C How They Made Me! Chapter 24

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 24:

Pay the piper and fun times in Ermita.

I walked slowly out of Victoria court in a daze contemplating my life and what had just happened to me. A lady who was very close to me, my friend and my lover, had just passed away and as if to mark the occasion here I was having sexual intercourse with another Filipina with Hilda barely 48 hours passed away. My head was plagued with guilt and yet somehow I was serenely happy. This after all was what I had come to the Philippines for casual sex with no strings attached yet as much as I realized this I couldn’t shake the feeling that somehow I was doing Hilda an injustice having sex so soon after her death.

When I got back to the Mayfair I sat outside and had them make me a nice cup of coffee so I could sit back and just think. During my troubles with Hilda I had given Mario the head bartender at the Mayfair my pet monkey and he had taken her back to his place to look after. I inquired as to the monkeys well being and was informed the monkey was in good health and had bonded with Marios oldest son so as such I thought to myself that monkey has to many memories for me and besides if Marios son is now providing the link then why not let him keep the monkey. There was hardly enough room at the Mayfair and my lifestyle of bedding as many girls as possible was not exactly the ideal environment in which to bring up a monkey.

I woke up the next day to the insistent tingling of my bedside telephone. Groggily I managed to get the phone to my ear only to be informed there was a gentleman from the Australian embassy downstairs wishing to speak with me. Upon hearing this I felt a sudden chill of apprehension so much so that I was instantly wide awake and I remembered Sally’s off hand warning barely 7 hours before. I quickly grabbed a shower and headed downstairs to David Goldshaft’s travel office where David, Ken Karbry and Barry the mysterious gentleman from the Australian embassy were now congregated beneath the offices air-conditioning unit. David motioned me to sit down in the one remaining spare seat and then said “hey Martin this is Barry from the embassy mate, do you remember our conversation before where I told you there would be some payments that would have to be made, well mate Barry here has made those payments and now he’s here to tell you about them and why they happened. Just hear him out mate and I think you will see it’s now time to pay the piper” I nodded my head signaling that I understood and Barry then began his speech.

Barry was a soft spoken man who weighed his words carefully. Listening to him he seemed like the classic laconic Australian who you would easily dismiss as just another normal knock about bloke but when you looked in his eyes you could literally see a wealth of life experience and this alone told me to listen carefully to what the man was saying. Barry informed me that in cases such as mine it basically boiled down to money. He explained how even though I had done nothing wrong the cops would try to make it look like I did and in so doing extort some money in exchange for my release. He also explained that there were several ways of dealing with this and perhaps the most common was to bring in a negotiator such as himself to arrange the best price possible. When I first heard this I responded with a measure of self righteous indignation. “Listen Barry” I said, “I thank you sincerely for helping me out but why should anyone have to pay when at the end of the day I am not guilty of anything”. Barry looked at me said, “you are right you are innocent but in this country its rarely about your guilt or innocence it’s about them using your situation to extort money”.

So there it was the bottom line, no matter whether you are guilty or innocent when it comes to accidents or supposed crimes the cops couldn’t care less about your guilt or innocence all they care about is the money and you as a foreigner are just a means towards an end, you are indirectly a walking ATM. Faced with this there wasn’t much I could do, I mean this man had literally saved my life and perhaps altered the course of my destiny so who was I to argue with him. Resigned to fact that I would have to pay even though I was innocent of any crime I asked Barry how much the payment would be and he informed me he had negotiated it down to only 20 thousand piso. Only 20 thousand shit at that time this was almost 1000 dollars and even though it seems a pittance in today’s scheme of things it was for me at that time quite a hefty payment and it would take a fair chunk of my savings just to pay off some undeserving cop.

I listened to Barry’s carefully weighted speech then promptly got up went outside to the reception area and withdrew 20 thousand from my safety deposit box then sauntered back to the office and handed the money to Barry with a casual there we Baz and thanks for all your help. I even had the audacity to ask Barry for a receipt to which he just smiled, shook his head and said “nice try mate but there is no receipts in my world”. After receiving the money Barry and I talked for a little while over a cold beer in the outside dinning area. During the course of our conversation I gleaned that he was not officially attached to the embassy but rather was a sort of fix it man an unofficial guy who had contacts in the seedy world Manila and indeed throughout the Philippines. Barry was the man used by the embassy whenever an Australian got into a spot of bother with the law or with criminals. Normally Barry would play the negotiator but I also got the impression he could exert force through various channels should that be required. After the beer Barry said his farewells emphasizing that it had been a pleasure meeting me and if ever I needed anything in the future he could be contacted through David Goldshaft.

I never did get to meet Barry again and with the demise of Ermita I often find myself thinking about what happened to him. Like so many others his survival was both directly and indirectly linked to the on going operation of the girlie bar business and as a result the number of tourists died guys like Barry would of no longer had enough work to make their existence economically viable. I can just see Barry now, he will either be semi retired and living by his wits and meager earnings or he may be back in Australia with nothing much going for him except to tell stories to his mates whilst sitting around enjoying a beer at the local pub. No doubt his stories will be about the good old days in Manila and if so I hope my name gets mentioned as I consider it an honor to be remembered by this man.

After the payment was made and Barry disappeared I sought out David and said hey mate what do you reckon we go for a little afternoon bar hop I could do with something more to drink and maybe a few afternoon rounds. Not being one to ever turn down a bar hop David replied sounds like a good idea to me lets go get our knobs polished at China Coast.

The afternoon scene in Ermita was an interesting one. On the one hand you had the big larger bars like Superstar Visions and Firehouse all of whom would open at three and these bars would tend to have only a few girls but the air-conditioning was excellent, the range of drinks exhaustive the service exemplary and there was nearly always a foreign manager there to greet you and regal you with stories of people whom they had met their personal exploits and of course information on all the girls who worked there. On the other side of the scale there were little bars which were literally no more than a hole in the wall and these would traditionally have lower prices than the big bars simply because their overheads were lower and they were catering towards a price sensitive market. Traditionally these bars would have a very limited range of drinks and there would rarely if ever be a manager. Most of these bars were run by the mamasans and David seemed to have a underground network with these ladies who would inform him whenever a new girl came to work in the bar.

As we walked into China coast I thought to myself what the hell are we doing here this is not exactly what I would call a good place to have an afternoon beer and chin wag but then again David had never led me wrong so I would blindly follow him into any bar if he so requested. Once we entered China Coast, David sat down at one of the four chairs in front of the wet bar area and ordered a rum and coke. It was clearly obvious that David was very much at home here but for me this place felt a little sleazy dirty and run down. I was wondering why David liked places like this so much when all of a sudden the bar tender asked David if he would like to speak to mummy and when he responded yes certainly all of a sudden like an apparition the mamasan appeared from behind a thin red curtain at the end of the bar.

David had a short conversation with the mamasan most of which I couldn’t be bothered listening to as I was just wondering what the hell are we doing here and when can I leave, when suddenly the mamasan made a sign and from behind the red curtain came 4 of the most beautiful Filipinas I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. It turned out these girls had only been in the bar for 3 days and each of them was literally a little nymph. The girls were scantily clad in some sort of bikini which barely concealed their womanhood and midst a chorus of giggles two girls pealed off and sat on the laps of myself and David. David slipped his hand inside both of his girls bikini tops and pulled out their plump young breasts which reminded me of ripe mangos. These girls had flawless dark brown shiny skin and dazzling teeth. Each one had their hair pulled up in a bun which served to highlight their fine cheek bones and elfin like features. They were thin and nubile each weighing no more than 80 pounds and what they lacked in communication skills they more than made up for with youthful enthusiasm and a genuine joy of life. These girls had the nice firm legs, tight butts and flat bellies that only youth can create, they were all from the Visayas, (exactly where I never did find out)and they were all stunningly attractive. I think they might have been cousins or even sisters but as it turned out I never had time to investigate.

David and myself chatted with the girls while running our hands over every part of their delicious young bodies which they seemed to have no objection to and then suddenly Dave announced come with me Marty and led the way behind the curtain where the girls had mysteriously appeared from. Behind the curtain was a little room sparsely lit with one table and two chairs together with two wall fans blowing to keep the air circulating and stop the room from heating up. David made his way over to one of the chairs placed his rum and coke on the little table and then proceeded to unzip his pants. As he sat down his two girls squatted down and within seconds one was sucking on his member whilst the other gently fondled his balls. I was just getting over the shock of this when I felt a gentle pulling on my arm and the two girls guided me onto the chair where they proceeded to unzip my jeans and just like Davids girls one of them started gently licking my cock whilst the other played with my balls.

At this stage I didn’t even know the girls names but then again I didn’t care this was just pure indulgent sexual satisfaction performed by two young Filipinas each applying their already considerable talents to my male member. In some ways I felt like an ancient maharajah with the girls of my harem wishing to do nothing but please me. It was times like this it felt good to be a man. This sex was not about feelings or emotions in fact it was purely designed for the males satisfaction. I had no idea how many men these girls would service in a day and then again I didn’t care just as long as the wonderful feeling emanating from my penis continued.

These girls were only young and relatively inexperience and yet they certainly knew their craft. After about 3 minutes the girls swapped and my second blow job angel transferred her attention to my penis while the original girl gently licked my balls whilst massaging them in her hand. Admittedly it was a little awkward sitting their next to David getting a blowjob but when I looked over at him he seemed to be perfectly content watching the girls applying their skills and couldn’t give a stuff about me or anything else in the world until he reached climax.

Deciding this was no time to be shy I took a leaf from Davids book and sat back thinking what the heck you only live once just sit back and enjoy Martin. Now that my mind was at ease I felt the girl tighten her grip on my penis and at the same time whisper something to her girlfriend. Just then she began to increase the speed of her hand rubbing my cock and her luscious lips were moving up and down the length of my entire pole without coming up for a breath I could feel myself nearing orgasm then just as I was about to blow my load the girl playing with my nuts gently sucked one ball into her mouth which was just to much for me and the next thing I knew I was exploding my seed into the mouth of the young nubile with her lips wrapped around my cock head.

As the waves of orgasmic pressure overtook me I vaguely noticed the girl who had been sucking my manhood slowly saunter over to a trash can that was conveniently placed in a corner of the room and spit out my sperm. This was a little off putting and I felt like there was something wrong with my sperm. Later on David explained this is just what they do and I should never take that as an insult but at the time I was a little bemused and even angry as I felt it was insult. I was just pondering this insult to my manhood when all of a sudden I heard an almost agonizing groan from David and I looked over to see him pushing two girls down on his cock making each of them lick each side while he gushed forth his manhood and then made them take it in turns licking it off his cock. I thought to myself this is fucking bizarre its like I am living in some sort of mad porno movie but by the time I had finished contemplating this David had zipped up his pants and laconically announced “ah that was good now we have gotten the edge off we can go have a drink”.

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