C How They Made Me! Chapter 4

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 4: See how they made me

My night with Hilda was really quite something, this girl whist being kind of sweet and shy also had plenty of experience and once she knew her customer, was very eager to please. Even though at this stage I had only been in the Philippines a matter of days I realized how easy it would be to fall for one of these girls. I used to often sit around with David and his long term friends just listening to their conversations and absorbing their wisdom like a sponge absorbs water. So many times little gems of wisdom would come to the fore front like, “so you think your girl is different, why does she have three tits” or “Marty trust me don’t be in a hurry to fall in love with these girls. Just have sex with them, pay the money and move on” or “always remember there’s plenty more where she came from”. Even at the comparatively young age of 31, with a healthy dose of naivety and little perception of how the world worked, it felt wrong for me to dehumanize the Filipina bar girl and yet at the same time I couldn’t help but ask myself why are these guys telling me stuff like this, what experiences had led them to think like this.? 18 years later sitting at my computer writing this story I can only say experience has taught me that these seemingly contradictory elements of the Filipina bar girl (ie, the ability to be a sweet and innocent girl and yet at the same time a sexually experienced woman) are in fact part of what makes them so appealing. For want of a better word there is a sort of duality in every Filipina bar girl that makes them both very attractive and very dangerous at the same time.

The point here is that Hilda had this duality. When I met her she had been in the bar scene for about eight months which was certainly long enough for her to learn the ropes and yet not so long that she had become the hardened cynical bar girl. Add to this a sort of simplistic sweetness that is so common amongst the Filipinas and you have for people like me, a very attractive woman.

Physically Hilda was quite outstanding as well. I have very fond memories of her firm shapely legs, nice firm bottom, papaya like breasts, slanted Chinese eyes, what looked like little thumb imprints on her back just above her coccyx and what can only be described as the classic Hollywood rendition, Cleopatra hairstyle. Hilda was from Negros and had a very easy going simplistic nature, she seemed on the surface to just float through life without a care but later on in the relationship I was to find out this was far from the case. In fact the old maxim ‘still waters run deep’ was all to applicable when it came to Hilda. Far from operating on the surface as her appearance would suggest the ladies emotions were intense and extremely deep but more on that later as the story develops.

My first night in the bed with Hilda was pretty good but nothing absolutely mind blowing and when David asked me did you have a good time I replied “yeah she was good and a really nice girl but David I am looking for someone really wild for tonight. I need a typhoon in the bed, a girl who will rock my world”. When I said this David replied “I have just the girl for you in Visions, I will introduce her tonight but before I do that just remember you can’t get anything like this back in Australia so be bloody grateful for every girl you get here”. I thought about this and decided he was absolutely right I had come here to have sex with little brown women because this was exactly what I couldn’t get at home. With this thought firmly in mind I excused myself from my conversation with Dave and headed back upstairs with renewed vigor to give Hilda another tumble.

After having a rather pleasant afternoon session with Hilda I gave her some money and said “honey I have to sleep now but hey, maybe I will come visit you tonight”, to which she replied, ”you promise huh”? I was just about to say no hang on a minute get a grip I didn’t promise you anything when all of a sudden I looked into her strangely intense Chinese eyes and melted. As a result I simply said “ok babe I promise you I will visit your bar tonight”. At the time I knew instinctively I had just failed my first test of will power and a niggling feeling told me this may be the first time but it certainly wouldn’t be the last time I would be manipulated by a supposedly, under educated semi illiterate, Filipina.

At about six PM I was woken by the annoying ringing of my bedside phone, groggily I turned away from it and put a pillow over my head hoping it would stop ringing. Eventually it stopped ringing so I took the phone of the hook and settled down for a nice long snooze. I was just nodding off into a blissful slumber when suddenly I was rudely jarred back into waking by a consistent loud knocking on my hotel room door. Donning my jeans from the end of the bed I groggily opened the door to be confronted by the hotel security guard who looked me up and down and then said “sir David he wait you”, then he pushed a note into my hand and walked away with the air of a man who had completed his mission and wanted nothing more to do with it.

I closed the door and somewhat bemused looked at the hand written note the guard has shoved into my hand. It read “hey mate no time for sleeping you said you wanted a wild one and a wild one is exactly what I have for you. So hurry up get your strides on and let’s hit the bars”. When I read the note I was a little angry at being so abruptly woken up but then again I realized Dave is probably right, life is too short to be spent sleeping especially when one is surrounded by nubile young females dying to make your acquaintance.

After a quick shower I headed down stairs only to be accosted by David who said “give your keys to the receptionist and let’s get out of here, I can feel the pussy calling me”.

As always the walk from the hotel up Del Pilar was an interesting experience but this time David didn’t bother with the formalities and basically ignored the assortment of people who tried to gain a moment of his time. He either looked the other way, ignored them or when cornered by a beggar said “hindi salamat” (no thank you) or “walang pera” (no money) when the vendors would approach him. The man was obviously on a mission and I wasn’t about to stand in his way.

It took us about ten minutes of hectic pace walking to get to Visions and by the time we reached the front door I had worked up a healthy sweat. Rodger and David said hi to David and then said Sir David “tell the waitress to get cold towel for your friend he look to much hot”. David smiled and said “thanks guys I’ll do that, now come on Martin get your ass in inside and let’s find us some pussy”.

When we entered through the front door of Visions I was literally assaulted by a barrage of sound and a plethora of brown skin gyrating before my eyes. When Visions was happening there was a palatable pulse that seemed to throb throughout the club. Anyone who walked in there could literally feel it in the air and couldn’t help but be caught up in the excitement. In Visions the girls on stage were 3 lines deep with another line of the more hard core performers engaging in acrobatic stunts and gyrating their trim brown bodies right on the counter top amongst the customers drinks. These girls were so professional they could strut their stuff up and down the counter top and never spill a customer’s drink. This was long before Coyote Ugly and to be honest they were probably the predecessors of such performances in America.

Another good thing about their performances was that they were totally spontaneous. In today’s clubs you will see similar shows but on the whole they are rehearsed and staged. Back then the DJ’s were totally wired into the scene. For example Alvin and Puncho two of the best DJ’s in Visions could literally control the ambience of that club with the flick of a switch. These DJ’s would watch the ebb and flow of the bar and at certain moments if the right group of girls was on they would put on a romantic song then at other times they would put on hard core rock and roll or upbeat techno. There was something for everyone in Visions which had the best atmosphere of any club in town.

Certain songs were guaranteed to get the girls or the customers or both into the party mood but for me it was always better when the DJ’s concentrated on making the atmosphere through the girls. Whenever their songs would come on the unofficial show girls would jump up on the counter top and artfully avoiding the customers drinks would turn on a dazzling acrobatic display literally doing the splits around any obstacles that were in their way. When the girls were in the mood there was no other club with an electric atmosphere like that of Visions. In the Ermita clubs the girls never had to be asked to dance they just did it and they enjoyed every minute of it. Clubs like Visions had a stable core of tried and true performers, girls who could entertain you like none other and even though you knew it was all a show and that your wallet was being worked, as a customer you enjoyed every second of it.

I followed Dave who once again strolled through the club gently easing his way through the crowd acknowledging customers and girls alike until he came to the managers table at the end of the club. Once there he shook hands with the manager and then turned around to introduce me. “Hey Martin this is Kevin Beck the night time manager here, Kevin this is Martin a mate of mine who is staying at the Mayfair and he is looking for a wild girl, I think he needs to meet Carolina”. Kevin was a young punk who looked a bit like Kevin Cosner in his prime and he smiled at me, shook my hand and said “so Dave do really think he can handle Carolina”? Dave smiled back at him and said “yeah I reckon he is ready and if he’s not by the time Carol has finished with him he will be able to take on just about anything”.

I smiled at this thinking to myself bring her on, at this stage in my life I was yet to meet a woman I couldn’t keep up with. No sooner had I finished this thought than Kevin said “hey man look at the stage”. I looked up and there center stage was this long legged Amazonian type woman with a headband and a type of beauty spot in the middle of her forehead. Straight away I knew this was Carolina and I felt that all too familiar stirring in my groin as I watched this beauty go through her paces. I looked at Kevin and said “ok smart ass you got me now how do I get her down here”. Kevin gave me a sideways look and said “oh that’s the easy part” and promptly whipped out a laser pen and pointed it at Carol. Carol saw the laser dot on her but chose to ignore it as she seemed totally engrossed in her performance. I asked Kevin “is she coming down” to which he answered, “yea she will come just wait until she finishes her trip to this song”. I patiently waited as she gyrated her athletic body in front of two slobbering customers and then when the song was finished she strolled off stage and around to the managers table where Kevin said “hey babe this is Martin, Martin this Carol”.

Carol in boots was about 5 foot 10 with long athletic legs and a lascivious smile that promised a bounty of forbidden pleasures. She was a stunning woman with totally unabashed, blatant sexuality, oozing from every pore. I looked at Carol and proffered my hand, she took it in a rather lady like grasp and simply winked at me while her other hand went straight to my crotch and started stroking my manhood. I looked at Kevin for some hint of instruction but by this time he had turned away and was talking to someone else so I desperately looked around for Dave only to see him standing 6 feet away watching the whole scene with a wry grin on his face. I looked at David imploringly and he then he came over and said “hi Carol hey darling can you do me a favor, let go of this young man’s dick, you are scaring him and he cannot order you a drink while you have hold of him like that”. Then he turned to me and said “you want to buy her a drink don’t you Martin” to which I kind of mumbled “yeah sure” and with these words I felt her grip on my manhood gently subside.

Quickly I ordered a drink for myself Carol and David then as the Jim Beam and coke came I quickly gulped it down for some Dutch courage and ordered another. Several Jim Beam and cokes later I looked at Carol and realized not only was she an incredibly sexual woman but she was actually quite intelligent and that I had been having a fluid conversation with her in English for at least twenty minutes. As I reflected on how to ask this exciting woman out and get her into my bed she looked at me said “so do want to have sex with me”? At this stage in my life I was used to doing the chasing and her unabashed straightforward honesty knocked me back to the extent where I found myself mumbling “err yes please” to which she replied “I will get mommy then you pay her the money while I make change”. With that she alighted from my lap and disappeared into the crowd.

Three minutes later a slightly older lady sidled up to me and stroking the hairs on my arm introduced herself as Mummy Myrna and then held out her hand. I looked at her enquiringly when suddenly I found David standing next to me and he said “give mummy the money mate that’s for Carols bar-fine”. Without the slightest hesitation I handed over the 3 hundred peso paid the drink bill and eagerly awaited my wild ladies return.
In about five minutes Carol was back wearing hip hugging skin tight jeans and a sort of flowery see through top that did very little to conceal her pert and braless breasts. Dave looked at me then looked at Carol and said “you wanted wild mate and wild is what you are about to get”.

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