C How They Made Me! Chapter 25

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 25:

Rosie Cantinez a fortuitous meeting.

Life in Ermita was like a drug and slowly but surely I slipped into what can only be called a routine but this was a routine unlike any I had ever experienced before. Even though I was spending way to much money and should have cut down my expenses for some reason I was content staying at the Mayfair. It was almost like this had become my home away from home and the staff there were like my extended family. There was also a sense of safety for me in this hotel, I am not sure whether this was borne from the incident with Hilda and how David had helped me or if it was because the atmosphere in the Mayfair was laid back and very familiar to me. Either way the Mayfair was my hotel and whilst I was running around the streets of Ermita this was always going to be my home base.

I still had contact with Sally on a daily basis but any advances I made towards her were subtly rejected and one day when David and myself were just sitting around in the outside section of the hotel enjoying a cup of tea I gently bought up the subject of Sally and when I did a big smile crossed his face and he said “oh yeah mate I was meaning to tell you, Sally is married to a Filipino guy. Do yourself a favor mate and never show any interest in her unless it is on a purely professional level and that way you will have no problems”.

When David informed me of this you could have knocked me down with a feather, and I thought to myself oh shit I have gotten myself into another damned situation. I wondered why, if she is married, what is she doing having short times with me. I tossed the idea around in my head and as the memories of that night came flooding back a broad smile crossed my face which did not go unnoticed by David who said, “yeah mate I know what happened with Sally and you and I strongly suggest you just keep that to yourself”. When David said this my jaw dropped and I gasped “how the hell do you know” to which he replied, “what you think you’re the first guest she has been with, time to wake up and smell the roses Martin, that lady specializes in guests staying here”. This statement was like a pin being inserted into my balloon like ego and any ideas of me being the special guy or the lucky bloke quickly faded and the reality that I had been used came crashing home. My one consolation was that it was better to be used as a toy boy than to get nothing at all but then again this reality showed Sally was a woman who like a man could operate purely on the physical level and any ideas I may have had concerning the development of a relationship quickly faded.

David must have seen the look of disappointment on my face because he suddenly chuckled and said under his breath, “don’t be disappointed mate Sally has certain needs and I guess the Filipino husband is not fulfilling them so she chooses young foreigner men like you”. I told David, “I feel like a toy boy who has been used I thought it was us men who are supposed to be using the women”. When he heard this David burst out in unrestrained laughter and said “men have been thinking they rule the roost for centuries mate but the truth is far from that. Sally is a girl who knows what she wants and knows how to get it but for fucks sake, always remember the time you had with her but never repeat it to anyone. Her hubby is some sort of politition and he will have the connections to give you a world of trouble”. With this said David then rose and said, “don’t worry mate I never kiss and tell so your secrets safe with me, now cheer up because we have to go bar hopping this afternoon”.

Later on that afternoon when I woke up from my siesta I showered and headed down to Davids office where he was waiting for me and as I walked in he said to Ken “oh look here comes our resident stud by the way stud we are going for a little bar hop and its your shout”. Since David had picked up the tab when we went to China Coast I was hardly in a position to disagree so I simply nodded my agreement and said “lets go”.

As we headed out of the Mayfair and onto Mabini Street David asked, “what bar do you want to visit first mate” and I quickly responded Visions. We strolled down Mabini and then turned left onto M.H.Del Pilar where we were immediately greeted by a horde of beggars and cat calls from the door girls all of which where fielded by the experienced David and Ken. We walked past the clubs such as the Australia Club, Bloomers, Josies Pride Shampoo the Gold Mine (the names still come back to me 19 years later just like it was yesterday) until we were virtually at the door step of Visions when David suddenly grabbed my arm and said “mate come with me I want you to see this club”. David pulled me into a little grotty entrance in the building right next door to Visions where I was greeted with a dimly lit stairway. I looked at David and said, “what the fuck are we doing here come on mate I want to go to Visions” to which he replied, “trust me mate this will only take a few minutes and Visions will still be there when we have finished”. I looked at Ken for some support but he simply shrugged his shoulders and said “I’m easy lets give it a shot“.

We walked up two flights of stairs to be greeted by a dimly lit hallway and at the end of that hallway was a door with a lit sign above it proudly displaying the name Bee Club. Right then and there I knew David was taking me to one of his more secretive places but I still remembered my China Coast experience so I figured what the heck if this is as anything good as China Coast it will be great. We walked into the Bee Club (the details of which are a bit vague all these years later) and sat down at one of the tables. The Bee Club was not exactly a modern day go-go bar with heaps of girls dancing on the stage but rather more of a hostess bar where the girls specialized in oral sex and any other sexual proclivity as long as the money was right. I guess it is best described as more old fashioned and customers were actually encouraged to get to know the girls over a ladies drink or two as opposed to bar fining them straight away and heading back to the hotel for an evenings entertainment.

We had been sitting there engaging in idyll chit chat enjoying our below average priced drinks when all of a sudden it dawned on me what the heck am I doing here when I could be watching 50 nubile young dancers shaking their butts for me right next door. I was just about to voice my opinion when David said “ah that’s what I’m talking about” and as I raised my head I was greeted by 3 visions of loveliness seductively walking towards our table.

Like an apparition these three slowly and sensually made their way directly towards our table. All three were dressed in tight body clinging dress and had just the right amount of white foundation juxtaposed by a subtle shade of pink lipstick. These three were classic Filipina bar girls partly sensual and sophisticated partly sluttish and tacky. I have always found this contradiction particularly intriguing and these three personified it. On the right hand side was a taller girl who made her way towards David, in the middle was an average height Filipina with alarmingly white skin and Chinese eyes who approached me, while on the left was a cute young girl with dark skin and protruding Hershey Kiss nipples that headed towards Ken.

The girls sauntered over and each sat on our respective laps. My girl introduced herself as Rosie and as I was coming to terms with this vision of loveliness just absorbing the scent of her cheap perfume mixed with everyday soap a waitress sidled up beside us and asked “would you like to buy her a drink sir”. Totally absorbed I muttered “yeah sure get all three a drink” and promptly turned my attention back to the girl who was gently rubbing her derriere against the expanding lump in my trousers.

Over the course of the next 45 minutes I gleaned this girls name was Rosie Cantinez and she was from somewhere in the Visayas. Rosies English was not exactly proficient but she spoke just enough to get by and what she lacked in communication skills she certainly more than made up for in looks and willing attitude. For me Rosie was an intriguing package of womanhood. She was about 5 foot 2″ tall and had slightly tanned skin together with Chinese eyes. She also had what I call a page boy haircut with the fringe cut short in a straight line which only served to highlight her Asiatic features even more. Her skin was delightfully smooth and as I rubbed her legs I slowly worked my way up to her ass only to find more smooth skin barely covered by a pair of flimsy lingerie type panties.

Rosie and I conversed for what must have been a good hour and during that time all thoughts of going anywhere else slowly evaporated and I realized I was going to make my move in this sleazy little dive bar that David once again had introduced me to. Three ladies drinks later Rosie announced she was going to the ladies room which of course prompted the others to leave David and Ken and accompany her. I don’t know why women all over the world feel a compulsion to visit the CR together but no matter what country I am in I have noticed this happen and the Philippines is no exception. While the girls were gone I told David of my intentions and he responded by saying, “wise move kid I wouldn’t let that one slip away” and then the diminutive Ken echoed his thoughts adding that he would like to take the girl he was with. I asked David if he wanted the girl he was with and he replied by saying, “well I have just had a short time earlier today but I reckon I could give this a few rounds so why not”. With this said David then beckoned the waitress over and asked her to total our bill adding to it the three barfines.

After I paid the entire bill the three of us accompanied by our bar fines headed outside and hailed two taxis back to the Mayfair and on the way back David whispered in my ear “oh by the way Marty the Bee club is renowned for its girls blow job abilities so I reckon you will have a good night there lad“. Sure enough David was right and even though I did not know it at the time Rosie was about to become a major part of my existence for the next 8 months of my stay in the Philippines and would change my life irrevocably, so much so, that the lessons I learnt from her are still with me to this day 19 years later.

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