C How They Made Me! Chapter 29

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 29:

Plans for Peurto Galera.

Once Rosie had finished her shower and made herself up to look a million dollars we proceeded downstairs for brunch. Rosie was one of these women who as the Aussies like to say “scrubs up well” and she could do this with just minimal makeup and minimal time. Rosie had nice child bearing hips, just the right length legs, big tits which were always displayed prominently due to her use of push up bras, soft light brown skin, Chinese eyes and shoulder length black hair which she would swish from side to side along with her backside whenever she walked. The total package was an intoxicating mix of blossoming young womanhood and provocative sexuality, which made her for me, virtually irresistible.

Rosie was by no means a class act and she wasn’t exactly a soft malleable female but there was an essential forthrightness and straightforwardness about her that attracted people. For a Filipina working the bar she was comparatively secure in her sexuality and didn’t exhibit the trappings of guilt that plagues so many bar girls in this country. Rosie would often call a spade a spade but only when pushed, most of the time she would just sit and listen like a dutiful, female companion. To her credit she knew that to control her man she must let him appear, in public at least, to be the controlling force and would only exert her will in private or behind the scenes. Rosie had that enviable ability of controlling her man utilizing her subtle feminine wiles and most of the time she would get what she wanted with the minimum of fuss.

Rosie’s time in the bars had left its mark. On the one hand she had seen a side of life that had hardened her and yet on the other hand she was a gentle young woman barely out of her teens, that had an entire life to look forward to. The trappings of the bar are for most Filipinas inevitable and this was certainly the case for Rosie who was a little rough around the edges and was not exactly the type of girl you take home to meet mom. What attracted me to Rosie, apart from the great sex, was the fact that she exhibited the classic duality of the Filipina bar girl. On one level she was a little whore who dressed like a cheap slut and was verging on what we now call trailer park trash. On the other hand she was an exotic looking girl who would artfully use her soft feminine traits to manipulate a situation and get her way. Dressed in the appropriate clothing she was right at home walking the streets of M.H.Del Pilar smiling and flirting with male customers, hurling insults at her fellow bar girls, or purchasing shabu from a local street supplier and yet this same girl if she put her mind to it could easily blend into the so called social scene of Manila and entertain people with her little quips and seemingly penetrating comments. This girl was a walking contradiction and the more time I spent with her the more attracted I became.

At brunch David came and joined us and as we sat there I thought to myself this would be the perfect time to introduce the idea of going down to Peurto Galera. We had just finished our club sandwiches and Rosie was half way through her Bangus (fish) with rice when I piped up to David, hey mate I have read about this Peurto Galera place and I keep on hearing people talking about it, what’s it like there mate, have you ever been there, is it cheaper than Manila and do you reckon I should go down there for a while. While David was contemplating his answers I looked at Rosie to see if she had registered my desire to leave Manila but she managed to keep her poker face and just carried on eating.

After a couple of sips of his coffee David replied “you don’t like to ask just one question do you kid. Listen mate do I reckon Peurto Galera is a better option for you well I have to say yes. It will be cheaper to survive down there, the life style is more laid back, it’s a healthier environment, there’s a good infrastructure there and best of all you get to experience some more of the Philippines.” Then he popped the leading question, tell me mate were you planning on going down yourself or taking Rosie? To answer him I looked over at Rosie and said hey Rosie would you like to come down to Peurto Galera with me and to my surprise Rosie looked up at me and with a beaming smile said simpri (of course in Tagalog) and then continued eating her Bangus and rice.

Ok that was step one completed and now came the hard part. “So tell me mate” I asked David, “what should I do about the bar I mean I don’t want to get Rosie in trouble or do anything to hurt the bar or give myself a bad name but I don’t really know how long we will be down there and I can’t really afford to pay the steady bar fine or anything like that so I was just wondering how to go about things.” David looked at me and said Marty this is a common problem but the bottom line is Rosie can simply tell her mamasan she is going down to the province for a while. I got to tell you most of these girls if they like the guy they are with will jump at the chance to leave the bar and go on holiday to somewhere like Peurto Galera. For them it is a break, they get a sponsored holiday and there is always the chance a relationship may develop which will help them get out of the Philippines and earn some decent money working overseas. Also mate you have to realize Rosie is a good looking girl and could probably get a job in any of the bars along Del Pilar so the bar is not exactly in a position to argue besides there are boat loads of girls with mud between their toes arriving everyday so one leaving the fold will hardly make a big difference.”

David then went onto say that even though there was an established social scene down in PG evolving around 3 bars and several restaurants it was probably better for me to take a girl with me. He also pointed out that this would be a great chance for me to relax just like Boracay but hopefully with a different ending. I looked at Rosie and said so babe if you want you can go see your mamasan tonight and tell her you are going to the province for some time. Rosie glanced up from food and replied “Martin my mama she know me with you, my mama she not stupid. I tell her I go province with you because you meet my family then no problem.” I looked at David to see his reaction but he just shrugged his shoulders and said “sounds fair dinkum to me mate why not.”

That day was spent mainly doing research on Peurto Galera. By asking around I found out there were several ways of getting there which included a bus from various hotels or the local bus which left from somewhere outside of Ermita. Now I wasn’t exactly the seasoned Philippine veteran so I decided to use the tourist bus leaving from the Sundowner hotel even though it departed at the disgustingly early hour of 9AM. Using the Mayfairs travel office and bugging the shit out of David with my insistent questions I finally managed to organize some rooms at Captain Greg’s which was one of the more established resorts right on Sabang beach. David informed me this was resort which catered mainly for divers but for the first timers it was a great place to stay because it was well established, the rooms were decent, the owners were Australian and knew the lay of the land plus they were mates of his who would gladly give a discount on my accommodation costs.

To arrange the trip took about three hours and the whole time Rosie just sat in my room ordering room service and watching Tagalog television. Later in the afternoon I gave Rosie some money and said “listen babe you go do what you got to do. Go have a talk with your mamasan then go to your place pack your bags and I will catch up with you later on tonight.” Rosie took the money and said ‘thank you honey” then she gave me a big kiss and headed out the door.

That night I shouted David to dinner at the Swiss hut and we talked about Peurto Galera extensively. By the time dinner was finished I had a much better idea what to expect and was actually feeling a little excited to be heading out of Manila on my latest adventure. After dinner I announced to David that I should go pick up Rosie and he replied “don’t worry about Rosie mate she’ll be right, let’s do a little bar hop first. The nights still young and there’s a shit of load of girls you and I need to meet.” With that said I paid the bill and we proceeded to hit some of the bars around the Swiss Hut area.

We must have spent about 3 hours bar hopping with David and myself downing copious amounts of alcohol and playing with girls but in the back of my mind was a nagging feeling about Rosie and eventually I said “listen Dave it’s been great fun mate but I really have to go see Rosie and make sure everything’s ok for tomorrow.” Upon hearing this David replied oh shit yeah I forgot all about that come on let’s finish our drinks here and then we can head to Bee club.” With that said we both skulled our drinks paid the bill and headed towards Bee Club.

When we hit Bee Club it was surprisingly busy with a number of patrons sitting at the bar and others occupying the sofas where I had first met Rosie. We looked around and managed to find a seat in the corner and then the waitress came up to take our orders. We ordered the drinks and I looked around for Rosie. I Must have had a worried expression on my face because one of the waitresses came up to me and asked “why you look so serious” to which I laughed and half heartedly replied “no I am not serious I am just looking for a friend of mine who works here.” “What’s his name” asked the waitress to which I replied “her name is Rosie and she was supposed to meet me here but I don’t see her anywhere”. The waitress looked at me with a kind of knowing and somewhat sorrowful expression and replied “for a while I get mummy.”

After about ten more minutes waiting the mamasan appeared and said “kumasta Martin where is my girl Rosie’. Taken aback I replied wait a minute mummy I sent Rosie back this afternoon, are you telling me you haven’t seen her at all today”? Upon hearing my words the mamasan looked me up and down as if measuring me up or trying to see if I was lying and then deciding that I was telling the truth she replied “I no see Rosie all day I think she is with you.” Now I was a little confused and at a total loss at what to do so I simply glanced in David’s direction and with my best imploring look asked “hey mate can I have a little help here please.” David responded straight away and after a brief chat with the mamasan he told me Rosie hadn’t shown all day and the mamasan thought she was with you and that you had come in tonight to pay her bar fine again. Now I was totally lost and I could see all my best laid plans going up in smoke in front of my eyes.

“What the fuck am I going to do” I asked David but he just smiled and said “what did I tell you mate these girls have their own focus and never get hung up on one”. This was not exactly helpful advice for me at the current point in time and I was feeling slightly devastated. David obviously saw this and said mate I suggest we wait here for lets say another half hour then if she is a no show we can look for somebody else to accompany you down to Peurto Galera in fact I think I see the perfect girl for you right now. With that said David said something to the mamasan and next thing I knew I had a scantily clad Filipina wiggling her barely covered bottom against my crotch and the ever hovering waitress asking “would you like to buy lady drink sir”.

David and waited for what must have been about one hour and during that time thoughts of Rosie and my apparent rejection began to fade especially since this young nymph kept on playing with my dick and shoving her pert brown tits in my face. As the night progressed I had just about forgotten about Rosie and as I yet again inserted one Hershey chocolate kiss nipple into my mouth I heard an angry cry and the words “puntang ina mo” being shouted at me. I rapidly withdrew my lips from the chocolate nipples to look up and sure enough there was a very angry Rosie with glass in hand ready to launch at my head.

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