C How They Made Me! Chapter 41

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 41:

Short time in Manila

So there we were stuck on Batangas pier with our luggage nowhere to be seen and the vultures dressed as porters were circling ever closer. I looked at Bob with panic in my eyes when Rosie said “wait boy bring bag now”. I looked back towards the ferry and sure enough there was a line of guys all laden down with luggage negotiating the ten foot gang plank. I immediately had visions of my bag falling in the water but these boys were as sure footed as a mountain goat and next thing I knew my bag was in a pile along with the others lying on Batangas pier. Rosie and I quickly gathered my bag and then we made our way to the local bus being hounded by the proters the whole way “we carry your bag sir”, “I be the one sir”. Travelling by local bus is always a chore especially since the Filipinos have a tendency to push and shove rather than stand in line and proceed in an orderly fashion. This was made even worse by the Filipino porters dogging us every step of the way insistent that they carry our luggage.

Eventually we managed to fight our way onto a bus where of course there were no seats available except right up the back so with Bob and myself forming our equivalent of the All Blacks rolling mall we pushed our way into the back seats and waited for the bus to get going and take us to Manila. In those days the trip was normally a good 4 hours and this was to be no different. I don’t know how many of you have ever had the misfortune of traveling on a local Filipino bus but trust me it is an experience that is somewhat unique. The roads are sub standard and they pack the Filipinos in way above the buses legal carrying capacity. Normally there are two rows of seats with the aisle down the center but on the provincial buses they suddenly break out the miniature plastic chairs which are some of the smallest chairs I have ever seen and then the passengers sit on these in the aisle making it just about impossible to negotiate the aisle way if you have to get out of the bus.

Outside every town there are vendors and the bus seems to stop for them and when it does they pile on and negotiate the length of the bus trying to peddle their various foods. The food they are pushing ranges from Chicheron deep fried pork fat through to quail eggs and chicken feet. In those days it must have been unusual for the vendors to see foreigners because they would work their way through the bus then when they got tom Bob and myself they would simply stand there and stare. Then when I stared back it seemed to dawn on them that we were actually real people and not figments of their imagination and straight away they would try to push the food products on us holding them right next to our faces. When this got no response they would start on Rosie saying “Mam Mam Chicheron Mam”. After about the tenth time this got really annoying so Bob and simply donned our sunglasses and pretended to be asleep every time the vendors approached us. This left Rosie to handle them which she did rather well. At first she would decline their offer politely then when they became insistent she would let fly with a torrent of Tagalog that would have made Cardinal Sin blush.

We eventually arrived at the Mayfair hot, sweaty and dirty from the hours of traveling. After checking in I headed for the shower then gave Rosie a quick welcome back to Manila round. After that we took a shower together then she hurriedly dressed and said she would be back later in the evening but she had to go now as she had some family stuff to take care of before leaving to the province. I asked her for an approximate time she would return and received an answer of maybe ten or something like that. In other words she had no idea what time she would be back and even if she did she wasn’t about to tell me. Over the years I have noticed that Filipinas are often scared to commit and this sacredness of commitment will often manifest itself in being unable to commit to a time or for that matter a relationship or even a simple promise.

After Rosie left I decided to crash out for a while and it seemed like I had only been sleeping for a matter of minutes when I was rudely woken up by the intrusive ringing of the telephone. Through sleep laden eyes I fumbled around for the phone only to be greeted by Bobs cheery voice on the other end saying, “hey wake up mate it’s time for a beer and some pussy hunting”. If that had of happened at my current age I would have simply taken the phone off the hook and gone back to sleep but in those days I was young, invigorated and much more enthusiastic so I replied, “give me twenty mate and I will meet you downstairs”.

At this stage I had never been bar hopping with Bob in Manila before and I was about to discover a whole new world of ‘koripot’ bar hopping where getting the most out of every piso was the primary objective. My natural inclination was to go to the bigger bars where there were more girls and more customers. I was attracted by the bright lights, the number of girls and by what I call only call the vibrancy of the M.H.Del Pilar big bars. However Bob who was a more experienced campaigner than myself preferred the quieter smaller bars where he could be the center of attention, there was less competition and the girls according to him were more service orientated at a cheaper price. For Bob bar hopping wasn’t so much about hanging out with the boys but more about finding the right girl, with the right attitude for the right price.

We exited the Mayfair and proceeded along Mabini Street but instead of turning off to M.H.Del Pilar Bob motioned for us to keep going along Mabini until we reached the end where there was a group of bars which we entered. The main one of these was a bar called Slouch Hat which still exists to this day 20 years later. For some reason this small group of bars survived the ravages of Mayor Lim and continue to do business much like they did twenty years ago.

Very obviously this was not Bob’s first visit as he strolled in here like a lackadaisical Australian cocky, sat down at the bar where he was greeted by name and proceeded to order two san Miguel beers. At this stage I was still comparatively new to the country so I was still enjoying San Miguel and it wouldn’t be until a further 2 years that I would learn to avoid the stuff wherever possible. At that stage there was a small dance stage which featured about three dancers and the rest of the girls were something like Guest Relations Officers (GRO) who mingled throughout the room just chatting to customers and subtly hustling ladies drinks. This was a very laid back scene completely different from the glitzy clubs with bright lights, thumping music and hundreds of drunken customers that symbolized M. H. Del Pilar. To be honest at that stage in my life I really didn’t find anything that excited me in this scene and even today 20 years later I still find myself attracted to shall we say the more commercialized bars which have a more energetic ambience. Having said this there is definitely a place for bars such as the Slouch Hat and today even in sin city Angeles there are numerous similar bars that are frequented by locals, long term tourists and the older generation of bar hoppers.

We stayed in Slouch Hat for about one hour and even though many of the girls came and said hello to me there was nothing there that struck my fancy and after Bob had chosen his girl I thanked Bob for his introduction to this bar scene and then announced that I was heading towards M.H Del Pilar to catch up with a few friends and have a few drinks. Bob seemed happy with this and said Okay mate no worries I’m going to take me girl here back to the Mayfair and do what a mans gotta do”. He then gave his girl a little pat on the bum and said giddy up love it’s time we finished our business at the hotel”. I am not sure if the girl understood him or not but when she got patted on her behind she let out a little giggle and grabbed hold of Bobs arm virtually pulling him out of the bar and back to the hotel.

I saw Bob and girl into a taxi and then walked the short distance to M.H.Del Pilar where I was confronted with Flames bar which is right next to the Iseya Hotel. During these years Flames was more of a daytime bar and although it had definitely seen better days it was one of those bars that customers developed a real loyalty to and it was one of those bars that the genuine mongerer should always periodically check out. To find a comparison in modern day Angeles is quite hard but the closest I can come is the Welcome Inn. Just like Flames the Welcome Inn usually only has a very limited number of good looking girls but it is one of those bars that people feel compelled to check out periodically because you never knew when a new batch of ladies will come and the party will kick in. Flames was not a party bar and it had certainly seen better days but still thanks to David I was aware of its reputation and I thought it might be worth a visit.

As I entered Flames my eyes were drawn to the stage where there was about ten girls dancing and there right in the center of the stage was this ravishing beauty that no sooner did I see her I knew I had to have her. I sat down slightly back from the bar ordered a Jack Daniels coke and then tried to make eye contact with the new dream girl. After repeated attempts at getting her attention and being rebuffed I figured out to call a waitress over and ask her to fetch the girl for me as I wanted to buy her a drink. I have often found that the best way to get a girl down from the stage is ask a waitress to do it for you. This will normally cost a drink or two for the waitress but once you have done this you have gained a loyal business friend who will source out the hot looking girls for you simply because it’s in her best financial interests to do so.

The waitress called the girl down and I bought them both a drink. The waitress was named Sandy and she introduced the dancer as Angela. As soon as Angela sat down I saw that I had made a damned good choice as this woman was absolutely ravishing. Angela had almond shaped dark brown eyes, a beautiful dark chocolate brown complexion, a tight little bubble butt and legs all the way to heaven. She strolled across the room with natural athletic grace and then sat down next to me giving me a radiant smile that just melted my defenses like a laser cutting through butter.

Talking to Angela was like a breath of fresh air not only was she stunningly beautiful but she had a good grasp of English and her personality was genuinely bubbly and happy. Angela and I chatted for what seemed like hours and when I popped the bar fine question she smiled that dazzling smile and said sure I like you pay mummy I change clothes. With that said Angela headed off to the change rooms while I paid the bills and next thing I knew we were inside a taxi heading towards trusty old Anito Lodge.

Upon reflection I realize that I wasn’t really expecting Angela to be an awesome experience sexually. It was almost like I was thinking this woman is so good in every way I bet she won’t be good in bed, it was almost like I was afraid to expect perfection just in case I was let down. I am really glad to report that Angela was nothing short of spectacular this young woman was an extremely attentive lover who wasn’t shy to try various positions and she did so with gusto and eagerness. This young lady wasn’t a firecracker or particularly vocal but she was energetic and enthusiastic and it was really hard to control my urge to climax especially when she was riding me and those perfectly round tits which resembled ripe papayas were giggling in front of me as she slithered up and down my rock hard cock. Angela was one of those rare Filipinas who had multiple orgasms and it took all my self control not to climax and stay hard while this nubile young lady satisfied herself.

I think were probably at it for forty minutes or so when I said to myself hey Martin you have done a good job at self control but now its your turn. With this thought completed I rolled Angela over and mounted her from behind. Doggy style or style dog as the Filipinas call it has always been my favorite and this was certainly the case with Angela. Her cute little buns just stuck up in the air inviting me to spank her as I pounded her from behind.

I think in the end Angela and I did 3 rounds in a matter of hours and then as we finished I remembered that Rosie was supposed to be meeting me at the Mayfair so I had better get my ass back there pronto and claim just another drunken night with some good mates. I quickly showered making sure not to get my hair wet and then exited Anito holding hands with Angela only to walk out into the beginning of another day with the sun coming up over Malate church. Amongst devout promises to go and see Angela again I loaded her into a taxi complete with a five hundred peso note in her delicate little palm and then hailed myself a cab to head back to the Mayfair Hotel.

On the way back I rehearsed in my mind the excuses I was going to give Rosie but these all went out of my head as upon arrival the Mayfair guard opened the taxi door and said Sir Martin you in big problem, Mam Rosie she wait outside room for long time now and she make to much angry to you”. Oh shit I thought to myself here we go again and assuming my very best sheepish crestfallen look I slowly walked into the Mayfair to face the music.

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