C How They Made Me! Chapter 33

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 33:

Of course I like my women wearing sexy provocative clothing which titillates the imagination like a tight clinging dress that accentuates the Coca-Cola bottle like curves or a sexy negligee that reveals just enough to excite whilst keeping just enough hidden to maintain that element of mystery. But at the same time for me there is just something about an earthy type woman who revels in her femininity and exudes sexuality. These women have no need of sexy clothing or expensive jewelry, theirs is a natural sexuality that comes from within and needs no accentuating by artificial means. I have always found myself attracted to the natural look no makeup to highlight certain features and hide others, no padding, no nips and tucks, just plain what you see is what you get. This is what the Filipinos refer to as a “natural beauty” and this earthy appeal was personified by the landlady’s daughter.

Her name was Jovielyn and as soon as we were out of sight of the compound she looked around as if to make sure nobody was watching then grabbed my hair pulling me down to her level and proceeded to kiss me like there was no tomorrow. At first I was a little shocked by this sweet young girl behaving in such a manner but hey I wasn’t about to stop her or put up any fight. This was a display of wanton, aggressive sexual passion, yes I felt a little bit like a toy boy or just an object that was a means to a young woman’s ends but I also realized it’s pretty obvious this girl knows what she’s doing and if she wanted to use me to satiate her sexual desires then she could go right ahead and do it.

The kiss lasted for about 1 minute then just before parting she shoved her tongue down my throat and said “Jovie like you, ikaw masarap”. At this stage I had no idea what this meant but then again it didn’t really matter she had made her intentions perfectly clear as had I by the obscene bulge in my pants. After the cinemascope type kiss Jovie proceeded to lead the way to Captain Greg’s and as she walked in front of me I was literally transfixed by the saucy swaying of her hips and her tight firm buttocks jiggling up and down with each step she took. After a while we reached Sabang pool hall where I saw the same young Filipino guy who had been chatting to Rosie and as Jovie and I approached. Obviously he knew Jovie because as we approached he gave her a beaming smile said something in Tagalog which caused both he and Jovie to look at me then grin mischievously and then he turned to me and said in perfect English “hi sir how are you”. At first I was a little bit taken aback by the fluent English but recovered quick enough to think come on Martin you know better than to judge a book by its cover so I simply replied “I am doing fine, thanks for asking”. After hearing this the young man smiled at me again said something in Tagalog to Jovie and then he asked me “sir you leave Rosie in house”? I replied “yeah I left her with Jovies mum but hey mate this isn’t how it looks Jovie and I are just on our way back to Captain Gregs to pick up the gear then I am moving into one of the bungalows”. At the time I wondered why I was busy explaining myself to a young Filipino man who I hardly knew so then deciding offence is the best form of defense I asked him straight out “why are you asking”? Automatically he picked up on the slight aggressive intonation in my voice so he smiled again said no sir you don’t understand, Rosie good friend to my girlfriend, Rosie friend to me only”. This assurance was delivered very smoothly especially for a Filipino beach bum and next thing I knew I found myself shaking his hand and promising to come play some pool after I had settled in.

Jovie led the way back through the twisting turning alley ways with the Filipino’s going about their daily business and everywhere she went women and men alike would stop what they were doing and greet her. It was very obvious Jovie was well known in Sabang and I made a mental note to myself if I ever needed anything in a hurry I would ask Jovie. This girl had the island wired and would probably be able to help me find something better than anybody else. As a secondary mental note I also promised myself that I would never piss her off as it wouldn’t be a particularly pleasant experience having an angry Jovie and ten young Filipino guys bashing down my door all looking to teach the arrogant foreigner a lesson.

Eventually we made it back to Captain Greg’s where I informed them I would be checking out and Jovie surprise-surprise knew the receptionist who looked at me as if to say and where do you think you are going with this girl but then burst out in a sweet smile as Jovie said something in Tagalog and we proceeded to my room to pack my bags and move to my new abode. Jovie seemed to know her way around Captain Greg’s and as soon as she had opened my door she shut it behind us locked it and proceeded to literally tear my clothes of in her urgent need to engage in what was obviously going to be a first class torrid sexual encounter. Now I look back on this encounter several strange occurences stick in my mind. Firstly Jovie never insisted herself or I take a shower before having sex. This is unusual for a Filipina as normally they are very fastidious about their cleanliness surpassed only by the Thais but I got the feeling Jovie didn’t have time for pleasantries, she wanted some dick and nothing or nobody was going to stand in her way.

Juvie was really a whirlwind after kissing me passionately whilst standing she then pushed me down onto the bed pulled down my shorts and was wrapped her soft lips around the head of my cock gently licking and sucking whilst at the same time stroking it with her petite little hands. Somehow I just got the feeling this wasn’t the first time she had given a blowjob and this was combined with the feeling that I was somewhat irrelevant in this process Jovie was a woman who when it came to sex had strong urges and she let those urges rule her no matter what. She was like a sexual hedonist when she wanted it, she wanted it , she gave into her sexual needs with wild abandon living purely for the moment regardless of the consequences. To say that Jovie was a wild ride would be an understatement, this girl was more like a hurricane ripping through a nippa hut village.

As soon as Jovies lips were wrapped around my cock I had a hard on that I could have knocked someone out with and Jovie being the good girl wasn’t about to waste it . Straight away she ripped of her top and her little wrap around dress which was more like a sarong, pulled down her underpants and before I knew she was riding my pole like a professional rodeo rider. What surprised me about Jovie was even though it was all about her personal satisfaction and she was a wild vocal young lady she was also one of these women who liked to take her time and was amazingly sensual. At first she rode me like a woman gone wild letting out little moans that were gradually getting louder and louder then suddenly she would slow down and just rub her clitoris against me all the time getting louder and louder. I think Jovie was having a series of mini orgasms whilst ridding me because she kept on shuddering and moaning then when she actually turned round so I could see that cute little ass sliding up and down on my pole and I noticed my cock was very wet .

Jovie must of helped herself for half an hour and in a myriad of positions until she turned to me and said “honey you be the one to drive”. Not being backwards in coming forwards I grabbed the opportunity bent her over and entered her from behind in the classic doggy style position. Doggy style has always been my favorite as it allows the man to regulate the rhythm and there is just something about pile driving a nice petite Filipina. Most Filipinas have nice tight little brown bums and there is just something to be said for placing ones thumbs in the little dimple marks just above their ass and using these as leverage thrusting in and out like there is no tomorrow. As for the Filipinas I find their frame subtly deceiving for such small framed girls it’s quite amazing how much pounding they can take and give out as well. Most importantly the majority of the ones I have encountered seem to actually enjoy vigorous sex which of course is right up my alley.

Jovie was certainly one of the girls who enjoyed an extended rigorous encounter and as I hit my stride pounding in and out like a piston Jovie was getting louder and louder. I pushed her head into the pillow thinking the occupants of the room next door would think I was a mass murderer or something but Jovie was in full voice and nothing I did seem to make any difference. As I hit full stride the bed was banging against the wall Jovie was virtually screaming in paroxysms of delight and then just as I was about to cum I pulled out and hosed her back with my cum when suddenly I felt a gush of warm liquid splashing my balls so I looked down and there was Jovie squirting.

I had often heard of girls who squirt when they cum but prior to this had always believed it to be some sort of urban myth. Now here it was right in front of me and my bed sheets were soaked. Just as well I was moving out since I was having visions of trying to explain the wet bed sheets to Rosie and I had absolutely no idea what I was going to say should I ever run into the people from the room next door. Feeling a little foolish sitting there in the biggest post coital wet spot I had ever seen made me feel a little foolish and awkward until Jovie looked round and with a rather sheepish look said sorry po I do like that. When I saw the look on her face the humor of the situation suddenly overtook me so sitting there holding my dick whilst floundering in a pool of female love juice I could do nothing but laugh despite Jovies obvious embarrassment.

This had been a tremendously enjoyable sexual encounter and even though I was completely shagged out and could have done with a good 2 hour rest I realized time was of the essence if we were to get away with this without anyone knowing then it was time to bungle Jovie into the shower along with myself then pack up the bags and head back to Jovies mothers place. I wasn’t sure how I would handle facing Jovies mother knowing how I had just drilled her daughter but with a tight little body like Jovies and such an enthusiastic performance I thought explaining to her mother was the least of my worries. Little Jovie had certainly been a real find and as I showered with her lathering soap on her back some of David’s advice came back to me “Marty my mate always fuck as much as you can mate because you never know when it’s your last”.

As we checked out of Captain Greg’s the waitress gave myself and Jovie knowing looks and even a furtive little smile in my direction and I remember thinking where else in the world could you get away with this shit what a great country. To this day I still don’t know what happened to the sheets and 19 years later I am still a little hesitant to return to Captain Greg’s in case the alarms go off and the staff say oh look here comes the bed wetter we remember him.

After checking out Jovie and I once again navigated the streets of Sabang and made our way back to her mothers place. Jovie of course now being sexually satiated didn’t want to know about carrying any luggage so while I was the pack horse lugging Rosie’s and my bags Jovie just sauntered freely waving and laughing with her friends as if she didn’t have a care in the world. Even though I was bogged down with luggage I could have sworn some of the people were looking at me and saying stuff like there goes Jovies latest victim. Maybe this was all in my imagination or maybe reality but one thing was for sure this little nymph had been one hell of a ride and to this day I get a hard-on just thinking about her.

After 20 minutes of walking we were back at Jovies mothers compound where I thanked Jovie for her help even though I was the one to carry the bags and then I made my way to our cottage. Our cottage was the one furthest away from the main office area so it was a short stroll and then when I turned the corner there sitting on my new porch was the Filipino guy from the pool hall. When he saw me coming he at first looked a little strange almost like he was guilty of something but recovered quickly and was soon offering to carry the bags and help me into my new house. I entered the little shack and there was Rosie brushing her wet hair. When she saw me she broke out in a big smile and proudly announced hon I like Peurto Galera but gutom na ako (I’m hungry now).

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