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Gone fishing

Tell the world I’ve gone fishing. Ah yes I remember that Chris Rhea song and even though I could never relate to the sentiment expressed I always thought the song was pretty cool.

Foer those of you who are not familiar with the song it’s basically about forgetting the worries of your life and just taking some time off to go fishing. Fishing becomes a reality and also a metaphor, basically it’s all about relaxing escaping pressure and enjoying a passive activity.

Okay enough philosophizing and down to the point of this story. As many of you may know Shagger is always on the lookout for something different to do so when he heard about the restaurant where you catch your food he decided this needed to be checked out. Of course we couldn’t do this by ourselves so we actually woke the girls up before 3pm and headed out to go fishing.

The girls like to go fishing in style. They were not particularly impressed at having to wake up before mid afternoon.

The place is called Taro fishing restaurant and grill and it is situated out along Frienship Highway on the left hand side halfway between Timog Park and Friendship Bridge.

The big entrance way to Taro fishing Grill and Restaurant.

Taro fishing Grill & Restaurant is composed of a large block of land about ten separate nippa huts, a large fishing pond an undercover restaurant area which can seat up to 50 people, small grill section and a karaoke section. The central part of the facility is the large pond which is kept stocked with talapia.

The large fish pond where it is pleasant sitting around but the fish don’t exactly seem hungry.

This guy actually looked like he knew what he was doing.

Now this picture kind of sums up why people go fishing.

Now I don’t know about you guys but I have consistently been the worlds worst fisherman. After having been dragged around by Dad who was a mad keen fly fisherman and after having spent many a frustrating hour sitting idly on a wharf or a boulder with fishing rod in hand and never catching anything more than weed, I became resigned to the fact that I was a hopeless fisherman and I would never be any good.

But the good news for me is that compared to Filipinas who have never held a fishing rod in their hands before I am a positive fishing expert.

Hey this fishing ain’t to strenuous.

Fishing is ok but a girl must have her priorities. Text first fish second. And just to add insult to injury I think she was texting DocJaidee who didn’t believe there was anywhere to go fishing in Angeles.

SWMBO not particularly impressed and all she could say was give me food I’m hungry. When I explained that she was meant to catch her lunch this was the reaction I got.

Initially No Nose was not exactly keen on the fishing experience and her discomfort was intensified when she saw the worms which are used as bait and let out a loud scream believing the worms to be baby snakes. It took at least 5 reassurances from the attendants that convince her these were just worms to be used as bait but even when convinced she still kept a weary eye on the worms and was seen vacating her seat at the speed of lightning every time one of the attendants had to re-bait a hook.

Yes Doc I swear I am fishing.

The worms which are used as bait and No Nose is convinced they are baby snakes and therefore an object of pure terror.

In the end I don’t think any of us caught a fish except the attendants and it looked like we were all going to go hungry especially when Phoenix could only pull up weed and Shagger seemed to specialize in reeling in old shoes.

SWMBO and Ronnie soon lost interest and decided they had been woken up far to early so now it was time for a sleep. I have always believed Filipinas can sleep just about anywhere and this was a classic example of my theory coming true. While SWMBO wandered over to one of the Nippa Huts to have a little snooze No Nose simply crashed out on one of the benches by the pond.

Phoenix looking like a professional fisherman although his results somewhat belie the image.

Young Phoenix comes up with only weed.

Shaggers fish tasted a bit like an old shoe.

The girls had soon had enough of this seemingly pointless activity. Their logic was first you guys wake us up at the ungodly hour of 1pm then you drag us out here put wooden sticks in our hands with little baby snakes on the end then we sit around for one hour or more waiting for a damned fish to bite. All of this and we haven’t even eaten yet. But girls I answered the idea is your supposed to catch your meal. This was greeted by sighs of disbelief and disgust along with loud ano’s and within seconds the girls had decided this fishing was some kind of poor joke and the best thing to do was order some food and then have a little snooze while the men carried on this pointless activity called fishing. Every Filipina knows this is not really fishing because to go fishing you need a banka some nets and if all else fails some dynamite. None of these were present here so this wasn’t real fishing.

This got old for the girls fairly quickly. Relaxation what’s that.

This fishing is a joke. I mean why try to catch lunch when you can simply order it, how dumb are these foreigners?

Having ordered food its now time to sleep while we wait for it to arrive.

SWMBO finds a nippa hut to curl up and fall asleep in.

One of the things I always hated about fishing was that it is so often an exercise in futility and a waste of time. I think the girls felt much the same way that is until the food came and then they were all smiles again. Note to readers do not take a hungry Filipina fishing and tell her we have to catch our food this does not sit well with these girls and by depriving them of food you are committing the cardinal sin. The Taro fishing bar and grill has an undercover open air restaurant which seats about 40 people. Now to be honest this is supposed to have the rustic appeal with cane plates and a banana leaf on each plate can furniture and a nippa roof. This is quite a nice area and whilst it is very Filipino to my mind it is somewhat ill conceived as the food is only average and what there is of it is shared with a swarm of flies that descend on you as soon as your meal arrives. The girls when asked said the food was good but as SWMBO qualified it by saying it was good for them because it was very Filipino and that was what they were used to. I have been living in this country for 19 and a half years and to be honest I have still not developed the taste buds for normal Filipino food and in many ways I hope I never will.

The one that didn’t get away. Hey he’s not exactly huge but once grilled he made a delicious meal for the girls.

The outside open air restaurant.

The nippa huts which have electric fans overhead to keep the flies away and cool things down.

Philippines the land that rice built.

Ah a Filipina with a freshly caught and grilled fish is a happy Filipina.

A full Filipina is a happy Filipina.

And so ended our gone fishing day and afterwards we headed back to my place where Shagger could pick up his cheese compliments of the wombat and as he drove off into the sunset I could of sworn I heard him say the only fishing I’m going to do from now on will be inside the bar.

Blue Rock Restaurant, Subic

Blue Rock Resort Restaurant

International cuisine

Blue Rock Resort and Restaurant is open 24 hours per day, 7 days a week for your dining pleasure.

Situated on Baloy Beach, Blue Rock Resort has become the most popular beach resort in this area. In fact Blue Rock is the standard by which other hotels judge themselves by.

The Blue Rock restaurant is based around a well stocked circular bar and has become a prominent gathering area for hotel guests and locals alike.

The bar is an essential element of this restaurants appeal and even if you are not feeling hungry you can sit around the bar reveling in the laid back atmosphere and the social banter of both locals and hotel patrons.

The restaurants popularity is exemplified by the large numbers of people who choose to eat here on a regular basis. On any given night you will find hotel patrons and locals from around the immediate vicinity tucking into a hearty meal at the Blue Rock restaurant.

The Blue Rock restaurant features superb cuisine and the quality is always assured thanks to Tommos ceaseless attention to detail. It is an open air restaurant with overhead fans and nearly always there is a pleasant sea breeze to stop things from heating up. The menu is extensive and the portions are extremely generous.

The restaurant features a wide variety of different types of food from fresh rock oysters and Thai curies through to Aussie style hamburgers and top notch Filipino dishes.

One of the house specialties is the famous rock oysters which come as Fresh Natural oysters, Kill Patrick and Oyster Mornay. People come from miles around to savor the flavor of these oysters and some have even been known to praise them as the best oysters they have ever tasted.

Half Dozen Oysters Natural P175.00

Half Dozen Oysters Mornay P225.00

Thai Chicken Curry P240.00

Eggs Florentine P190.00. A light but filling dish and extremely healthy.

A major attraction of the Blue Rock restaurant is the barbecue grill which is run by the ex chef from Kokomos the multi talented Dallas. The Barbecue grill features thick juicy steaks fresh sausages, baked potatoes and a full salad bar. The steaks here are renowned for their size and taste in fact many swear they are the best in the Philippines.

The Barbecue grill is open Monday to Friday 5:30pm to 9:30pm and Saturday and Sunday from 12:30pm to 9:30pm. This is a must try experience if visiting Blue Rock. The only draw back is because it is such high quality it has become extremely popular and it is not uncommon for patrons to have to stand in line while they wait to be served.

The Blue Rock restaurant is acknowledged as the best restaurant for miles around and is certainly a “must experience” if you are in the area.

Hotel guests can order from the restaurant 24/7 and it is not uncommon to see delicious food being delivered to the rooms.

We at Asian Escapades thoroughly recommend this restaurant and best of all if you present your AE VIP card and you will receive a 10% discount on your total bill.

Bon appetite!

Contact & Reservations

Blue Rock Resort and Dive Centre
Baloy Long Beach
Barrio Barrette, Olongapo

For booking and information please call:
Tel; +63472249042 or Fax: +63472227910

If you cannot contact us using the land line numbers, please call or text cell number: +639105115142