C How They Made Me! Chapter 3

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 3: See how they made me

This little girl named baby had a great hard body, nice long legs for a Filipina and rock solid bubble but with superb abdominal definition. Best of all she had demonstrated her flexibility with her acrobatic antics so I was expecting an interesting encounter. When I got her back to the Mayfair she insisted on a shower and then next thing you know she was lying on the bed underneath the sheets saying honey I watch TV. I then took my shower and came out to find her exactly how I had left her, watching TV whilst wrapped up under the bed sheet. I sidled next to her and started gently stroking her breasts and kissing her neck which rather than turn her on seemed to cause her to break out in little fits of laughter. Realizing things were not going exactly as planned I then reverted back to basics climbed on top and managed to push inside. To say she was tight was an understatement and I knew straight away this was going to be a bit of a battle. Now I am not normally one to force the issue but in this case I hadn’t come all this way for nothing and I wasn’t going down without a fight. I gave it to baby slowly for about ten minutes when she looked at me and asked “you like style dog?” Now I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by this but without losing my stride I replied “sure what’s that”? To answer my question she pushed me off and then proceeded to kneel on the bed and shove her backside and feminine parts in my direction. Well not being one to say no when presented with an opportunity I promptly mounted her from behind and proceeded to do what a man must do.

After I had completed my mission baby jumped off the bed and ran into the shower whilst I reclined on the bed with a well earned cigarette. After about ten minutes baby came out freshly showered and dressed ready to head back to the bar. I asked her “where are you going honey wouldn’t you like to go get something to eat or drink”, to which she looked at me and said “I tell mommy I only go short time so now you give money baby go back bar”. Now this was a little unromantic and not quite what I was expecting but I wasn’t about to argue with her so I slipped her 500 peso and sent her on her way. I remember thinking so now I know what they mean by a short time and I wasn’t particularly impressed. Ironically after I had been in the country a few months I would be actively looking for girls who specialized in short time because it was easy sex with no drama or emotional attachment but for now this just seemed a bit callous and I couldn’t help but feel slightly used.

After baby had left I headed for the shower then watched some TV and reflected on what had just happened. It was a somewhat harsh reality that I had just paid for sex and yet it was not exactly a mind blowing experience, in fact, I had experienced considerably better sex in Australia and never had to pay for it. This was not exactly an auspicious start but I thought to myself no use crying over spilt milk and I will just have to keep on looking until I find someone who will rock my world. You would have thought I would have learnt from this experience but in the coming months and years I was to often bar-fine a girl who was wild on stage but turned out to be very mediocre in the sack. Why did I keep on falling for this same old trap, I think it had something to do with being naturally attracted to a woman that had the slut appeal and at the time I was comparatively young so I figured if I am going to pay for it I will get a girl who has had the experience and knows what she is doing.

The gap between appearance and reality was just one of the seeming contradictions that make the Philippines so unique. Over here things are rarely as they seem and as David liked to say “still waters run deep mate, the ones that act wild are often just show, whereas the quiet shy ones they love it and will often be the best performers”.

With my spirits still a little low I decided to head out and hit the bars again. On my way through the foyer I saw David who asked “how was that one my boy” to which I replied “to be honest mate I got my rocks off but nothing special and I would have liked a second round but she seemed only interested in doing short time”. David gave me his lopsided smile and said “trust me I know you feel a little disappointed now but one day you will be grateful for short time”. Hearing his thoughts was a small consolation and but in a strange way it did make me feel slightly better about my first sexual experiences in the Philippines. “So where are you heading now”, asked Dave. “I thought I might just go for a bit of a walk and hit a few bars”, I replied. “Well if you hang on a minute I will come with you I have to have my Visions fix anyway and that is the bar with the best girls in town”.

David and I strolled out of the Mayfair along Mabini street then left hand turn onto M.H.Del Pilar. We walked past the blow job bars with their shady painted ladies lounging in dimly lit doorways. I remember looking at the names of the bars such as China Coast, Josies Pride the Gold Mine(where the neon sign was constantly broken and read old mine) Delcima and the Bee club just to name a few. I remember wondering how they came up for names for the bars and what were the stories behind the names of these bars.

Walking down M.H.Del Pilar with David was always an interesting experience because he really did know so many people from so many different walks of life and seemingly he knew the vast majority of girls as well. When with David you could never walk down the street without having to stop every twenty yards while he said good-day to someone or arranged a short time at some point in the near future.

We had negotiated our way through the maze of bars, beggars, partiers, bar hoppers, drunken bums, hustlers and touts and were just about at the door to Visions when David stopped by the doorway of a little bar named Punchline and said “hang on mate I just want to pop in here for one”. I told him hey “I’m easy no problem for me”. We walked into Punchline and there was a grand total of three girls dancing on a little stage to some long forgotten seventies song blaring from a juke box situated in the corner. We each pulled up a stool at the bar when suddenly a dark skinned vision of beauty sidled next to David and started chatting with him. I was absolutely dumbstruck, here we were in a little dump of a bar and from out of nowhere steps this ravishing sex goddess.

David saw the look on my face and said “you have to wait your turn my boy but hey she will be here tomorrow and in the meantime you need to meet Hilda”. “Hilda” I asked, “who is Hilda” and then as if on cue a beautiful Filipina with Chinese eyes, shiny black hair cut in a page boy style, stepped out on stage and David pointing at her said “that’s Hilda”. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather beautiful girls like this were the last thing I was expecting in a little dive like Punchline.

Here was another classic Filipino contradiction more often than not little bars like Punchline would be overlooked by the majority of customers as they gravitated towards the big bars with bright lights, loud music, and numerous girls. Just as I did most people would think, why go into the little bars when searching for a companion, after all, the bigger bars have more girls and a much better range for the customer to chose from. Whilst it is true the big bars have a greater volume of girls I have learnt that the little bars should never be overlooked as more often than not there are one or two gems inside. The little bars tend to attract the quieter more basic sort of girl and at the same time in a small bar the girls learn their trade at a rapid pace right from the word go the pressure is on to be productive and make money for everyone concerned.

I sat at the bar there watching David fondle his girls budding breasts which were barely covered by her scanty bikini along with the occasional sideways glance at the beautiful Hilda. After a preliminary fondle David bought his girl a drink and then made eye contact with Hilda motioning for her to come on down and say hello to me. Hilda came slowly down, shyly shook David’s hand and then David introduced her to me. “Hilda sweetheart I would like you to meet my friend Martin”. Hilda proffered a delicate hand which I gently shook and invited her to sit beside me and have a drink. David’s little one was a little energizer bunny whose name was Marvie and she insisted on doing a sort of private dance show where she would bend her knees and gyrate slowly up and down all the time holding her hands above her head and swaying her buttocks in a highly provocative manner. I was to see this dance a million times in the coming years but for now I was absolutely captivated as I had never seen anything like it before. I asked Hilda “can you dance like that”, to which she replied “of course” and then proceeded to do a dual show together with Marvie right there on the floor in front of us. Well that was enough for me and I said to David “mate I think I want to bar-fine this girl she is a stunner”. David looked at me shook his head and said “ok you can bar-fine her but remember the night is only young and we still have to go to Visions where there are hundreds more”. “Yes but mate this Hilda is hot so I will bar-fine her and take her with me”. Once again David shook his head and said “no way my boy. If you want her you pay the bar fine now and then we will leave her here and go to Visions, you can pick her up on the way back after we have finished bar hopping”.

After paying our bill I gave Hilda a little kiss and promised I would come back after bar hoping she looked at my earnest face and said “no problem I wait for you”. David then whispered something to Marvie and it was out the door, a short stroll down the street and into Visions the bar that was to change my life forever.

The bars in M.H.Del Pilar were like anything in the entertainment industry fickle and subject to change. What would be one year’s hot bar could the very next year be a boring dive whilst some new bar had sprung up and was now the ‘in’ place to visit. Back then in July of 1991 there were definitely three major bars all competing for the customers peso. These were Superstar, Firehouse and Visions. Of these Visions was the smallest, the newest and for me certainly the most fun. Visions was the old Pit Stop bar but it had been thoroughly renovated and a new bar with over 200 girls was created. The owners had invested in a little Australian guy named John Reed to run the place and he had turned what was a very mediocre bar into a bar full of fun and energy. There were just so many beautiful girls here and a chaotic party atmosphere unparalleled by any other bars on the strip.

Visions was in many ways the quintessential Philippines girlie bar. This bar had everything. The stage ran along the front of the bar and was always jam packed 3 deep with beautiful girls of various shapes, sizes and ages. At the front of the stage was a small serving area where the bar staff would stand and serve the drinks. Next to the serving area was a narrow wooden counter top with stools behind it where the customers could sit enjoy a drink or three and still be within touching distance of at least 20 girls. In fact in those days customers would often gravitate towards the front of the bar and the girls would nearly always dance on the wooden counter top. There was just something about the mixture of ice cold San Miguel beer and beautiful brown girls gyrating their scantily clad superbly shaped bodies, just3 feet away from you that kept people like me coming back without a moment’s hesitation. Progressing back from the stage there were a series of couches and tables which people could sit at and then at the very back of the room a dimly lit couch area where people could go about their own business, hold a private party, fondle their chosen girl or just sit back and absorb the party atmosphere that was the hallmark of Visions.

As we entered into Visions I remember thinking wow this place is rocking. There were about 50 girls on stage and every one of them looked absolutely stunning. In Visions there was always a very nice mixture of shy little provincial types some young fresh ones and the hardcore dancers who would do just about anything to get your attention and a few extra pesos.

David led me through the milling crowd of customers and girls to a small table at the end of the bar where I was introduced to John. At this stage in his life John Reed was still quite partial to a tequila or three and no sooner had we been seated than a free shot of Tequila came over. If I am honest I have to admit a severe aversion to the taste of tequila but I didn’t want to offend John so it was time to chug it down and worry about the taste and effect later.

After about ten minutes I decided it was my turn to buy back so I just ordered a round of normal drinks not being very impressed with the tequila. John thanked me and then we had a great conversation where I would ask questions about a particular girl and he would give me a blow by blow description of each girl’s particular name and talents. One of John’s particular strengths was that he knew his girls well and was eager to share the information if you asked.

Another great thing about Visions was the music quality and selection. Whilst Firehouse had the Bose cannons Visions went with the JBL power speakers and in my opinion the sound reproduction was even better than Firehouse. One particular strength of Visions was the atmosphere and the music played was a key factor in generating this. Later I was to get a job managing Visions and one of the very first things John would teach me was “play music for the girls get them partying and having fun, the rest will take care of itself”.

David and I spent about two hours in Visions just drinking, chatting to John and watching the seemingly endless parade of girls that passed by our table. After a fairly heavy nudge on the beer, shots and ladies drinks we ambled out of there and straight back into Punchline where our girls were nowhere to be seen. David asked the mamasan “where are our girls” and was greeted with the reply “for a while Sir David”. We sat down at the bar again ordered a drink and in came our girls happily munching on a green mango with fish paste. “Where have you been you little monkey” David asked Marvie and in between giggles she replied “we get food because we hungry”. “I reckon that’s bullshit” David said under his breath, “little bitch has probably been doing a short time while we were away”. Then with his moment of harsh reality over with he turned to Marvie and said “Well darling you can get food at the hotel after we finish our business” replied David. He then reached for both our bills paid them, turned to Marvie and said, “come on you little monkey daddy is feeling horny and you’re going to help me”. Obviously Marvie had been through this before as rather than being upset by being called a monkey she seemed delighted and said “me LBFM, me not monkey, me give you satisfaction you give Marvie money honey”.

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