C How They Made Me! Chapter 27

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 27:

All about Rosie.

After having paid Rosies bar fine and watching her wave goodbye to me whilst cradled in the arms of another man I was feeling kind of weird and as I walked the 20 yards to Visions in a daze. Once at the doorway to Visions Rodger and Philip the doormen said “hello Martin” but I hardly registered their existence as I walked past them and into my favorite club.

The one thing I really liked about Visions was the chaotic party atmosphere that permeated throughout the place virtually no matter what time of day or night it was. No matter what sort of mood you were in when entering, it was a rare man that walked out of there feeling anything but horny or excited as he left. This for me was a totally unique bar sure there were many other bars on M.H.Del Pilar but Visions was something special. On the books they had over 200 girls working at any one time and you were literally assured of meeting a girl whatever your requirements. The music in here was a delightful mix of eighties pop, nineties techno and when called for some good old fashioned seventies rock and roll and this is where I first learnt the important role music plays in creating an atmosphere inside a bar.

As long as I live I will never forget sitting in Visions chatting with John Reid the manager in Visions when he suddenly bolted out of his seat and headed towards the DJ booth and on the way whispered to me “watch this mother fucker”. One minute later he was back and next thing I knew the saccharine sweet love song Chika Kita by Abba came on. When I heard it I looked at John and asked “are you trying to ruin my night or something” and he answered simply “watch the stage dummy”. Suddenly from all corners of the room girls started rushing towards the stage and within seconds the stage was four rows deep in girls and so packed they could hardly move. I looked at John in exasperation and said “yeah that’s impressive but the song sucks” to which he replied “tell me that in 3 minutes”. I turned towards the stage again and suddenly 12 girls jumped from the stage and started a slow sultry dance on top of the bar counter whilst the customers in the seats near the bar rapidly removed their drinks. Years later they were to make a movie called Coyote Ugly which featured hot chicks dancing provocatively along a bar top but this was back in 1991 and at that time there was nothing like this anywhere in the world.

The girls were all dressed in lingerie with white thigh length stockings or in delightfully revealing T/Backs and the dance they were performing although obviously spontaneous came across like a well choreographed routine. They would gyrate to the music softly and sensually wiggling their hips provocatively while they descended to a squatting position and then slowly ascend back up to a fully upright position without ever stopping from moving then after a few more gyrations they would jump in the air and land with legs split on the bar counter. In the coming years I was to see such shows many times but nothing was ever to come close to that of Visions and even though I didn’t realize it at the time right then and there I made a decision this was the life I wanted to live.

I sat and watched this show in awe until the song ended and I found myself like everybody else in the bar clapping and silently mouthing wow. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement and next thing I knew I had all twelve of the star dancers surrounding me, sucking down ladies drinks like there was no tomorrow. As they surrounded me with continual cries of cheers I stood back and subtly admired this fine selection of flesh and the thing that really struck me was the diversity of age and personalities. Two of the girls looked to be not a day older than 16 with shiny brown skin and tight little buttocks that you could bounce a coin off, 4 others were somewhere in their late teens and oozed sexuality whilst the others ranged from 21 to 26 and their eyes were alternating between youthful enthusiasm and resigned dullness that signified they had seen to much life at too young an age.

I was on my third round of tequila shooters with the girls all over me when suddenly a felt a burning sensation in the back of my head so I extricated myself from the girls, turned around and sure enough there was Rosie glaring at me like she wished me a slow painful death. Now being young dumb and full of cum I would have normally just blown her off and carried on doing what I was doing but I had actually learnt a little from the loss of Hilda so straight away I told the girls to finish their drinks and then I walked meekly over to where Rosie was standing and with a bright smile on my face kissed her on the cheek and said, “hi honey hope everything is ok I was just having some fun”. Rosie looked up at me with an angry glint in her eye and then suddenly a transformation overtook her entire body as she went from fuming she devil to sweet angelic Filipina.

Now I am no expert when it comes to women but even I, in my half inebriated state, could tell there was something going on here and somehow I also instinctively knew whatever it was there was no escaping it so I might as well go with the flow and take it as it came. Being resigned to the fact that my fate was already sealed I nonchalantly invited Rosie to join me at my table which was thankfully now devoid of girls, she looked at me and simply grabbed my hand walked me over to the table and then planted a huge kiss on my lips with her tongue half way down my throat. At the time I was so pleasantly surprised and I thought to myself wow I have gotten away with this one.

Rosie sat with me for about one hour in Visions and during that time was never more than one foot away from me. I thought to myself wow playing the girl back at her own game really works, this jealousy trip is alright. I paid my bill and once outside Visions Rosie hailed a cab and we proceeded back to the Mayfair hotel. When back at the hotel I got my key from the front desk while Rosie had a brief conversation with the receptionist then we proceeded upstairs to the room. Once inside with the door closed Rosie turned to me and with a round house that would have made Mike Tyson proud she let me have it right on my arm. At first I was to surprised to counter her attack but I shook it off almost instantaneously grabbed her hands and said what the hell is that for. Rosie looked straight at me and said “you hurt me I no like you with other girl”, “but how about what you were doing with that guy in Bee club” I countered, only to receive the classic Filipina reply “that’s different that’s my job.” This was my first time to hear this classic Filipina reply and the perverseness of it hit me right between my eyes. I was momentarily flabbergasted and contemplating my reply when suddenly Rosie broke free of my grip and pushed me down onto the bed. With lightning speed she was on top of me and I was getting ready to throw her off me when suddenly I felt her fingers undoing my zipper and next thing I knew she was proceeding to lick and suck my male member like never before.

It took five seconds of her delicate lips and wet tongue brushing against me and all my resistance evaporated. I remember momentarily thinking if this is the fury of a woman scorned then I would like to see what happens when she is truly mad. Rosie blew me for what seemed like an eternity gently licking and sucking my shaft whilst stroking up and down round and round and then just as I was about to blow my load she stopped and announced “I shower, you wait.”

So there I was lying on the bed with a full erection feeling like the brunt of some sick joke when Rosie appeared wrapped in a towel and without a word started working on me with her sweet lips. Rosie worked me for another 3 minutes and then just as I was nearing orgasm again she stopped and said “I be the one to drive”. With this said she jumped on top of my shaft and proceeded to ride me like a bronco rider. Up and down, up and down she went with her firm little butt smacking against my thighs all the time letting little moans of pleasure escape from deep within her. My attitude towards sex has always been it takes two to tango but in the case of Rosie I may as well not have been there, for her this was all about Rosie and she was going to ride me until she was fully satisfied.

As for me this was a new experience but I was in the Philippines and open for just about anything so deciding to make the best of things I grabbed Rosie underneath her ass and lifted her up and down making sure on the inward thrusts she took every centimeter of my engorged cock. Far from turning her off my active participation seemed to turn her on and within seconds the tumultuous waves of orgasm were overtaking her body. Rosie’s whole body was shaking as she lay spent on top of me but I was far from finished so I gently lifted Rosie of me. lay her down on the bed, straddled her and then proceeded in a rhythmic motion to insert my rock hard dick into her dripping wet vagina.

Now I am no expert love maker but this night I was determined to really hit my stride and show this little vixen that she wasn’t the only one who was the sexual dynamo around here. I rode Rosie gently at first slowly rubbing my self against her clitoris as my dick went in and out like a well oiled piston. After about 5 minutes of this Rosie began to come round and before I knew it she was digging her nails into my buttocks crying out for me to fuck her harder. With Rosie’s urging echoing in my ears I hit my stride and literally pounded her until I felt the familiar waves of the ultimate pleasure overtaking me and my head exploded into an orgasmic state of bliss like never before.

After the sex I lay in bed enjoying a post coital cigarette while Rosie had a shower. With my heart still beating furiously I lay there wondering if this had been what they refer to as a grudge fuck. I thought about my life, I thought about my experiences so far in the Philippines, I thought about womens reactions to men in general and of course I thought about Hilda. The memories of my life were bombarding me when suddenly Rosie appeared from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and said “you shower now honey.” This broke me out of my train of thought and without a care in the world I arrogantly sauntered buck naked into the shower eating up the attention Rosie was trying so hard not to show my body.

Even though it is always hot in the Philippines I have always found it a distinct pleasure taking a hot shower and as the waves of steam enveloped me I felt the exertion of the previous hours disappear and I slowly wound down to a level of contentment that was absolutely delightful. After about fifteen minutes in the shower the hot water began to cool so feeling on top of the world I turned off the shower, grabbed a towel, opened the bathroom door only to be confronted by an empty room with my beautiful Rosie nowhere to be seen.

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