C How They Made Me! Chapter 38

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 38:

Negotiating with Rosie

Having Rosie banging on the door and cursing me in Tagalog at the top of her lungs was a worrisome situation. The banging steadily go louder but Clare seemed oblivious as she kept on sleeping peacefully. I don’t know what it is but Filipinas seem to have that unerring ability to be able to sleep just about anywhere, even when there is another Filipina banging on the door and cursing loudly. When I suddenly heard Rosies voice and her banging on the door I temporarily froze and was at a complete loss what to do. On the one hand I could open the door and simply confront Rosie or I could open the door and play contrite and apologize or I could simply leave the door shut and hope that eventually she would go away. Knowing that the best defense is offense I decided to open the door and confront Rosie because in my book she had no right to be angry with me when she had been doing the same thing herself.

I answered Rosie “just wait please I will be out in a minute just let me get dressed please”. It took me about 1 minute to get my jeans on and splash some water on my face but I deliberately delayed opening the door figuring this was a subtle way of saying I am dictating the pace of this confrontation. In retrospect this was a mistake because all it did was make Rosie angrier but at the time it seemed like the right thing to do.

After 3 minutes I sauntered over to the door opened it only to be confronted by a fuming Rosie trying to push her way into the room. Now at this stage I was skinny but still a fairly big man and certainly big enough to stop a little Filipina entering the room if I really wanted to. At least that is what I thought until I opened the door and Rosie barged in, pushing me aside like I was made of thin air.

After entering the room Rosie stood at the end of the bed and screamed at Clare. Upon hearing Rosies voice Clare opened her eyes and said in perfect English hey girl you and I are the same. You leave him so I take him. Rosie seemed to momentarily digest this then launched herself towards Clare. As much as I would have loved to off seen a good cat fight I just couldn’t let it happen so quickly I grabbed Rosie’s arm and held her stationary while asking Clare to leave.

Non pulsed by any of this Clare simply looked at me, looked at the seething Rosie and said Ok lang. Looking back on it I realize what a cool customer Clare really was. In her mind Rosie had left an open opportunity and all she had done was take it. I had no idea if Clare could fight or not and I wasn’t in a hurry to find out but I did notice that she seemed to take her time getting ready to leave almost as if she was ready for me to release Rosie and let the fight begin.

Holding a struggling Filipina is like trying to reel in a game fish. It is hard work and they never stop struggling. Filipinas may not be big but they are strong and slippery as an eel, especially when they are “high blood”. Clare took her sweet time getting ready and then as she was leaving she said something to Rosie in Tagalog which made Rosie even angrier and struggle more intensely. Not all Filipinas can fight physically but every single Filipina that ever lived understands the art of bitchiness and Clare was no exception.

After Clare had left I let Rosie go and she promptly raced out the door and ran a hundred yards down the beach shouting and looking for Clare. Of course by this time Clare had made herself well and truly scarce however something told me the conflict between her and Rosie was far from over and I knew it would be carried on a later date some time in the future.

After stomping up and down the length of the beach looking for Clare Rosie eventually became resigned to the fact that she wasn’t going to find Clare at least not right now so the best option was to head back to the hut and give Martin some shit. Rosie barged her way into my hut and basically started screaming at me. I looked at her calmly and replied “either you calm down and we can speak or you take your belongings and get the fuck out of here”. With that I crossed the room pushed past her and took a seat on the porch overlooking the beach. Rosie followed me out and started to shout at me again so I told her “sit down and talk to me or your out of here”.

Rosie must have seen something in my eyes that told her I was serious because after giving me a hostile glare she begrudgingly sat down and said “you bastos why you have other girl”? At first I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I said “you have got a nerve why shouldn’t I have a girl when you are fucking the other guys in this compound. She looked at me with a seething glare and said “different for me, I not man I just do for money you do because you like. You not give money Rosie sex money”.

So there it was the eternal double standard it was okay for the girl to fuck around because she was doing it for money whereas it was not okay for the man because he was only doing it for pleasure. This was my first encounter with this logic so I said “let’s get this straight, you think it’s ok to fuck around for money but not ok to fuck for pleasure?” Rosie looked at me as if I was a dullard and replied “syempre I fuck other man so you no have to give money”. So here was another confounding point, in Rosie’s mind she was having sex with other guys to make money and which was okay because then she didn’t have to ask me. For her this was tangible proof of the depth of her feeling for me.

Now to anyone with a normal western background this logic would be totally perverse and so it was for me and I found myself just sitting there shaking my head in disbelief. To be honest I was dumbfounded and had no idea how to respond so I just sat there speechless shaking my head in disbelief. The thing that really got me was that Rosie devoutly believed what she was telling me and to her it justified her actions whilst vilifying mine.

I remember arguing with Rosie for at least another hour and in the end we came to a compromise where I would give her a monthly allowance and be faithful to her and she would refrain from going with other guys. So by the end of the negotiations I had ended up promising to give Rosie money and also agreed to be stuck with one woman plus I had gotten the word of a long time bar girl that she was going to be faithful to me. And here’s the real problem at the time I was pleased as punch and thought I negotiated a really good deal for myself. When I look back on how naïve I was in those days it is simply mind boggling.

At that time I did not know any better and being used to dealing with Australian women I thought I was getting a pretty good deal. For me it was hey I got this good looking girl who in Australia wouldn’t even look at me and here she is saying she will only sleep with me if I just give her a monthly allowance. At the time I was still comparing these women and my environment to that in which I had grown up in and had formed my values. This is a big mistake many people make when they are first here. The truth of the matter is if you stand up for yourself being male and having the money you can control the relationship with a Filipina but at this stage I did not realize this and I was more than willing to accept Rosie’s negotiated terms and conditions.

After we struck a deal Rosie seemed to calm down a bit and she stood up grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hut. From there she began to tear my clothes off then laid me down on the bed while she did a little strip tease show. For a western woman this kind of erotic behavior is fairly common place especially amongst long term couples or in a paid for situation but for Filipinas they don‘t seem to have the strip tease as part of their male stimulation retinue.

Rosie danced for about 3 minutes discreetly rubbing herself all over me then when I tried to reach out and grab her she would skillfully avoid my grasping hands and continue on with her tantalizing performance. To be honest the dance was at best mildly entertaining as Rosie like most Filipinas only had a vague idea of how to tease but it wasn’t the dance itself which was important it was the thought behind it. It was the fact that she was trying her best to please me that I really appreciated.

After the dance and seeing my raging hard on Rosie simply squatted down and proceeded to suck my cock like there was no tomorrow. Over the years I have enjoyed numerous blow jobs from amorous Filipinas but to this day the most mind blowing one was the one Rosie was giving me in that little hut in Sabang. She started at the head gently licking and sucking then licked all the way down my shaft until she reached my balls which she gently took turns in sucking. Then when just as I thought I would blow my load she stopped and simply said “wait”. Rosie bought me to the brink of climax at least five times only to pull away just before the crucial moment to leave me teetering on the edge of an almighty orgasm the likes of which was going to rival the Mount Pinatubo eruption.

The blow job must have gone on for nearly ten minutes and I remember thinking so this is the true skills a girl learns in blow jobs and I wondered why it was only now that she decided to show me, why not before? Later I was to learn that Filipinas have a flair for amateur emotional based dramatics and the one good thing about having a fight with a Filipina is the “make up sex” which occurs after.

When it came to make up sex Rosie was an expert and I was the very happy be beneficiary. After the blow job she let me calm down a little then next thing I knew she had straddled me and was gyrating back and forth round and round on my shaft in a blissful world of her own. At this stage of proceedings I was virtually irrelevant and it was all about Rosie. For me this was an interesting experience because normally I was the one to be doing the using but now it was my turn to be used and I was just a means to an end. Rosie rode me for what seemed like an eternity until eventually the waves of an almighty orgasm began to course through her body and I watched as her eyes clouded over and she gave into the waves of orgasmic rush enveloping her body and mind.

The make up sex with Rosie was just fantastic and as we lay on the bed exhausted from our sexual acrobatics and listening to the small waves gently lap against the shore Rosie asked me “Rosie better than other girl honey?” To answer her I just smiled and thought to myself what a wonderful country I have just been caught red handed in bed with another girl and my punishment is to have a torrid sexual encounter with my steady girlfriend whose only purpose is to prove that she is better in bed than the other girl. My smug smile must have annoyed Rosie as when she saw it she punched my arm and said, “tell Rosie who better for you, Rosie or bitch girl”. Obviously my smug smile was not enough for her so I replied, “of course Rosie you are the best girl I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and I love you very much”. I am not sure how much of this she understood but it seemed to pacify her and she got up and headed for the bathroom she said over her shoulder “honey you talk Phillip, Rosie think he angry to you”.

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