C How They Made Me! Chapter 28

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 28:

A whole lotta Rosie.

As soon as I had finished my short time and walked out of the shower into an empty room with only the wafting aroma of Rosie’s perfume to greet me I should have written her off to experience but being one of those people who thrives on a challenge I just couldn’t let her go and I was determined to get to the bottom of her mysterious behavior.

I spent the day lounging around the Mayfair writing letters to family members who somehow were beginning to seem like a thing of the distant past then by the time it was 6pm I found myself heading down M.H.Del Pillar and entering Bee club in search of the elusive Rosie. As soon as I entered I saw Rosie sitting over by the bar and when she saw me she leveled me with a smile that made anger disappear and next thing I knew I was sitting at the bar with her buying her a ladies drink.

Rosie and I spent about 2 hours just chatting with me buying her drinks and before I knew it I was proposing she go bar fine with me. Rosie readily accepted my proposition and before long we were going back in my hotel room with Rosie sucking on my dick like a vacuum cleaner like there was no tomorrow. We must have gone at it about five times that night and when I woke the following afternoon I was pleasantly surprised to find Rosie sleeping soundly besides me with one leg draped over my torso and one hand still firmly grabbing my dick.

So this was the beginning of my relationship with Rosie. Now I admit there have certainly been more auspicious beginnings but then again this is the Philippines and besides she was just so damned good in bed I really couldn’t see myself finding anyone better than her. I think I bar fined Rosie for seven days straight and it was on the seventh day that David approached me asking for a quiet word in my ear.

David sat me down, looked me straight in the eyes and said “listen mate it’s really none of my business but you seem fairly keen on this Rosie girl. Now I am not saying this is a bad thing but there are a couple of things I want you to keep in your mind. Remember where you are mate and remember what she does for a living. You are not the first and only guy in her life and you probably won’t be the last if you get my drift.” Being a laconic Aussie David was always a master of the understatement so I looked at him and said “what exactly are you trying to tell me Dave” and he responded with “mate she is a hooker, she works in the bar and survives by having sex with men, always remember that if you find yourself falling for her. I am not saying stop the relationship but just realize the grounds of the relationship that way you will save yourself a lot of money and heart ache further on up the road.”David stressed to me “you can be friends with the bar girls and you can even have that special friendship but never forget how she earned her money before and never apply the same values to a Filipina bar girl that you would to a so called normal relationship in the real world.” With tha said he looked me in the eye once again and said “Martin always be a butterfly” and with that rose and walked through to his office at the back of the hotel.

After he left I sat and contemplated David’s words for a good half hour mulling them over in my head whilst sipping on a cup of hot tea. I knew this was my first trip and he was speaking from a base of experience that I didn’t have, I also realized he was telling me this because he obviously saw something and was concerned about my well being but hey I was a grown man and I wasn’t about to let a little undereducated Filipina bar girl make a fool out of me.

After carefully weighing David’s words I decided that I still wanted to be with Rosie but I would distance myself a little bit and try to stop any strong feelings from developing. Looking back on it I realize David was exactly right and it was almost as if he had a crystal ball in which he could see the future. In the years to come I would find myself having exactly the same conversation with friends of mine as I saw them getting involved with Filipina bar girls and I now realize I am forever in David’s debt as once again his advice was spot on the money.

In modern day parlance they have a saying “it is what it is” and this saying neatly sums up what David was trying to tell me. One of the dangerous things about Filipinas is that they have a way of getting under your skin and making you develop real feelings for them which in turn means you forget the cornerstones of the relationship and start to view it as something it is not rather than what it really is. It is so easy to develop what you think are intense feelings for a girl and have what seems like a genuine relationship however, how the girl views the relationship is most often completely different. I am not saying all Filipina bar girls are evil scheming manipulative whores but I am saying their idea of the depth of the relationship may be very different from yours yet you may never know it until its to late. The bar girls are nothing if not practical and underneath the veneer of emotion there will always be the cold hard agenda of economic survival for themselves and their family.

After mulling over David’s words I made a decision that I would try to control my feelings for Rosie, I would take a step backwards and try to look at our friendship through practical eyes rather than emotive ones. With this decided I finished my third cup of tea and headed back to my room where Rosie who had over the past week developed the habit of sleeping in late, lay waiting for me.

In the room I woke Rosie by gently caressing those firm breasts with the rose bud nipples and as she slowly came round I felt the all to familiar urging in my loins and next thing I knew we were engaging in yet another tumultuous round of sexual gratification.

After sex while Rosie was in the shower I decided to take stock of my situation. Basically I did not have unlimited funds and staying at the Mayfair whilst bar fining and tipping Rosie every night was beginning to eat into my spending money. I had only been in the country 3 short months and already I was addicted to the lifestyle and the thought of actually moving onto England to find a real job as in my original travel plan just appalled me. At this stage I wasn’t exactly struggling but if I wanted to stay here for a longer period of time it was clearly obvious that I would have to slow the spending a little bit.

In the Lonely Planet Guide Book to the Philippines I had read about this place called Peurto Galera and whilst carousing the bars I had overheard people talking about it so this seemed like a suitable destination. My only problem was how to approach Rosie with this. On the one hand I was kind of tempted to pay a steady bar fine so at least this way I would have some companionship and Rosie would have a healthy commission which would hopefully stop her from asking me for money all the time plus I wouldn’t have to tip her after sex. On the other hand the steady bar fine was a large outpouring of cash and there were no guarantees Rosie would even stay with me. I weighed up the pros and cons of each scenario and in the end came to the conclusion my best course of action was to try and convince Rosie to come with me for a holiday and just have some fun. I would sell it to her as a holiday and a change of scenery. Once again previous conversations with David were echoing in my mind and now my course of action was defined.

Now I look back on this I realize how naïve I was but at the time my logic made perfect sense. If I was confronted with this situation again and knowing what I now know I would probably try for the steady bar fine but at a discounted rate or even better at bar share rate only. The thing is no matter how much money the girl gets from a steady she will invariably send this money back to her parents or spend it thus relying on you her customer to support her once again. The steady bar fine has numerous advantages which I will not go into here since it is hardly an appropriate forum and given what happened in the ending stages of my relationship with Rosie I would have been better off paying it but that’s a story for another day.

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