C How They Made Me! Chapter 7

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 7

By now my initially planned two week visit to the Philippines had turned into two and a half months and it was rapidly becoming very obvious I wasn’t in a big hurry to get home. In fact this place, although totally different from Australia or New Zealand, had in a very short time become my home away from home except with pussy included. Life was slightly chaotic and yet at the same time delightfully predictable. To be honest there was quite a lot to do in Manila and yet it was very rare that anybody would do anything apart from going out to a restaurant to eat or go to a bar to drink and carouse with an luscious assortment of bar girls.

Ken Carbry, who along with David Goldshaft had become quite a good friend of mine, would often invite me for a game of golf at Intramouros or a massage at one of the parlors along Mabini Street. Ken epitomized the easy going laid back Australian who never seemed phased by anything. He had literally been there and done that and I would marvel at his capacity to cut through the drama so inherent in Filipinos. Ken was one of those unflappable people who could handle multiple problems always keeping his cool and minimizing any drama thereby stopping a small problem from becoming a big problem, which if left in the hands of Filipino’s, is exactly what would have happened. Ken had a comfortable existence in the Mayfair hotel and was extremely well liked and respected. Over the years he had become very much part of the local scenery in Ermita and knew his way around as well as anybody.

I distinctly remember the first time I accepted his invitation to try out the local massage parlor 3 doors down from the Mayfair hotel. We were sitting in the outside restaurant section of the hotel camped underneath the overhead fan to get a little relief from the ever present heat and humidity when Ken suddenly piped up, “you look like you could use a soothing massage mate”. At this stage of my life I had never really gotten into massages simply because I never felt the need but looking at Kens mischievous smile I realized this could be quite an entertaining massage so I readily agreed and we headed out onto Mabini Street and into the dingiest sweat reeking excuse for a massage parlor I have ever had the misfortune of experiencing.

I looked at Ken and asked, “are you serious”, to which he replied, “sure I am kid, trust me you will like this”. With that he then opened a door at the back of the dingy room and we entered into a well lit reception area where a slightly mature and crasly madeup young lady looked up from her desk and with a learing smile all over her face said, “welcome back uncle Ken we miss you too much”. Ken smiled back and gently brushed off the compliment by saying, ”Hi Lucy always good to see you love. This is my friend Martin and he needs a special massage, in fact he needs the best masseuse you have available”.

Lucy looked me up and down with her gaze lingering on my crotch area then said, “sure no problema uncle Ken, Lucy get Martin number one massage girl all Manila”. We gave 400 peso each to Juicy Lucy who then handed us each a key and pointed to a swinging door saying, “have a good time handsome man” and then let out a giggle more appropriate for a ten year old than a fully grown woman. I followed Ken through the swinging door and then took a turn left to enter a change room full of wooden benches, wooden lockers and a shower area. I looked around the dingy change room area noticing the mould on the walls and the green and the brown rust on the shower heads and thought to myself what the hell am I doing here. I voiced my doubts to Ken asking, “where the hell have you bought me you dirty old bugger, what kind of a shit hole is this” when he smiled at me and said, “this my boy is the real Manila, give it a chance and you will see”. Having said that he then stripped down and headed for the shower telling me to, “hurry up, grab a shower and let’s get into the steam room”.

Now why anybody would want to experience a steam room in the humid climate of Manila where one only had to raise ones arm to break out in a sweat, was totally beyond me, but at this stage I was game for just about anything, so it was a quick shower and then wrapping a towel around myself into the steam room.

Within 5 minutes of entering the steam room Ken and I were both surrounded by a pool of sweat and yet strangely enough I was feeling great. I could feel the alcohol and other toxins literally pouring out of my body, this was like a sort of deep cleansing therapy and it felt fantastic. Now I know it seems like a contradiction in terms having a steam bath in a tropical climate but trust me it is an awesome experience and everyone I know whom over the years I have turned onto this past time, have come away raving about it.

Ken regaled me with stories of his antics in Manila and I was literally glued to my seat as the expertly told stories and dry anecdotes rolled off his tongue and transported me onto the streets of Manila in areas that only a few people get to experience. After what was about twenty minutes both of us were several pounds lighter so we headed for the showers to cool down and get ready for the massage.

After the shower Ken asked me what number was on my small key and I told him three. “Ok” he said “follow me” and then led me down the corridor to a small room numbered number 3. “Just go in there kid and wait, oh and by the way, if you cum you should give the girl a 300 peso tip”. When I heard this I was a little confused wondering what the hell is he talking about, it’s not likely I am going to cum from a simple massage. I looked around to tell him it takes a lot more than a massage to make me cum but he had already disappeared into a room just down the hall and was now beyond earshot.

I knocked on the door but there was no answer so grabbing hold of the door knob I hesitantly twisted it and entered the room. Inside the room was a simple bed with a cream colored vinyl covered mattress and two towels rolled up at the end of the bed. Attached to the far wall was an overhead fan which I promptly turned on and then wrapped a towel around me and lay on the bed waiting to see what would happen. After about 3 minutes my curiosity was answered by a gentle knock on the door to which I replied “come in” and as I looked up, in walked juicy Lucy scantily clad in a short black shiny skirt, boob tube top and fishnet stockings. I was a little taken aback which must have been very obvious as Juicy Lucy looked at me with what can only be described as a look of pure unadulterated lust and with a mischievous gleam in her eyes she purred, “Martin relax, Juicy Lucy give you number one massage in all Philippines”.

Juicy Lucy cannot have been more than 23 years old whereas I was 31 and yet it seemed to me Lucy had far more experience of life and I was about to be the beneficiary of this experience. On the one hand I was eager and excited but on the other I felt a little like the proverbial fly trapped in a spider web.

Juicy looked at me again with that lascivious glint in her eye and instructed me to turn over and lye on my stomach. She then poured some sort of oil all over my back and proceeded to gently massage my back like I had never experienced before. After the back she oiled my legs and proceeded to give them a thorough work over. This was all too much for me and slowly I drifted into a gentle, extremely peaceful slumber.

I am not sure how long I was out for but I was gently awaken by Juicy Lucy’s firm hands as she turned me over and proceeded to massage the front portion of my body. This massage was so soothing and very soon I was drifting off to sleep again when all of a sudden I felt a pair of soft yet strong hands fondling my cock and balls. I am not sure what I was expecting but I remember at the time thinking, now this is an unexpected surprise, I think I better just relax and go with the flow. Feigning sleep I let Lucy gently play with my member until it grew and then I felt a pair of silken lips slowly envelop me.

Lucy performed her well honed oral skills on me for what must have been about fifteen minutes but seemed like a lifetime of sheer ecstasy. She had that unique knack of being able to tell when a man was just about to climax and suddenly stopping so the orgasmic sensations hit you but never completely. The third time this happened I thought, this is how women must feel having multiple orgasms. Lucy bought me to the edge about 5 times then on the sixth time just as I was about to explode I felt a well oiled finger slowly insert itself into my anus and Lucy looked at me and with a sly look said “give Lucy your milk honey”. The lustful look on this woman’s face coupled with the well oiled hands massaging various internal and external parts of my body was all too much and within seconds voluminous amounts of my male seed erupted like Mount Pinatubo into her mouth. Without missing a beat Lucy swallowed everything and then with a little wave and provocative waggle of her ass she exited the room.

I remember lying there thinking, wow I have just had my world well and truly rocked, when suddenly there was a firm knock on the door and I heard uncle Kens familiar voice instruct me to get up and head for the showers. It took me a further few minutes to regain my composure then on still shaky legs I headed for the shower.

After a cooling shower myself and Ken were ready to leave and as we proceeded out passing through the front foyer area, there was Juicy Lucy looking up at me with a strangely expectant look on her face. Still being a “newbie” I smiled at Lucy sauntered over and gave her a little kiss on the cheek then walked out the door. As I hit the street I turned to tell Ken all about my fabulous experience only to find he wasn’t there. I waited a little and then the door opened to reveal uncle Ken with an indignant looking Lucy clinging to his arm. Ken looked at me straight in the eyes and said “hey kid what did I tell you to do if you cum” and then his words came echoing back. Sheepishly I dug through my pockets only to find 500 piso notes so quickly I handed one of these to Lucy who promptly hugged me and announced for the entire street to hear. “Lucy like Martin, Martin come back and Lucy give back to back special service second time”. I thought I heard some sniggers from a group of Filipino guys standing ten feet away but at this stage I was beyond caring so I gently caressed Lucy on the cheek again and saying my goodbyes started the short walk back to the Mayfair.

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