C How They Made Me! Chapter 23

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 23:

Back in the saddle again.

Like everybody I have sometimes been guilty of judging a book by its cover and this was certainly the case with Sally. On the outside she was the prim and proper receptionist. She would normally dress up in a pair of blue slacks with a blue jacket. Her long flowing hair was mostly kept scrunched up in a bun and she always had just the right amount of lipstick and makeup. For Sally looking beautiful and stylish just came naturally, she was aloof and yet friendly she was professional and yet flirtatious. Looking at her she appeared to be the classic prim and proper Filipina office girl yet in reality she was far from this as I was about to find out.

I followed Sally outside and she promptly hailed a cab and as we bundled into the back seat she told the driver Victoria Court and please hurry. Now at this stage of my sojourn in the Philippines I had no idea what Victoria Court was but after this night that particular branch of this fine establishment was to hold a special place in my heart.

For those of you who don’t know, Victoria Court is basically the name for a series of short time hotels which are scattered all over Manila. I don’t know how many branches they have but I do know they are thoroughly professional, well run and have a brilliant advertising logo. Some years later I would be sitting in AC with a friend of mine named Dale who was what I would describe as a mongering veteran and even though it is now many years later and Dale has long since relocated back to America I can still vividly remember his wise words. “Martin there is only one thing the Filipinos can organize effectively and that’s short time”.

The ride to Victoria Court took only 5 minutes and while we were in the back Sally sat there looking all prim and proper like the good little secretary she was yet the whole time her hand was rubbing my crotch. Now I am not exactly shy but this juxtaposition between her appearance and her behavior somehow made me feel amused and embarrassed at the same time. It was a weird feeling sitting next to this girl who looked like a demure office girl and having her play with my male appendage without a care in the world. This was something out of the Penthouse magazine letters and as much as it was stimulating it was also bizarre and I couldn’t help but grin like the joker all the way to the hotel. Thinking back on it I guess the driver must have thought I was a raving lunatic but at the time I didn’t give a stuff what anyone thought as I was to busy enjoying the physical stimulation being provided by Sally’s adept hands.

The taxi took us into the grounds of Victoria Court and Sally instructed me to wait in the car while she checked to see if they had an available room. 3 minutes later Sally was back jiggling some keys. She told me Martin pay the driver 100 piso and then follow me. I rummaged through my pockets eventually finding the 100 piso note gave it to the driver and then scrambled out of the taxi following the provocatively swinging buttocks of young Sally.

While I followed Sally I remember thinking how good is this Martin and like Alice in Wonderland I actually pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Sally was a hot intelligent great looking woman, the type of woman any of my peers in Australia would have given their left nut for just to have one round with this sex goddess and here she was about to give me a tumble that I would never forget. I remember thinking now this is why I came to the Philippines, in this country a woman who wouldn’t even give me a second glance in Australia was flirting with me outrageously and for all intents and purposes seemed to have her mind set on giving me a damned good romping.

Over my years of staying in the Philippines I have often questioned what makes someone want to stay here and I keep on coming up with the answer it’s all about the girls. Basically in the Philippines you can have a sexual relationship with a young lady who you wouldn’t have a chance with in your own country. The Philippines is the land that gives you what you cannot get in your own country especially when it comes to sex with women and I believe this is why many people become addicted to this place.

After a short stroll along the corridor Sally stopped inserted a key into a door and beckoned me to follow her inside. The rooms at Victoria Court are fairly basic and they include a double bed with clean linen, a bedside table with drawers, a basic air-conditioning unit, a hot and cold water shower unit with toilet and a small TV which runs local channels and in house porno movies. I was to find out later that Victoria Court also had various theme rooms and other rooms with mirrors none to discreetly placed on the ceilings and on the walls but ours was the basic room which was good enough a venue for Sally and myself to satiate our carnal desires.

In later years I was to use numerous different short time rooms in many different establishments and many different locations and I would always wonder if there was some sort of hidden camera filming all the activity that goes on in these rooms. It would be just my luck to be bonking away with some hot little Filipina only to be walking down Fields Avenue one month later to see myself featured on some street vendors porno CD collection. How I would ever explain that to my mother I have no idea. Luckily for me this has never happened and I think part of the reason why is that places such as Victoria Court and Anito Lodge have been successful because they can guarantee your privacy and do so at a very reasonable price.

As I shut the door behind me I turned round only to be confronted by a flushed Sally who without any hesitation planted her lips on mine and proceeded to kiss me longingly and passionately. When Sally kissed her tongue would dart in and out of my mouth like a timid prairie dog inquisitively peeking outside its burrow. Her lips were thick and voluptuous yet delicately soft and provocative. We must have kissed for at least two minutes and then suddenly I felt Sally’s hand unzipping my pants and next thing I knew she was down on her knees and those voluptuous lips were now gently gliding up and down my engorged penis.

Sally must have administered her considerable oral skills for about 3 minutes and just as I was about to uncontrollably blow my load she pulled away and with a sly little smile said not yet big boy first we have shower then I want to taste you in the bed. With this said Sally rose to her feet and sauntered off towards the shower unzipping her dress as she went. Within seconds I heard the shower water cascading down and all the time I was just standing there with my flag pole fully erect and wondering what the hell was I supposed to do now.

I reached down pulled up my pants and just as I was half heartedly stumbling towards the bed Sally popped her head round the bathroom door and said come on lover boy it’s your turn to shower and then we are going to have masarap boom-boom. As Sally exited the bathroom I made my way inside to be greeted by a cloud of steam and a steady stream of scalding hot water which Sally had conveniently left running for me. I quickly disrobed jumped into the shower and then reached around for the minute towel which Sally had left dangling on the counter top beside the wash basin. I remember thinking how small the towel was and how it would be nice to have some sort of bathrobe but then again who was I kidding this was after all just a short time hotel where only the basic necessities are supplied.

With towel wrapped around my mid section I opened the bathroom door and glanced towards the bed to be greeted by a similarly robed vision of loveliness stretched out on the bed. The towel although only small served to cover Sallys alluring body just revealing the slightest hint of blossoming bosom and silky brown thighs. Upon viewing this vision of loveliness my erection was now fully restored and as I made my way to the bed I knew this was going to be an experience that would stay with me forever.

Normally a woman will view sex as making love whilst the male will view it as sexual gratification but with Sally this was not the case. This young lady was a sexual dynamo who just wanted to fuck my brains out. She started off with her well refined oral skills which left me wondering why the hell did she learn this from. I mean this lady was supposed to be the prim and proper receptionist and as it turns out she could suck the chrome of a bumper bar. Sally was also one of these girls who had that much appreciated ability to sense her partners state of arousal and she could take her man to the point of sexual fulfillment and then just before climax she would stop leaving her partner tantalizingly close to the ultimate euphoric orgasm.

That night Sally and myself must have had about five torrid sessions each one more exhausting and satisfying than the last and after the final round I just lay back on the bed totally spent while Sally got up wrapped a towel around herself and headed towards the shower.

While Sally was bathing I had a few minutes to reflect on my life in the Philippines so far. Thoughts of guilt plagued my mind as I remembered Hilda and how close we had become but would never be able to recreate again. I remembered my time with her in Boracay and visions of her quirky little smile kept on entering my mind. I remembered her placid nature and her tolerance of this stupid naïve foreigner. Juxtaposed to this were my thoughts of what had just happened. I had come to the Philippines in the pursuit of sexual hedonism and the last three hours had marked the achievement of that goal in no uncertain terms. This little receptionist from the Mayfair hotel had literally rocked my world using me for her sexual gratification with utter abandonment and as a man I had enjoyed every second of it.

After a while Sally came out of the shower and as she proceeded to get dressed she looked at me and said sorry to disturb Martin but I go now because I have work tomorrow. With that said she then told me I did not have to pay because she had already taken care of the room cost but in her opinion it would be best for me to follow her soon as David wanted to talk with me regarding some sort of payment that needed to be made. When she told me this my previous conversation with David regarding the incident and costs incurred came flooding back and I was left wondering just what the hell was going to happen now.

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