C How They Made Me! Chapter 57

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 57

The wild times are just beginning.

In my twenty years of partying in the Philippines it has only been on a handful of occasions where I have woken up not knowing where I was, or how I had gotten there. This was my first time and I still remember it vividly. I was inside some sleazy short time room and besides me were two naked Filipinas. I don’t know if it is something genetic or just the fact that they were used to sleeping in the crudest environments, but I have noticed the Filipinas propensity for sound sleep and often it is virtually impossible to wake them up short of shaking them.

The two girls beside me were stark naked and each lay entwined in each others arms with their legs wrapped around each others torsos. I remember thinking at the time how strange it was that women felt no discomfort being this close to each other compared to men who would mostly be profoundly un comfortable sleeping like this.

My first reaction as always was to search for my pants, and once found, rummage through the pockets, to make sure my wallet was still in tact. Luckily for me everything was there and I made a mental note to myself never to put myself in such a vulnerable position again. Having taken stock of my situation I tried to think back and remember some of the events of last night. I could vaguely remember leaving Visions with these two beauties under my arms but the trip to whatever hotel we were in was a total blank. I concentrated a little harder trying to remember what we had done together and slowly some truly erotic images began to fill my head.

One particular memory that to this day is crystal clear, is of me banging one girl from behind while she was eating the pussy of the other. Both girls were digging this sexual encounter and I remember a giant moaning scene just like a good porno movie. I can’t remember the girls names which in some ways makes me feel ashamed and in other ways turns me on like crazy. I mean the whole idea of Manila back then was that it was one continual fuck fest where the core to peoples existence was pure and simply illicit sexual encounters. What a world this was and even though modern day Angeles is pretty good for me it pales in comparison to the heady days of Ermita.

I could feel the throbbing in my head and the beginning of a nasty headache so moving carefully so as not to wake the girls I made my way to the bathroom for a cold refreshing shower. The shower was just what I needed and after about 5 minutes of cold water cascading down on me I began to feel nearly human again and next thing I knew I was contemplating one more round with the girls. Sliding into the room with only a towel wrapped around me and looking at the naked girls lying on the bed I felt the old familiar stirring in my loins, so I untangled one of the girls and slowly inserted myself into her. At first she was unresponsive but after about 3 strokes she opened her eyes and it was amusing watching her expression as she realized what was happening. I had been romping with this girl for about 10 minutes when all of a sudden the girl next to us opened her eyes and just smiled knowingly. Seeing this I thought to myself, “why the heck not may as well give her one round as well, so I slid off the girl I was on and proceeded to pump away at the second girl.

I had been pumping away with a good steady rhythm for about 5 minutes when all of a sudden I felt the first girls hand gently squeezing my balls so I told the girl I was fucking to assume the doggy position and while I took her from behind the other one was to lay down face up and lick my balls. This took some explaining but these girls were no amateurs and we soon had it perfect with me pumping away from behind while the other girl licked my balls. Given this it wasn’t long before I felt the sublime waves of orgasm approaching and soon spasms of pure physical pleasure were coursing through my body.

After a thoroughly satisfying session with these nameless girls I guided all three of us into the shower where we proceeded to have a good old soap session which turned into another sex session as the girls soaped up each other. By this time I was completely spent so I left them to their own devices and after getting changed just laid on the bed watching some crap tagalog movie on the small TV while the girls bought each other to mutual soapy orgasms. After they were finished with each other and had gotten dressed, myself and the girls headed outside and here I was confronted with a dirty Philippine street that I had never seen before. I asked the girls where we were and they muttered something unintelligible so then it was simply a case of finding the nearest main road, hailing a cab and heading back to Ermita.

As I walked down the street where normal Manila life was going on I could feel the peoples eyes upon me. I felt a mixture of curiosity and to a lesser extent hostility, and whenever I caught someone glaring I would simply smile and pretend to be Mr happy and friendly. The girls meanwhile were following me laughing, giggling, and chatting among themselves, without a care in the world.

Right about now the hangover was beginning to kick in and it was with marked relief that I reached the end of the street and there before me was a major road with plenty of taxis. Within seconds I had hailed one and we all piled in with me giving the driver instructions to head for Ermita. During the drive I dug into my pockets found two five hundred piso bills which I gave to the girls then when we reached M.H.Del Pilar where I piled out of the taxi and prepared the walk of shame back to the Mayfair Hotel.

As I entered the main foyer and asked the receptionist for my key she looked at me with evident disdain and replied “Sir Martin, your girlfriend is in your room”. Oh shit I thought, wonder how I am going to explain this one and on my way up the stairs I decided offence would be the best form of defense, so upon entering the room I smiled at Rosie and said, “hi honey where have you been the last few days”.

Rosies reaction was surprisingly mild as she looked at me and explained how she had supposedly been visiting her cousin but not wishing to give up my front foot advantage I then pressed her a little further by asking, “why didn’t you call the hotel and let me know you were okay” to which she replied, “no phone, but where you been bastos”? I feigned ignorance and again she repeated, “where you Martin, you have girl”? but I just smiled and said, “if you want to know the truth I fell asleep in Visions and the security guard will back up my story”. Rosie just smirked and said, “whatever all man liers”.

The rest of the day was tense but in the end I wore Rosie down and I promised her we would head back to Peurto Galera where it was cheaper and we could go back to a more relaxed lifestyle. That night we stayed in and the next morning found us up bright and early ready to make the trip down to Peurto Galera. Rosie and I gathered round the table for an early breakfast then made our way to the waiting taxi that the Mayfair guard had hailed us. The guard put my bags in the back of the taxi but then when he went to grab Rosie’s bag she dropped her purse and as it hit the ground with the contents spilling on the pavement, I noticed 2 pictures of some guy I had never seen before fall out of her wallet.

Feeling a little bemused I asked Rosie, “ whose that guy” and she replied “that Ekie, my boyfriend”. “Wait a minute” I answered, “I thought I was your boyfriend” and with this Rosie looked at me stony faced and replied, “Ekie number 1 boyfriend Martin number 3”.

For a moment I was gob struck until the taxi driver asked me sir were we go now and it dawned on me that I didn’t want to go anywhere and probably neither did Rosie. “Tell you what” driver I said, “get my bags out the back because I have an emergency and I will give you some money to say thank you for your help”. He looked at me with a vacant look so I said, “trip no more”. With that I got out of the car unloaded my bags, slipped the guy 100 piso and thanked him profusely as I headed back to the Mayfair hotel.

I walked briskly into the Mayfair, booked another room and then went straight in there locking the door behind me. I was expecting Rosie to come knocking on the door but after 15 minutes it became blatantly obvious that this wasn’t going to happen and I was once again alone.

I never saw Rosie again which honestly is something which I reacted to with mixed emotions. On the one hand she was my friend and I had grown accustomed to having her around, on the other hand I saw Rosies departure as the beginning of my freedom. I had originally come to the Philippines to be with as many girls as I could and now that Rosie was gone I was free to restart my mission in earnest.

I set myself a goal of doing 2 different women a day for the next seven days and later on that afternoon David who had obviously heard about my experience with Rosie, came knocking on my door, and was asking me to accompany him on yet another bar hop. I jumped into the shower and fifteen minutes later there was David and myself carousing the bars of M H Del Pilar yet again. This was to become our regular sequence and both David and myself managed to work our way through at least two girls everyday for the following week.

Back then at age 31 it was to easy, the money just seemed to flow from my pocket and we had a prolific mongering time notching up a significant amount of sexual activity, that is until one day as I was walking past punch line a girl got in my face and was shouting and yelling and trying to hit me. I managed to escape into Visions where she could not follow. When inside after having several beers to cool down I asked David, “hey man do you know what that was all about” and he replied “I certainly do mate, that was Hilda’s sister and she is yelling that you killed Hilda”.

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