C How They Made Me! Chapter 55

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 55

Bye, bye Masbate, Manila here we come.

When Rosie told me about the old mans warning I kind of laughed it off, thinking to myself once we get to Manila that old bastard is never going to find us, but at the same time there was that nagging doubt in my mind. I knew that this was not my country and a foreigner such as myself, without much experience, would never see the problem coming. On the way back to Rosie’s village I told Bob what his girls grandfather had said but he seemed to shrug it off and said, “mate I will worry about that later, right now I just want to get the f*&k out of here and back to Manila” Bob was never one to publicly display his emotions but I could tell with every yard we traveled away from the island, he became a little more relaxed, and it was like someone was slowly lifting a heavy load from off his shoulders. To this day I do not exactly what they were doing to him on the island but I got the feeling he was kept like a prisoner which for a free wheeling individual like Bob is a punishment worse than death.

The journey back to Rosies village was uneventful and after paying the boat driver we made our way back to the little hut that had become our home away from home and no sooner had we entered when Bob loudly announced, “guys I’m planning on leaving tomorrow, got to head back to Manila mate and get some stuff done”. I thought to myself well that’s cutting our journey a bit short but given what he had been through I could fully understand his desire to put as much distance between himself and the island as he possibly could.

Most of that night was spent by a fire on the beach where Bob and I shared a few drinks and made general conversation but no matter how much I dug he would not divulge exactly what happened to him on the island. I chatted with Rosie and told her Bob was going to leave tomorrow and to my surprise she agreed that was for the best and that we should go with him. I was surprised to hear this from here because I thought she had been enjoying her time in the province. I thought to myself one can never really know what’s going on inside the head of a woman so with a sigh of resignation I simply replied okay that’s cool with me so tomorrow we all head back to Manila.

The next day we all woke up comparatively early and after being paraded to Rosies Parents place were the whole family pretended they were going to miss us but I got the feeling they secretly pleased we were leaving, then after a round of hugs from Rosie and a few tears from everyone we made our way to the rickety old trike stand and our journey back to Manila had begun.

Getting here had been one hell of a trip but as is nearly always the case the trip back seemed a lot quicker. Once again Bob and I were on the jeepney roof but the road seemed to have dried out a little and it was only a 4 hour journey as opposed to the seven hour journey going there. We got back to the town of Masbate and then made our way to the dock to be confronted by people boarding the ferry that was about to leave. Rosie rapidly purchased the tickets and we were once again lucky enough to get a private room which afforded us that little bit of privacy and comfort that made the 23 hour journey bearable.

We arrived at Manila North Harbor at Midday and feeling decidedly worse for wear due to a severe lack of sleep we joined the milling crowd and exited the boat. We proceeded through the cursory check point and entered into the swarthy crowd of miscreants that seem to proliferate around port areas throughout the world. Basically the area was jammed packed with hardly enough room to move, and the crowd was moving at an agonizingly slow pace because hawkers, beggars, porters pick pockets and god knows who else simply pushed their way towards the exiting bait passengers all looking for a single opportunity to make that extra piso.

Eventually we made it to the outer ring of people and were just standing there looking for a taxi when all of a sudden we were surrounded by 4 Filipino guys one of whom bumped into Bob causing him to drop his traveling bag. Immediately I sensed something was going on so with bags firmly in hand I pushed the guy away using my shoulder as he went reeling backwards cash started falling out of Bobs pocket. Unbeknown to myself or Bob this guy was a pickpocket and I had bumped him just as he had his hand in Bobs pocket fishing for cash. My shoulder bump put him on the ground where he scrambled around for about 5 seconds gathering the fallen money and before Bob or myself comprehended what was happening he was up and running instantly disappearing into the crowd.

So now Bob was out of money it was only ten thousand piso but in those days that was a large amount. Luckily for us I still had a little money in the bum bag that I kept around my waist so I took Rosie’s bag from her and said you girls go find a taxi and bring back here. Bob and myself had to wait about twenty minutes and all the time we were surrounded by a rag tag bunch of Filipinos all looking at us with a mixture of curiosity and resentment. In later years I was to experience this look in many situations and if it taught me one thing it was that on the whole Filipino men and foreign men do not particularly like each other and quite often on the Filipino’s side there is a sort of underlying seething resentment towards us which most of the time is suppressed but occasionally will bubble to the service and that’s when the trouble starts. Often in the poorer areas this resentment is almost a tangible thing and they make no effort to hide it. The resentment and blame is literally etched on some Filipino men’s faces and in my experience when you see this it is best to stand your ground but do it in an assertive way rather than a domineering way and in most cases it will subside.

Rosie and Bob’s girl returned with a taxi and while I loaded our bags into the boot making sure it was locked properly, the others sat quietly in the taxi all appreciating the rickety old aircon that was pumping out the minutest amounts of cold air. The journey back to the Mayfair took us about twenty minutes and after I paid the driver we entered what had become our home away from home and there in the garden area were Ken and David who when we entered simply looked up, smiled and said, “gooday boys back so soon how about a cold one on the house”.

Bob and I both declined telling them we had to check in first grab a shower and then if we still had the energy we would come down and have a few drinks with them. I looked at David and said “mate this traveling is tiring work but I could probably swing a few cold ones a little bit later”, to which he replied, “no worries mate they will be waiting for you here when you are ready”. This was the classic approach of this hotels management and both Bob and myself breathed a sigh of relief thinking, it’s bloody good to be home.

After a shower and a thorough wash I felt like a human being again so I asked Rosie what she wanted to do and she replied Rosie visit friend and with that finished she sauntered over to the door made sure the latch was secure, then sauntered back to me and dropping to her knees started sucking on my cock like a woman possessed. I remember thinking what the fuck have I done to deserve this and then instantly saying to myself hey you idiot wake up, don’t question the woman’s motives just relax and enjoy the ride. Rosie must have been sucking on my knob for at least ten minutes and all the time I was fighting it but in the end couldn’t hold back and with a healthy moan I exploded in her mouth which caused her to get up and rush into the bathroom. I have often noted with Filipinas that they have no problem taking your seed in their mouth but they don’t like to swallow it, not that this is any big problem but I do think it is kind of like finishing the job 80% instead of 100%.

After having washed her mouth out Rosie came back into the room and said “Rosie need money to see friend” and feeling totally relaxed and spent I handed over 1000 piso then settled down for a well deserved sleep. I must have slept for about 5 hours because when I woke it was dark and by the time I got downstairs David was closing up the travel office. He saw me coming and said, “you ready to hit the bars kid cause I sure am”. There are many things you can say about David Goldshaft but one things for sure his lust and genuine enjoyment of the Manila bar scene were unabatable and this man genuinely lived for the bar scene and the beautiful girls it encompassed.

Walking along M.H. Del Pilar, David informed me that he had found this little number in Bloomers bar and would like to make that our first stop. We entered Bloomers and straight away this bubbly little thing with a firm bubble butt and tits like little ripe magos jumped on David and said, “papa David, Papa David, you buy Sally drink now”. We made our way to one of the bar stools in front of the wet bar and in between gropes David asked Sally, “hey Sal where’s your friend for my Martin”. Sally replied for a “wait” and jumped off Davids lap and disappeared behind a black curtain off to the side. I assured David there was really no need and that Rosie had pretty much drained me, to which he only smiled and said, “you won’t be saying that in a minute kid”.

I sipped on my Jack Daniels coke when suddenly from out behind the curtain Sally reappared with this little spinner that had the tightest perkiest little ass I have ever seen and jaunty wiggle to her ass along with an amazingly pretty face. This girls name was Amore and as she was introduced to me all thoughts of Rosie completely vanished and I found myself ordering a ladies drink for the girl. Amore was a true Filipina beauty, she had those elfin features which get me every time and her firm round tits were for me perfect. I was totally in lust and as she sat on my lap wiggling her butt in just the right way I felt that all to familiar stiring in my loins.

Amore swore she had only worked in the bar for 3 weeks but somehow I knew she had a lot more than three weeks experience by the way she was working my engorged member like an expert. David and I sat there buying ladies drinks for about an hour until I couldn’t take it any more and turning to David I said, “you’re a bastard you knew this was going to happen didn’t you” to which he just smiled and said take her to Anito mate and have yourself a great time”. I looked at him and said “what about Rosie what happens if she finds out” and he replied, “mate your in the Philippines she will get over it”. This platitude did little to sooth my slight nagging guilt but in the end I had no choice as Amore had obviously decided there was no way I was getting out of this so I asked her, “Amore you like bar fine? She replied, “simpri Amore change now, you pay bar”. With that said she jumped off my lap and ran behind the black curtain again. I looked at David and said, “what about you mate I mean you wanted to come here to meet Sally” and he replied “yeah why not, I have already done her and there’s a new one in Visions I wanted to check out but what the fuck . Hey Sally go and get changed, let’s go bar fine”.

As we exited Bloomers thoughts of Rosie returned to plague me but before I could have second thoughts David had hailed a cab, told him where we were going and it was off to Anito lodge for some debaucherous fun and games. Amore as it turned out was absolutely dynamite in the bed with a vibrant sexuality that new no limits. Nothing was a problem for her and when she was ready to cum she would simply announce, ‘Amore ride, Amore ride now’. Our session must have lasted well over an hour with me cuming twice and Amore numerous times. At the end I was absolutely knackered but realizing the Anoto lodge charged extra for over 3 hours I asked Amore to accompany me to the shower with the plan of leaving after showering together.

Initially I thought this was a good plan but as soon as I felt Amores tight little behind rubbing against my crotch, I knew I was going for round 3. I was soaping Amores legs and my dick was rock hard then Amore turned round and with her hands against the shower cubicle wall said Martin do Amore now. Well of course this was like a red flag to a bull and next thing I knew I was ramming my cock into her velvet love tunnel while the water gently sprayed over us. This hectic wet sexual encounter lasted only minutes with Amore all the time begging me to smack her ass and pull her hair while I fucked her from behind. Not being one to pass on an opportunity like this I gladly complied and it wasn’t long before I felt myself exploding deep inside her.

After the sexual encounter with Amore I was completely spent and as we exited Anito lodge with sincere vows to get together again I put her into a taxi and then hailed one for myself to head back towards the Mayfair and a good nights sleep. The ride back to the Mayfair was quick and painless and somewhat to my relief as I let myself into the room, I realized there was no sign of Rosie and no sooner did my head hit the pillow than I was fast asleep.

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