C How They Made Me! Chapter 43

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 43:

The joys of traveling in the Philippines.

I am well aware of the pitfalls involved with traveling in the Philippines but back when I was doing the trip to Masbate I was considerably younger and the problems were all just part of the experience. These days I am certainly getting older and I find my level of enjoyment is often in direct correlation with my level of comfort. When I was younger comfort was an added luxury but now it is a necessary pre requisite. In hindsight it is probably just as well that I undertook my trip to the wilds of Masbate when I was young because doing it today at my current age would not be an enjoyable experience at all. Throughout this entire trip comfort was merely a concept and English a luxury. I know that if I would try this trip today it would have to be under very different conditions but back then the lack of comfort and the total lack of English was all just part of the adventure, and Bob and myself took it all in our stride.

After getting the food from the flirtatious store girl. Rosie led me back to the cabin with one hand holding mine and the other tightly grasping her noodles. I was having a hard time negotiating my passage without stepping on one of the bodies that lay strewn all over the ferry floor, but for Rosie there was no such problem and as nimble as a cat she skipped over the sleeping Filipinos dragging her clumsy footed foreigner boyfriend behind her. One thing that has always amazed me is the Asian races ability to sleep just about anywhere and this ferry trip just bolstered my amazement. I mean the trip had only been under way three hours or so and already the floor was littered with bodies lying prone or slumped against a wall fast asleep.

Rosie and I made it back to the cabin where Bob lay sleeping and Rosie nimbly jumped up to the top bunk without rousing Bob then motioned for me to follow her. I climbed up on the bed only causing Bob to stir a little bit and no sooner had I got onto the mattress when Rosie pushed me down and started unzipping my pants saying Rosie give you special time now honey. At first I was a little bit put off knowing that Bob was sleeping just 3 feet below us but in the end I was putty in Rosie’s hands and I soon managed to push Bob from my mind and concentrate on the sensation of pleasure that was rapidly enveloping me.

As some of you who have read the earlier chapters will remember Rosie used to work in the Bee Club which was basically a glorified blow job bar and this in turn led me to believe that she would be orally skilled but so far she had only blown me away (pardon the pun) twice and I was beginning to wonder if maybe the problem laid with me. So there I was just lying back enjoying Rosie’s oral administrations when suddenly I felt the familiar feelings of orgasm beginning to overtake me and next thing I knew I was jetting my man juice into her soft warm oral cavity.

There are orgasms and then there are orgasms and this one was definitely in the later category. I could literally feel my toes curling and Rosie just kept on sucking and licking until I could hold back no longer and then with a loud moan followed by a sharp intake of breath the orgasm overcame me. After I had finished I lay down with my eyes closed in a state of total relaxation when all of a sudden Bobs voice comes drifting up and I hear him saying, “Hey Rosie me love how about ya give old Bob one now”.

The trip to Masbate was not exactly luxurious and we must have spent at least fifteen hours crammed into that small cabin but this was also a perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other and during those fifteen hours we had numerous in-depth conversations and a sort of bond grew between the three of us. During this trip I actually got to talk to Rosie and get to know her. I won’t say we had in-depth conversations because with her rudimentary English and my massive five word Tagalog vocabulary this would have been impossible, but despite the language barriers I did get to know her better and I think she developed a slightly better understanding of me and maybe even felt the beginnings of some affection.

During the trip we all developed a sort of sleep talk eat, sleep talk eat, cycle and just as I was coming awake after one of my sleep cycles I heard Rosie giving an excited little squeal so rubbing my sleep laden eyes I asked, “hey what’s up hon” to which she turned round from the little port hole window and said, “we Masbate now, Rosie come home”. We were still a 1000 yards from the dock but Rosie had already packed what small amount of baggage we had and excitedly she led us outside to the main area of the boat and pushed her way to one of the windows so she could look out at her beloved island almost like she thought it might disappear at any second.

After about ten minutes we docked and slowly but surely the huge door that has locked us all in began to descend and Bob and myself along with a hundred or so Filipinos together with various animals were bathed in sunlight. The door descended slowly which was just as well because we would have all been temporarily blinded by the bright sunlight. As the door hit the dock the Filipinos all pushed towards the opening and we were caught up in the rush. I remember being jostled forward to the point where I was pushing people away from me but Bob and Rosie had a more easy going attitude and they just went with the flow. For Rosie getting pushed around and jostled by the crowd was as natural as daylight and sometime later when I asked her why she let people do that she replied always like that in Philippines.

I managed to make my way to the side of the stream of people where I could get a better view of my surroundings and the first thing that caught my eye was the kids all floating besides the boat. Every now and then one or two of them would duck dive and come up smiling and it slowly dawned on me that people were tossing coins of the boats for the kids to dive after. It never ceases to amaze me how necessity can produce amazing results and this was certainly the case with these kids. Even though the Philippines is a land of 7001 islands it is a well known fact that only a small amount of Filipinos can swim properly but this was certainly not the case here as these kids in the pursuit of precious ‘pera’ had become very proficient swimmers both above and below the water.

After getting off the boat and meeting up with Rosie and Bob who were waiting for me by a little store just off to the side of the dock I asked Rosie how do we get to your place and she pointed down a hill at a line of jeepney’s. Gathering our bags Bob and myself followed Rosie down the hill to the waiting jeepney’s and when we got there Rosie engaged the drivers in an animated discussion in what I assumed was the local language. After about 5 minutes of arguing back and forth Rosie settled on one jeepney and told Bob and myself to get inside.

As anyone at all familiar with the Philippines knows, Jeepney’s are a symbolic icon in this country and they are the most used form of public transport. However, even though they are iconic they are in my experience far from comfortable and the jeepney we were now sitting in was no exception. As Bob and I tumbled in the claustrophobic jeepney we came face to face with a van full of Filipinos of all shapes and ages all of whom seemed fascinated by these two strange white men cramped into the jeepney beside them. I had the distinct feeling that we were a curiosity item and they wanted to ask us what the heck we were doing here and bombard us with a thousand other questions but communication was severely hampered by the language barrier so rather than talk to us they just sat there and looked at us. I had traveled before so this wasn’t the first time I had been an object of curiosity but Bob was a little nonplused by the attention and he asked me hey mate can you ask Rosie to come in here and tell these people to stop gawking at us”. I looked around for Rosie only to find her outside watching the porters put our baggage securely on the jeepney’ s roof.

And that’s when it hit me, why sit crunched inside the jeepney banging our heads on the low roof while a bunch of Filipinos looked at us like we were aliens from out of space, when we could be sitting on the roof where there was more room, we could stretch our legs and there wasn’t a bunch of Filipinos constantly staring at us. I put my head out of the window and called Rosie over asking her if Bob and I could ride on the roof. Rosie then turned round to ask the driver which caused a look of confusion which rapidly turned to amusement and the driver in between smiles said “hey Joe you ride top”.

Bob and I quickly disembarked from inside the jeepney and then climbed the little side ladders to our perch on the roof top. After about half an hour more the jeepney beneath us was full to capacity and with the Filipinos crammed inside much like sardines the engine came to life and with a smattering of diesel fumes we were on our way. We had been traveling for about 45 minutes when the jeepney made it’s first stop allowing passengers to get off and also to board, I had no idea how long this journey would take us so using the ladder I climbed down and poked my head inside the jeepney to ask Rosie how long the trip would be. When I did this the Filipinos all looked at me as if I was mad and then stared at Rosie as if they had suddenly realized this young Filipina was with the foreigners which of course was another source of amazement for them and I was to find out later that for the first few hours of our trip the Filipinos were quizzing Rosie mercilessly.

When I asked Rosie how long the journey was replied 2 hours something but I was to soon find out that when asking questions to Filipinas always leave them a lot of leeway because you can bet your bottom dollar they will give you an inaccurate answer, as I was to find out as the trip went on. The trip actually took us seven hours as we traversed the mountain range that runs smack down the middle of Masbate. On the way we were to get covered in mud, meet people who had never seen a white man before, push the jeepney out of 2 foot deep mud holes and of course have meaningful conversations with the chickens and piglets that cohabitated with us on our rooftop. This was a real eye opening trip but that’s another story for another time, in my continuing Philippine odyssey.

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