C How They Made Me! Chapter 26

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 26:

Rosie and blow jobs on the 16th hole..

Young Rosie had delightfully light colored skin, Chinese eyes, the classic oriental haircut which was straight across on the fringe and down to the shoulders and surprisingly large breasts which were made even more prominent by her habit of wearing push up bras. When in the bar she would dress up and look a million dollars yet was equally at home wearing a faded blue, obscenely short denim skirt, in which she would traverse the streets of Manila with a purposeful expression etched on her face.

When our group got back to the hotel we all separated and made our way to our individual rooms and no sooner had we entered the room than Rosie was down on her knees and unzipping my pants. Rosie was adept at giving blow jobs like nobody I had ever experienced before and after ten minutes of her artful manipulations the job was finished without her even changing clothes. When finished and after having made a brief diversion to the bathroom Rosie announced that she wanted to go home but I wasn’t having anything to do with that. I informed her that it was late and she should stay all night. She did not seem very convinced by my argument and proceeded to put up some resistance until I explained to her that I would increase her tip in the morning.

At this stage I had only been in the Philippines a short time but people such as David had taught me to stand my ground with the girls and besides I wasn’t about to let this orally skilled princess escape my grasp without at least having one more round. In the back of my mind I wondered what I was doing coercing this girl to stay when I knew she would resent it and this resentment would probably result in a lousy fuck. This was my logic but at the same time I felt a pressing need for some company this particular night and I figured it might as well be this orally skilled little vixen so even though there was a definite down side to having her stay I wasn’t about to give in no matter what my logic said and I was willing to pay extra so there should have been little problem.

That night Rosie did stay with me but every time I tried to get it on with her she subtly resisted my advances and managed to squiggle away and slither down to pay oral attention to my demanding penis. At the time I thought how lucky am I to have a girl who is really into blow jobs. Most Filipinas in my experience are somewhat reluctant to engage in oral sex preferring just to have intercourse but Rosie was definitely into oral sex and this girl could literally suck a golf ball through a garden hose. At the time I was so grateful for her oral skills that it never occurred to me to ask why she didn’t like fucking. If I could go back in time and act with hindsight then I would certainly have pushed her to engage in intercourse on that first night, but as always it easier looking back through rose colored glasses than it is at the time.

That morning Rosie accompanied me downstairs for breakfast but it was very obvious to me that she was not entirely comfortable until Ken bought his girl down for breakfast and while Ken and myself conversed the girls gabbled on in their own language quite contentedly. This little experience stuck with me for the longest time because it was through this that I learnt the girls, particularly ones you have just bar fined, are not really comfortable with the customers company alone and they certainly do not appreciate the same food as you because they are not used to it. Rosie and her girl friend sat there for about half an hour and after that had exhausted their topics of conversation and were ready to say goodbye to myself and Ken.

Time passed quickly in the Philippines and suddenly it was 2PM and time for me to play golf with Uncle Ken. Now at this stage in my life I had never picked up a golf club let alone tried to hit a ball with one but Ken was insistent and assured me that I would really enjoy it as a bit of exercise and just some time away from the bars. At exactly 2 I met Ken downstairs and we then proceeded outside to hail a taxi and head towards Intramuros which was his standard golf course and it wasn’t just because of the convenient location.

We entered the golf course where Ken paid over some money and I then followed him outside to where a group of ten female caddies were sitting round a table enjoying a cool soft drink. Ken being an old hand at this wandered over to the girls and said “hello ladies” to which they replied in unison “hi Uncle Ken, welcome back Uncle Ken.” Right from the start it was very obvious Ken was well known here and he sauntered over to the table and said, “I need two caddies for me and my friend Martin, which one of you lovely ladies would like to apply?” When Ken asked this he was literally mobbed by these ladies all genuinely eager to be our caddies and I must admit even though I was taken back by the ladies genuine enthusiasm I was also a little bit envious of old Uncle Ken. This guy was in his early sixties which was double my age and yet here he was being surrounded by young ladies in their twenties all seemingly eager to cater to his every whim. I thought back to my time in Australia and all of a sudden it became very clear why guys the age of Uncle Ken were over here rather than sitting in the local pub drinking their pensions away.

We proceeded to play 18 holes of golf, if you can call my hack and slash job playing golf, and on the sixteenth hole when I finally managed to decently connect with a ball it went flying behind the bushes. My caddy and I walked behind the bushes searching for the ball when all of a sudden my caddy touched me on the shoulder, turned me round and gently kissed me. Now I am not exactly into public exhibitionism but this was so unexpected and enjoyable that any reservations I may have had melted away as my caddy slowly slipped her tongue into my mouth and proceeded to deep throat me like no woman had ever done before. After the torrid kissing scene my caddy extricated her lips from mine and then with a look as innocent as a new born baby asked me “would you like blow”. At first it didn’t dawn on me what she meant so I replied “do I want what”, “you know blow job honey, you like some blow job”. As I have stated I am not into exhibitionism and the small bushes did not exactly provide adequate cover however this caddy was very experienced and as I felt her velvet soft lips gently slide up and down my pole all fears of being exposed faded away and before I knew it I was exploding into my caddies mouth as she swallowed every drop of my pride without so much as a single wink. At the time I was ignorant concerning the history of Intra Muros and as I looked at the old fort with my dick half way down my caddys throat, I couldn’t help but wonder how many other men over the centuries had received blow jobs from Filipinas standing in front of these walls.

After she had finished my caddy elegantly rose from her squating position and then acting like nothing had happened loudly pronounced “that lost ball Mr Martin you play from here”. I was somewhat amused by her ability to totally switch and act like absolutely nothing had happened but over the years to come I was to experience this many times along with the Filipinas ability to lie and still keep a perfectly straight face. I looked over to the green and there was uncle Ken making a fifteen foot putt for par. Whilst I admired this guys dedication to the game it left me a little bemused as to how anyone could concentrate on a game like golf when there were the very pleasant distractions such as blow job giving caddies who took your mind to levels of pleasure completely unheard of from just playing golf.

Ken and I played until the eighteenth hole and when we had finished he proudly announced “well I went round in 14 over which is pretty damned good for me but from what I hear you scored a hole in one on the sixteenth.” I looked up at Ken and asked “how the hell do you know about that” and in reply he just smiled and said “these caddies do have certain skills you wont read about in the guide books Martin and its got fuck all to do with the game of golf.”

After golf we made our way back to the Mayfair Hotel where I quickly headed for a shower got changed and then hit the street looking for some evening action. I started off with the usual stroll down M. H. Del Pillar with nowhere particular in mind. I was just wandering when next thing I knew I found myself standing outside the entrance to Bee Club and some sort of what can be only described as a magical force was pulling me up the stairs. In a trance like state I slowly ambled up the stairway and into Bee club where I spotted Rosie sitting on some guys lap. When she saw me Rosie made eye contact and sent me a smile over her customers shoulder. When I saw this I immediately felt irrational pangs of jealousy. I realized Rosie did not belong to me and she was far from being my girlfriend but there was a definite attraction there (at least on my behalf) and the sight of her hugging another guy even though she was looking at me over his shoulder did nothing to impress me.

In future years I was to experience a girl hugging me while she made eye contact with some other guy over my shoulder, many times, but this time I was the one getting the flirtatious look and whilst it felt bad having to watch her with another guy it was also kind of flattering knowing that she really wanted to be with me which was why she was making eye contact over this guys shoulder. I am not sure if this behavior is a learned behavior or instinctual but the fact is Filipinas do it extremely well and will then lie about it without missing a beat. I am sure the Filipinas know instinctively that the by engaging in this behavior they make the man they are smiling at somehow feel good about himself because even though she is on the lap of another man it is clearly obvious she wants you as is portrayed by her smile and flirtatious manner. I am sure the Filipinas are experts at playing the male egos against one another and this is from girls who most people refer to as undereducated or just plain stupid.

I made my way over to the wet bar and ordered a Jack Daniels and coke and whilst the bar maid was flirting with me I couldn’t take my eyes of Rosie who was enjoying watching me squirm as she played her customer for more drinks. I waited for about half an hour then after 2 Jack and Cokes I thought to myself what the hell are you doing Martin there are so many fine women in this town what the heck are you getting stuck on one for. As this thought struck me I prepared to pay my bill when suddenly Rosie was right besides me. With those Chinese eyes she looked up at me half innocence and half lust and said “You wait me, you pay barfine now Martin. I go with you.”

Well this was not the first time in my life I had been propositioned by a woman but it was the first time the proposition had been delivered like a command and to be honest I was at a bit of a loss what to do. On the one hand my male ego was a little bit hurt being bossed around by a little nineteen year old with rudimentary English but on the other hand I was kind of flattered as I thought wow she must really like me to come straight up and demand I barfine her so blatantly.

Rosies none to subtle message had left me in a quandary and I think she saw this as her next message was “you pay barfine then back later, I go with you.” Automatically I thought why doesn’t she want to go with me now, maybe she wants me to go so she can do a short time with this other guy first. I was debating the pros and cons of cutting this other blokes grass when all of a sudden I felt Rosies hands gently rub my crotch and at the same time she looked me straight in the eyes and said “Martin tonight you bar fine me, Rossie give special service to you.” I looked at the mischievous gleam in Rosies eyes then I looked over to the bloke whom she was with who by now was getting a little irritated and I asked Rosie, “what will you do with this guy while I am away” and she simply smiled and replied “I only make drink honey but I go bar fine to you.”

In my head I did the various calculations weighing up the good and bad sides of paying her bar fine and in the end decided fuck it, she is working really hard to get me so I will just have to take her word for it. I really didn’t fancy going sloppy seconds but then again she seemed to specialize in blow jobs so chances were even if she did go with this guy it would probably only be for oral sex and as long as she was here when I got back and her breath didn’t smell like another mans sperm who the fuck was I to complain.

Thinking back on this episode I did the wrong thing. I should have stood my ground and demanded if I pay the bar fine now you come with me now but at the time I was still young, naive and an easy mark for girls like Rosie who were experts at leading a man around by his balls despite their young age and lack of English. In the coming years I was to have this same scenario happen many times both stealing the girl and as I got older having the girl stolen from me. At the time I should have heeded the alarm bells in my head but of course I didn’t and looking back I am sure I got some sort of distorted kick out of playing little power games with Rossie and at the same time getting a little ego stroke with the knowledge that I had stolen the girl from another guy. Best of all Rossie had promised me special service and this alone was enough to get my imagination running wild and a definite reason to pay her bar fine even though she was sitting there with her tongue half way down another mans throat.

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