the country who look better than anyone you’ve dated back home.

If huge cities don’t appeal to you, Angeles City is a gem of a place only two hours by road from Manila that has an unusually good blend of size and opportunities for fun. It has several dozen clubs ( go-go bars ) with each having dozens of Filipinas who are also eager to be your new best friend. The nightlife section is fairly compact (and therefore easy to get around) and prices in the Philippines are low.

If you want to put in some beach time, Olongapo is only an hour or so down the road, with several more go-go bars to help you pass the evening with frosty beverages and many delightful Filipinas who are anything but frosty.

What’s the downside? Aside from really irritating Western women (who intensely dislike the idea of you having much better alternatives to their pussy cartel), the main risk to you would come from lack of information.

bold bar girlWhere to go? Where to stay? How to get around? What are the best values? Best bars? Which places are clip joints to be avoided? What are the going rates for different services? What’s new? What’s different? How do the many different options compare? How can I get discounts? And so on.

If you bought an airline ticket recently, you will know that prices vary all over the place (as airlines try to gouge each passenger for the maximum amount they think that category of passenger will part with). The airline wants to maximize its profits, at your expense.

Human nature being what it is, the same game is often tried in less developed parts of the world in all sorts of transactions . especially when, to them, you’re rich. And in many parts of the world, if you can afford to fly there, then you ARE rich.

In other words, there are scammers in every country on earth (including your own). And the laws that protect consumers in rich countries often don’t apply to in another country.

You’re on your own. But you can be a smart shopper. For the price of a single date in a Western country (after which you most likely will not get laid), you can learn how and where to actually start while avoiding the many pitfalls that trick and trap so many newbies overseas.

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