C How They Made Me! Chapter 49

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 49:

A parting of the ways.

When I saw Rosie giving Bob a blow job I was filled with rage and there was nothing that was going to stop me from expressing my anger physically. After barging through the flimsy door I literally crossed that room in a nanosecond and gave Bob a powerful right hook which sent him sprawling backwards holding his face. Not content I was about to hit him again but Rosie literally threw herself in front of me and screamed for me to stop, but I was literally seeing red, so I pushed her away from me and gave a crouching Bob another right hook and a knee in the guts and down he went.

When I saw Bob crouching on the floor holding his head in his hands my rage subsided a little bit and I looked around for Rosie so as to give her a verbal lashing but there were only the two island girls crouched diminutively in the corner and no Rosie to be seen. I raced outside and peered into the darkness but all I could see was the nearby huts with their sparse outside lights and the grey beach stretching to the glassy smooth water.

Then just as I had become suddenly enraged a feeling of emptiness hit me and as I sat my ass back down on the little veranda seat I thought to myself, ‘what the fuck am I going to do now’. It was pretty obvious that Bob and I were unlikely to be friends and the tension between us would be exacerbated by the fact that we were the only two white men for miles around and would have to depend on each other. I knew that all the time we would be rubbing shoulders and doing things together yet there would be a never ending undercurrent of tension between us. I knew Bob would remember the incident long after his wounds had healed as would I and it suddenly dawned on me that our friendship, if there was any left, would never be the same again.

Out to sea in the distance I could see the lights of fishing boats bobbing up and down and I thought to myself how nice it would be, to be on one of those at the moment. The fisherman’s life although financially challenging seemed to be so worry free and as I watched the boat lights bob up and down in the distance I began to yearn for the fisherman’s simple existence free from my current situation with all the associated stress and complications.

As I silently stared out to sea I noticed one of the island girls scurrying out the door and run across the beach only to return 5 minutes later with a small wet towel wrapped around ice. Holding the towel tightly she made her way timidly past me and entered the room. When I saw the girl go inside I wondered just how much damage I had done to Bob. I was having visions of Bob lying on the floor bleeding to death and me being carted off to the local jail, for committing murder. These visions were enough to send a chill down my spine so I got up and followed the girl inside.

When I opened the door I was greeted by a site for sore eyes. There sitting on the floor was Bob with one girl sucking on his dick and the other girl gently applying the cold towel to his swelling face. At first I was aghast but then the comedy of the situation overtook me and I just had to laugh. As I started laughing Bob smiled back at me and I said, “you are a fu%$*ng classic Bob. You just can’t get enough and you don’t give a stuff where you get it from, do you”. Upon hearing this Bob just smirked at me and said “mate you will learn one day. You take it all to seriously mate. It’s all about bonking the sheilas mate, that’s what they’re here for”. When I heard this I was a bit lost for words. I was expecting him to say, hey I deserved that Marty, or what I did was wrong, but there was no contriteness and instead he was making it out to be my fault. I was having a hard time processing what Bob was saying simply because I couldn’t believe my ears. Here was a guy who had done wrong, had been punished for it, but rather than being apologetic he was twisting it round to be my fault.

“Listen mate” I replied, “you behave like a fucking dog mate. You see a hole and you got to stick your fu&*$ng dick in there. That was my girlfriend, why you got to get her when there are so many more”? When he heard this Bob gently pushed the girl away who was swabbing his face, stood up, came face to face with me and said, “I did it because Rosie asked me. She wanted to earn a few extra bucks dickhead”. She asked me if she could teach the girls, it was her fu$#*ng idea not mine”.

Talk about a deadly blow, Bobs words hit me like a sledge hammer. They hit me far harder than any punches could have done and the hurt they caused went a lot deeper than surface bruising. I slumped back against the huts bamboo wall and the room began to spin. I vaguely remember Bob leaving the room together with the two girls but apart from that my world was a blank. It was like someone had just pulled the rug out from underneath me and I was sitting on the floor in a daze. I have no idea how long I sat in the hut semi comatose but the next thing I knew I was looking up and there above me was an angry Rosie and an even angrier bolo brandishing dad.

I remember looking upwards and seeing Rosies angry face and I remember her shouting, “why you push to me” and all the time her father was standing there menacingly ready to start swinging with the razor sharp bolo. At this point I really had to exercise restraint. Here was this girl who had been caught red handed sucking on another guys cock and she had the audacity to be angry at me and play the indignant person who had been wronged. I glared up at Rosie all the time wondering if I could get to her father before he starts swinging and if so I may have a chance. Then I thought what do I do even if I can take the father down where am I going then. In my minds eye I could see a scene from the old Tarzan movies where the natives are beating the bush trying to flush out a killer lion, except in this case there was no lion, only me. Obviously there was nothing to be gained from pushing a confrontation so I just assumed a submissive position and let Rosie vent her anger.

Rosie must have shouted at me for close on three minutes during which time I just sat there and absorbed her angst. I thought to myself this bitch has one hell of a nerve being angry with me when she was the one having oral sex with another guy but my instincts warned me that in this situation she was right even if she was wrong so I just sat there and took it with a sorrowful expression etched on my face. Rosie raved on with dad standing behind her ready to defend his offended daughters honor then when she paused for a breath help came from an unexpected quarter. Suddenly from out of nowhere Bob was inside the room and talking calmly to Rosie. I didn’t really register what he was saying to her as by this time I had tuned out but I could tell by the tone of his voice that whatever it was, was soothing Rosie’s angered pride and next thing I knew she looked at me one more time and said you never touch me like bastos again and then walked out the room with aggravated daddy and razor sharp bolo close on her heels.

Now I had a real situation. Talk about being stuck between a rock and a hard place. Here I was stuck in the back of nowhere and I had a choice of living with Rosie my so called girlfriend who had just been caught giving another guy a blow job and whose family thought I was a dickhead foreigner because I had pushed her around or staying with Bob my so called mate who had been getting a blowjob from my girlfriend. Bob seemed to sense my dilemma and said to me, “don’t worry about Rosie mate she will come round just give her some time”. I looked at him in disbelief and replied, “Why should Rosie be given time to come round? You and her are the ones that have done something wrong and now she is making me feel like I am the guilty party, fuck that”.

Upon hearing this Bob let out a little chuckle and said, “mate I tried to warn you not to take this to seriously. Honestly these girls just go from bloke to bloke without thinking twice. You may think this is your true love but for her you are an opportunity.” “An opportunity” I exclaimed in exasperation, “what do you mean by an opportunity”? Mate replied Bob these girls will use until they have got everything out of you then will move onto the next guy. Honestly mate you won’t like this but I reckon I done you a favor coz now you know the sort of girl Rosie is.

At first I couldn’t comprehend what I was hearing. Here was this guy who had just been having oral sex with my girl friend and he was justifying it like he was doing me a favor. I looked at Bob in amazement but he just shrugged his shoulders and said, “don’t know about you mate but I got to get some sleep, got an early start tomorrow coz I’m going to check out me girls island”.

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