C How They Made Me! Chapter 5

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 5: Carolina the wild one

Well wild is what I wanted and wild is what I got, this Carol was a not so little firecracker in the bed. When we got back to the hotel she immediately pushed me down onto the bed and said, “I dance you look”. With that she turned off the lights to the bedroom but left the bathroom light on, with the bathroom door slightly ajar. With the light gently framing her silhouette she started to sing to herself and sway in an amazingly provocative way whilst clicking her fingers. As she started to get into the swing of things, Carol slowly removed her top, so her pert breasts were swinging with every gyration of her hips. Still clad in skin tight jeans Carol then assumed the splits position and promptly sat on top of my now throbbing member. Slowly but surely she rubbed her denim clad crotch over my dick then delicately placed her lavishly painted fingernails on my zip and proceeded to undo my pants. Within seconds she was stroking my male member, encouraging him to rise to the occasion. My erection was of course instantaneous but this didn’t impress Carol who just smiled at me when she saw it and said, “don’t be too much hurry honey I make you happy for long time”. With that said she gave me a mischievous smile, slowly wrapped her luscious pink lips around me and proceeded to give me the best blow job I had ever had the pleasure of receiving.

Carol was one of those rare girls who was not only very good at her job but actually enjoyed it. Carol had the blow job down to a fine art, just as I was about to blow my load she seemed to sense it and withdrew her lips. She kept me teetering on the edge without ever going over the precipice and was always in total control.

After about ten minutes of this Carol said “come on honey we go shower”. At this stage a shower was the last thing I wanted but I was putty in her hands and submissively followed her into the bathroom. Carol smiled at me as she pulled off her skin tight jeans and adeptly slipped out of her slinky panties. Next it was my turn and before I knew it we were both naked standing under an invigorating cold shower. Carol got hold of the solitary piece of soap and proceeded to rub my back with it then turned me around and washed my front from head to toe, paying special attention to the major orifices. When she had finished making sure I was spotlessly clean she grabbed a minute towel, obviously made for the smaller Filipino male members, and proceeded to rub me down. When I was dry she kissed me again and boldly announced “you go bed, wait me”.

Five minutes later I was lying on the bed eagerly anticipating an exciting night when out of the bathroom stepped Carol, clad only in her high heeled boots. Slowly she slunk across the room towards the bed then pushing her long hair aside she looked me straight in the eyes and said, “honey you ready for Carol”, while her hand sought out my already throbbing male member. As soon as she made contact with my rigid cock she grabbed it and straddled me, like a gymnast on the pommel horse. Once I was fully inside Carol was like a thrashing machine, she was up and down round and round, all at the same time. The woman must have had pelvic muscles on her pelvic muscles and there was no satiating her. This was my first experience with an LBFM (Little Brown Fucking Machine)and I will never forget her. To this day I can remember her nonstop movement and her first orgasm as her eyes rolled back, her breathing quickened and she let out a piercing wail, all the time digging her nails into my chest.

Personally I have never had a problem holding back my orgasm and I was sure as hell trying to, because I never wanted this experience to end. After semi passing out but still on top, Carol looked at me and without hesitation said, “you be the one to drive”. At this stage I had no idea what she was referring to but it became pretty obvious when she dismounted me and lay on the bed next to me fingering her vaginal area. Now I am not one to let an opportunity such as this slip away and normally I would have mounted her instantaneously but when I saw her lying there with those long legs slightly parted lips and a look of pure unadulterated lust in her eyes, I just had to take a little time to savor the moment.

Within seconds the moment was over but that fantastic sight is forever etched in my memory. Quickly getting into the swing of things I threw a proverbial leg over and before I knew it, was humping away like there was no tomorrow. I am not the world’s most well endowed man and I am not exactly small but with Carol I got the impression it didn’t really matter what size you were, she was just totally into sex and once penetrated would go off. Personally I like a woman who enjoys sex but with Carol it was almost like her partner was secondary. Once into the swing of things it was all about Carol and the man was like an object to be used purely for her satisfaction.

I gave Carol a good hard core humping, at times lying on top at other times grabbing her thighs and pumping her while I balanced on my knees. After a frenetic half hour of sexual activity I was getting a little tired but Carol wasn’t going to cut me a break and quickly she pushed me off and then turned around balancing on her knees and elbows in the classic doggy style. This was all too much for me as doggy style has always been my personal favorite, so within seconds I was mounting her from behind and ramming it into her like an enraged stallion.

Once I started Carol was in heaven and with her face buried in the pillow she began to moan and cry out, the more she moaned and cried out the more turned on I got and gave it to her faster and harder. I felt like I was some kind of jack hammer trying to split asunder an unyielding concrete block. This was not just ordinary sex this was a sexual marathon and I, as it turned out, was in for a grueling session.

After about ten minutes of frantic sexual activity I could feel my crescendo approaching and strangely enough so could Carol and just before I was about to cum she turned around and said, “honey put your milk on my brown skin”. Well this was all too much for me and no sooner had she uttered these words than I had one of the most earth shattering orgasms ever. After the paroxysms of joyous orgasm had finished coursing through my brain and body Carol looked at me and said, “honey I ask you to come outside on my brown skin, next time you do that huh”.

Carol was one hell of a woman and throughout the night well into the early hours of the morning we were engaged in sexual activities reminiscent of Olympic athletes. By the end of the fourth round I was absolutely buggered and Carol looked at me with a smile and said “you finish now honey, Carol go home”. With that she gracefully alighted from the bed and wiggling her perfectly rounded ass sauntered to the bathroom. After ten minutes Carol was out of the bathroom completely changed and looking a million dollars. Carol looked at me and asked “you give Carol money for taxi honey”, to which I replied “sure baby” and reached for my wallet to give her 500 piso.Once Carol left I made a mental note to thank David and Kevin for an awesome recommendation and then quietly sunk into the comatose sleep of a sexually satiated man.

The next afternoon after I woke up with aching muscles and a strangely satisfied feeling which was clearly evidenced by the smile engraved on my face. I walked down the stairs slowly and there in the outside dining area were David and Ken who greeted me with beaming smiles and a rousing clap. I looked at them somewhat bemused and asked “what’s up guys” and that’s when David drew my attention to another man sitting at their table. With a huge smile David said “Martin I want you to meet Gary”. Gary rose and proffered his hand which I firmly shook and then Gary said, “have a good night last night mate” and I guardedly replied “yeah awesome” then Gary looked at me and said “yeah I know, I am in the room next to you and I have to thank you. I think listening to you turned my wife on and we had the best sex we have had in five years. So Marty my man, any time you get a wild one do me a favor mate and make as much noise as you like. I loved it mate thanks”.

Upon hearing this I was both embarrassed, complimented and a little amused. I had not realized how loud we were and I certainly never thought anybody else would be listening, let alone getting turned on. The mixture of feelings resulted in me giving Gary a dumb smile as I really had no idea how to respond and it was then that David came to the rescue and said, “well mate it’s time for some breakfast and then I think a little celebratory bar hop is in order”.

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