C How They Made Me! Chapter 56

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 56

A few wild nights in Manila.

Living in current day Angeles and being a member of internet sites such as Asian Escapades I often see and hear the discussion of which was better Ermita in Manila or current day Angeles. For me the answer is simple, Ermita was better. There was just something about Ermita that I have never found anywhere else, PatPong in Thailand came close in 1986, but even that, still was not as good for me as Ermita was. And here’s what’s really impressive. I didn’t discover Ermita until 1991 and for those who know Ermita in the early eighties they all swear without exception that it was better back then than it was in the early nineties.

For me there was just something about the place and that something had me utterly transfixed or maybe addicted would be a more appropriate description. There was a large expat community and a huge community of tourists from all walks of life, and all corners of the world. There was an incredible range of bars from the dirtiest sleaziest little dives through the bigger nightclubs with bright lights and loud music. There were so many characters in Ermita and you never knew what was going to happen from one night to the next. You could be rubbing shoulders with a millionaire stock broker on holiday from Hong Kong one minute and then the next be rubbing shoulders with a junkie bum looking for some angle to get money for his next fix.

In Ermita there was a certain wild west feel that pervaded many clubs and one often got the feeling he was walking on the razors edge. I think a major difference between Ermita and Angeles is that there was a certain almost tangible energy in Ermita, a buzz and a feeling of total freedom as people gave in to their most hedonistic desires. In Ermita there were no boundaries anything could happen and normally did. There was a sort of infectious frenetic energy that abounded and once one had tasted it there was no going back to an ordinary life.

The next day there was no sign of Rosie but for some reason I wasn’t to perturbed and I think a part of me may have been secretly glad. I knew David and Ken were glad because as soon as they saw me they greeted me with big smiles and David said, “you ready for an afternoon barhop mate”? Not being one to hold back I replied sure lets check out some of the bars I haven’t been to before.
We proceeded up Mabini Street turned left and headed towards the Firehouse which seemed to be the first afternoon stop for David. At the time the Firehouse was being managed by the recently deceased Howard Sleebush AKA Howard the Duck and he was always an entertainer plus he had some good looking girls. David and I chatted with Howard for half an hour or so bought a few ladies drinks which were back then 55 piso in the day time then decided to move in. It was pretty common for David to stop for an hour or so with Howard but this particular day I was keen to get a move on because there was this nagging thought in my head that there was something special waiting out for me and besides there were a whole lot of little bars that I was yet to explore .

After leaving Firehouse we crossed over M.H.Del Pilar and were ambling down in the direction of United Nations Avenue but our progress was interminably slow because David had to stop and talk to every door girl whom he knew by name. He would say hello such and such ask how they were then straight down to business. Once the pleasantries were over David would ask have you any new girls for me and the answer was in most cases no but occasionally he would get a yes and when this happened he literally pushed his way in the front door like a man on a mission. We must have only entered about 3 bars with David quickly checking out the new girls much like a horse trader at a horse show. Watching David in action reminded me of the old movies where the slavers would treat the slaves as a commodity to be used and abused you see in the movies treating people like For David it seemed the girls there were almost like a piece of meat. they were purely just a piece of meat just walking in with David checking out the new girl like a buyer at a horse show, then not finding what he wants he simply dismisses them, pays the bill, and moves to the next bar.

We had done the inspection trip for about 5 bars and had reached Josies Pride a renowned Ermita blow job bar and David asked the door girl have you got any new girls inside. Her reply was “no but we have a twins”. Well hearing that was for me like a red flag to a bull and not waiting for David to lead the way I opened the front door and barged right in.

I walked into Josies Pride and before I had even sat down I spotted two girls over in the corner that looked exactly alike. I motioned for them to come over but they played coy and just smiled at me. Realizing that these girls were obviously new and shy, it quickly dawned on me that I would have to make the first move. I casually sauntered over and said hello girls can I buy you a drink. They looked at me as if I was some kind of apparition giggled and then proceeded to bombard me with Tagalog. Not understanding a single word they were saying I just smiled grabbed each by the hand and led them over to where I had been sitting. These girls may have been new but the bar tender certainly wasn’t and recognizing that I was going to spend some money she quickly explained to the girls what was going on and next thing I knew both girls were zealously fondling me and rubbing up against me in a provocative display of sexual arousal.

I think every man is slightly curious about having a sexual encounter with twins, I know I certainly was an I openly admit that it had been a long term fantasy of mine. As a result I was like putty in their hands and the more they took turns in playing with my now bulging cock the more drinks I would buy. I think in the end I must have bought at least 4 rounds of ladies drinks for all the staff in the bar and every time I ordered the twins would pay even more attention to my erect member.

With all the attention being paid to me by the twins I was standing to attention almost to the point of not being able to walk out even if I had wanted to. By this time David also had a girl and my resolve was rapidly weakening so I mentioned to him that I might take two to which he just winked and replied “twins, twice the trouble, twice the fun”.

At this my point my memory is a bit hazy but I am pretty sure Josies Pride had the equivalent to short time rooms upstairs and when I suggested some action the twins giggled, grabbed my hands and led me out the back to one of the rooms. I remember looking over my shoulder at David with a hyena like smile but he was busy putting the word on his girl so I turned back to watch those tight little brown bottoms wiggling in a jaunty way in front of me and enticing me to follow them. I remember thinking to myself can life get any better and little did I know it but the answer to that question was yes and in the coming months it certainly did.

I like most men certainly enjoy a good blow job and these supposedly new, inexperienced twins both had oral skills Linda Lovelace would have been proud of. They led me into the back room then both dropped to their knees and proceeded to lick and suck my sex organs like true professionals. While one would suck on my cock the other would lick and kiss my balls. I remember standing in that dank dim room with my pants around my ankles and looking down at these gorgeous twins thinking to myself , ‘now this is what I call living the dream’. It wasn’t long before the twins had me worked up to a fever pitch and before I knew it I was spurting my jism in one of their mouths.

After the blow job the one who had taken my load in her mouth rushed out the room while her twin sister helped pull my pants back up over my now shaking legs and limp member. I gave myself a minute to regain my composure then said to the other twin, “okay let’s go outside and see David”. When we got back to the room there was no David but his girl was still there hanging around so I asked her hey honey where is David and she replied David no good man, he go Visions maybe he get another girl”. I thanked her and asked the bar tender to total my bill. The bill came, I paid it and then reaching into my pocket again pulled out two five hundred piso notes which I gave to my blow job twin along with strict instructions that she was to give the other 500 to her sister. This seemed to be more than enough and with a lithe spring in her step she bounced up to my cheek, gave me a little kiss on the cheek, then disappeared behind the curtain leading to the back rooms.

Feeling like I had just gotten a load off my mind and totally relaxed I exited Josies Pride and began the walk up M.H.Del Pilar heading up to Visions. As you may have gathered Visions was by far my favorite bar as it was for David and in fact numerous people. There was just something about the frenetic energy that this place had, this bar had great women and a party atmosphere unlike any other bar in the world. Every night in there was full on party mode. The girls would dance up a storm and there seemed to always be a solid core of at least 30 really good looking girls all with tight trim bodies and beautiful faces. Most would wear a T/Back bikini and to see their little brown butts gyrating before you was an unbelievable turn on. The crowd in Visions was always an eclectic affair with people of different nationalities and walks of life rubbing shoulders as they partied and engaged in the endless quest for pussy. Most of the time 80% of the crowd seemed to be in a state of intoxication and alcohol was just the beginning. Some of the partying that went on in that bar was mind boggling and to this day twenty one years later I have never seen anything that comes even close to the nightly atmosphere of Visions.

When discussing the bar business I have heard it postulated that music has nothing to do with the success or failure of a bar and some even go so far as to argue it is irrelevant to the day to day operation of the bar. I however believe it is one of five key elements that determines a bars success or failure simply because it influences the girls hence the bars atmosphere. This theory is by no means rocket science but it was in Visions that I saw it practiced to a fine art. Those DJ’s Alvin, Rod, and Pancho knew exactly what songs to play and when to play them . They had the musical equivalent to a comics sense of timing and could control the entire atmosphere of the club simply by playing a certain set of songs.

I remember in particular Chicakita and Fernando by Abba. These were two songs I literally hated and yet I couldn’t wait to hear them in Visions because I knew exactly what the reaction of the girls would be. Every time these two Abba songs would come on the girls would literally turn on a spontaneous show the likes of which I will never forget. The show would always involve girls jostling for position at the front of the stage and that included along the bar counter top that ran the length of the stage. Invariably these girls would be dressed in scanty bikinis that did little to hide any body parts and the eroticism that pervaded throughout the entire club was almost palatable. Even a totally gay guy would have been impressed by this provocative wanton display of female sexuality.

Long will I remember girls like Carolina, Bianca, Vanessa, Apple, Ligaya, Pia, Mary and Josephine. These were the regular core of dancers who could turn on a show at the drop of a hat. Back then it was never because they were show girls or anything other than a regular dancer but simply because they genuinely enjoyed performing both for their friends and the customers. As an added bonus every one of these girls was hot except maybe Josephine who had a head like Mr Ed but a body like a Greek Goddess. The funny thing was I never got tired of the shows even when I worked there later, and I think this was because they were always recruiting new members to their little group and because it was always spontaneous and always evolving. Lastly and perhaps most importantly it was so obvious the girls did it because they got a kick out of it and genuinely enjoyed it as opposed to just going through the motions as is so often the case with the so called show girls in today’s environment.

Then there was the customers. Every night Visions would be packed even during the rainy season and it was non stop party. The customers even the so called hardened vets enjoyed the dancing in Visions as did a multitude of people from all around the world with completely different musical taste.

Visions would start at 3 and end at 5 and that night I was to make it to 5 in the morning drinking Jack Daniels with 3 girls who seemed to somehow magically be handling their JD much better than me. Yes they were cheating but at the time I had no idea and I remember marveling how these deliciously lithe beauties could hold their alcohol. The last thing I remember was two girls gently manipulating my member then for some reason the world began to spin and went black.

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