C How They Made Me! Chapter 14

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 14:

Moonlight Romance:

After a month or so on beautiful Boracay island I was in total laid back, beach bum mode. My skin was amber brown and my state of mind was one of major relaxation. I had been in cruise mode for the 2 months and this had in many ways been the perfect tropical getaway. Boracay in those days was not exactly luxurious and where I had chosen to stay was not much more than a little hut on the beach but it was certainly all that I needed. In a matter of months my lifestyle had changed from that of the pretentiousness up and coming corporate yuppie to that of a beach bum whose biggest care in the world was what sort of fish I was going to have for dinner. Even though I was never adhered to any sort of exercise regime whilst living on Boracay apart from gentle strolls along the beach and regular bedroom activities with a willing Hilda I found myself losing weight. My faded old jeans were now loose around my waste and my shirts purchased from the beach vendors seemed to have gotten bigger.

During our time on Boracay Hilda and I had grown close to each other and even though our communication was rudimentary there are some things that grown men and women know instinctively and such was the case with Hilda and I. We had spent literally two months living together and by this time we knew the ins and outs of each other’s personalities like a married couple but rather than familiarity breeding contempt it seemed to draw us closer together. Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t ready for a long term relationship and I always knew in the back of my mind I was visiting the Philippines to tag as many girls as possible, yet it was an undeniable fact that in a very short time period I had become exceptionally fond of Hilda and considered this lady my special friend.

Even though Hilda was now a little over 4 months pregnant this lady’s appetite for sex knew no boundaries. Maybe it was the sea air or the daily diet of fish, maybe it was because we were both so relaxed or maybe it was just a chance meeting of two sexually compatible people, whatever the reason Hilda and I had great sex and we had it as often as possible. Despite her pregnancy Hilda was game for just about anything and would eagerly try new sexual positions or new locations. In those days the night life on Boracay was pretty much limited to Bazura bar or one of approximately 5 venues that would show a video. I remember one night putting the monkey on my shoulder grabbing Hilda by the hand and walking about half a kilometer to Niggy Niggy Noo Noo’s where they had a movie I wanted to see. Hilda was not particularly interested in the movie but for her it was simply a matter of accompanying her man and at the same time staking her claim on me so the monkey knew who was boss. As we walked along the beach the monkey would perch herself on my shoulder and then she thought Hilda wasn’t looking she would let out a screech and jump onto Hilda’s head and begin to pull Hilda’s hair. This would always bring a torrent of abuse from Hilda in different Filipino dialects and then when she went to swat the monkey away the chimp would artfully dodge the flying hands and jump back onto my shoulder and just glare at Hilda with a look that said, ‘that’s one for the monkey, biatch’.

After a while we got to Niggy’s and here we sat and drank mango shakes while watching the movie. Whenever a new movie would come on there was always a crowd which always amused me because I figured all of guys chose to live on or visit Boracay to get away from our real world and yet none of us could truly reject the real world as was shown by our need for movies and other forms of entertainment which came directly from the world we had left behind. Hilda would sit and watch the movies mostly holding my hand or if it was a longer one she would fall asleep resting her head against my shoulder. The monkey on the other hand was an avid movie fan with a special liking of the action scenes. When a particularly vivid car chase scene or fight scene would come on the monkey would jump up and down on my shoulder almost as if she was partaking in the scene being played out before her.

The movie was a long one and by the time it was finished both Hilda and the monkey were asleep so as it ended and the credits rolled up I gently nudged Hilda and told her “come on hon let’s go back to our room. We paid the bill and proceeded to walk back to our room. We had gotten about half way when Hilda suddenly announced she was feeling “sexy” and grabbed my crotch making it abundantly clear that she was in the mood. Now I am not one to be backwards in coming forwards but I was a little perplexed as to where we were going to do it and what the heck I was going to do with the monkey. Somehow bonking Hilda on the beach with the monkey looking on just didn’t seem to excite me. I looked around and sure enough a little further up the shoreline was a suitable tree to tie the monkey too. I walked to the tree tied the monkey to one of its branches and then ran back down to sample the delights of my horny little Filipina.

By this time Hilda new exactly what I liked but rather than get stuck in a sexual rut she was always ready to try something new but first things first and as I reached her on the beach she deftly dropped to her knees unzipped my jeans pulled my male member out and proceeded to give me a mind boggling blow job. At the time I was feeling a little self conscious as I am not particularly in to public displays of sexual activity and my feeling of unease was not helped by the monkey who was jumping up and down on her tree branch screeching at the top of her lungs. So here I was standing in the middle of Boracay beach with my pants around my ankles, a screeching monkey in the nearby trees and a beautiful brown Filipina gently silhouetted in the pale moonlight sucking on my penis. I remember thinking well things could definitely be worse and slowly I relaxed forcing the monkey’s screeches out of my head and concentrated on the sound of small waves gently lapping at the shore and the wonderful sensations the orally adept Hilda was causing me to feel in my male appendage.

From day one I had always known Hilda was no vestal virgin but her prior experience aside I would like to think that I was partly responsible for improving her techniques to the point where in terms of sex this lady was an absolute firecracker. Hilda blew me for about 5 minutes but it soon became clear that no matter how hard I concentrated I wasn’t going to cum so rather than force the issue I gently pulled Hilda up into a standing position slipped her dress over her head pulled down her panties then holding her hand guided her into the balmy tropical waters that surround Boracay island.As the water engulfed us I could sense Hilda was a little bit worried probably because of her inability to swim but with constant reassurances whispered in her ear I gently took her to a spot where the water was about 4 and a half foot deep then with her legs wrapped around my waist and her arms wrapped around my head I gently lowered her onto my male member.

I don’t know how many readers have experienced making love in the water with the tropical moonlight shinning down on a beautiful brown skinned Filipina but for me this rates as one of my most memorable sexual encounters ever. Hilda although not an avid fan of aqua sex responded royally and it wasn’t long before she was sliding up and down my pole with all the vigor of a sexually active teenager. As with most pregnant women Hilda’s skin was literally blooming with health and under the moonlight she looked like a cross between a Chinese princess and an exotic brown skinned mermaid. Hilda rode me for what seemed like an eternity until finally she let out a wail and I felt little spasms overcome her course throughout her beautiful body.After Hilda was spent it was my turn but I knew doing it like this wasn’t enough for me so without further ado I cast my inhibitions aside and led Hilda to the shore and there where the waves meet the sand I laid her down and proceeded to make love with her like never before.

After about twenty minutes and three separate positions it was my turn to cum so I flipped her over into what is commonly referred to as the doggy position and proceeded to take her from behind. I thrust into Hilda alternating between gentle prods and vigorous thrusts all the time listening to her soft moans and sighs of appreciation. Doggy style has always been my favorite and with Hilda’s moaning, the feel of the waves swishing around my balls and the white moonlight subtly highlighting the feminine contours of Hilda’s water soaked body it didn’t take long for me to reach what can only be described as a truly mind blowing climax which literally rocked my world.

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