C How They Made Me! Chapter 70

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

Chapter 70:

One more barhop in Angeles

I looked at the waiter with what was obviously a questioning expression and asked. “what do you mean, Filipina have high blood”? The waiter smiled and replied, “last night your lady very high blood, she look knife, maybe kill to you”. Okay now this had me worried, I had already experienced first hand with Hilda how the Filipina can get, and I knew even though the waiter was smiling, this was no joking matter. I thanked the waiter for his information and headed back to my room to ponder things.

Once back in the room I realized it was now decision time. Should I stay in Angeles and risk the wrath of MayAnne or should I hightail it back to Manila. I pondered my decision for a few minutes and decided I hadn’t come all this way for nothing so I may as well have one more night in Angeles, if for no other reason than to get a feel for the place.

To be honest my impression of Angeles was that beyond bar hopping there wasn’t much to do during the day so I had better start my bar hop late, and this meant some laps and lying around the Maharajah pool. One thing I really liked about the Maharajah was that when staying there and lying around the pool one could almost forget one was in Angeles. It was just far enough away from the hustle and bustle of down town and lying around the pool it was very restful and good for the soul.

After about two hours of relaxing around the pool I decided it was time for a cold beer and a little bar hop. Within minutes I was ready and next thing I knew I was walking out of the Maharajah and along the street towards the seemingly ever waiting jeepney.

Back in those days the first major bar one hit on Fields when coming from Friendship direction was Stinger, so as I departed from the jeepney it seemed only logical that I stopped in Stinger. Stinger was a dingy little bar which had certainly seen better days, it was dirty, it was dimly lit, the CR was basic, the bar was stocked with beer and local spirits, the air conditioning was rudimentary, and the sound system sucked, yet every day it was busy with customers. When I first walked in and saw a bunch of guys in their forties and fifties chugging down beers and having a good old chin wag, I thought I had stumbled into a little backwater pub in Australia, and then I saw the stage.
Because of the now departed Mummy Lilly Stinger was one of these bars that always seemed to have hot girls. Lilly had this uncanny ability to recruit seriously hot and beautiful girls. How she did it nobody knew but she would come up trumps every time. All Stinger girls seemed to have tight, trim and hard bodies, and all were baby less. Lilly was the classic old school mamasan who was in some respects hard as nails and in other ways a genuinely soft and caring human being. In years to come I was to do a short stint in Stinger and working with Lilly was both a training experience and a pleasure.

Lilly also had that ability to find the new fresh girls who once on the program would go onto become the superstars of their day. Nobody was really sure how Lilly did it and I got the impression even she wasn’t exactly sure what her secret was. But her recruitment skills were only half of her strength, Lilly also controlled the girls brilliantly. When she leveled them with her, ‘don’t even think about it bitch’ glare, the hardest core, craziest girls, would become like submissive little puppy dogs. She always trod the line between authoritarian and caring mother figure extremely well and when she passed on, this was in my opinion, an end of an era.

Stinger was owned by the somewhat infamous Gary S – – – – who was a hard arse Australian individual and yet he and Lilly seemed to have this unfathomable respect for each other, Gary or “Sadam” as the girls would refer to him, liked to keep things basic, and he was noted for his simplistic approach of “cold beer and hot pussy” is all you need in an Angeles bar. This approach was complimented by Lilly who would supply the good looking girls and together they had this little bar rocking. Gary S was always one to push the limits and among the first to always increase prices. When I asked him about this a few years later he replied, “Marty we got the best sheilas in town, the coldest beer in town and the best bar, so fuck em, Stinger will always charge more than those other cunts”.

There was one other major attraction of Stinger and that was the girls would dance topless. In today’s environment I often hear the more longer term mongerers complaining that the girls are covered up and they can’t see what her body is really like. In Stinger this was never a problem, and customers knew exactly what the girls bodies were like. The customers loved the fact that the girls danced topless and the girls themselves soon got used to it and felt absolutely no embarrassment.

I remember walking in and initially wondering why all these guys were hanging out here but when I looked at the stage it all became very evident. Taken slightly aback by this beautiful display of female flesh paraded before my eyes, I simply stood in the doorway for ten seconds with mouth agape, thinking to myself, “fuck me I wonder how long this has been going on”.

Presented with a display of firm willing brown flesh any hetro-sexual man is going to enter the bar and that’s exactly what I did. Keeping one eye on the stage and another on my path I managed to make it to the first bar stool where I plonked my arse down and straight away this topless ravishing beauty smiled at me and jiggled her tits in my face. I remember the waitress coming up beside me and asking, “what you like drink sir” and without taking my eyes from the girl in front of me I mumbled, “one beer please”.

Now at this stage I had, had a little bit of experience in the Philippines but compared to these Stinger girls who were barely 18, I was a babe in the woods. These were young women but they got on the program quickly and once you looked past their youthful features and into their eyes, the disparity became all to apparent. As a good friend of mine Mr Jung likes to say, “it’s not the years but the mileage”, and these girls even though young, had certainly seen some miles in terms of life experience.

I sat there in Stinger making eye contact with as many as I could but when you have tits flaunted in front of you it’s kind of hard to make eye contact. Even though some of these girls were really good looking and I was sorely tempted to chat to a few, I decided to just sit there and enjoy a few beers as I got a feel for the place. I was enjoying flirting with the girls when all of a sudden this tall girl with legs all the way to heaven, stepped onto the stage and whatever resistance I had mustered simply evaporated and next thing I knew I was calling her down and buying her a drink as she gyrated on my crotch.

The girls name was Helen and for a Filipina she had deliciously long legs and of course beautiful silky smooth skin with a very attractive face. As soon as she came down off the stage rather than sit next to me she chose to sit on my lap and gyrated her bottom against my crotch and then giggled as I inevitably rose to the occasion.. Helen knew exactly what she was doing and even though my bar hop had only just started, I found myself contemplating paying her bar fine. When bar hopping a common problem is deciding what to do. If you meet a hot girl who seems to connect with you physically then it is tempting to pay her bar fine and get down to business, but on the other hand in the back of your mind is the thought that, maybe there will be someone I like even more in the next bar. This is what I call the bar hoppers dilemma and this is what struck me as Helen grinded herself against me.

Now don’t get me wrong here this is certainly not a bad dilemma to have, but at the time I had only a little experience and I was genuinely confused. I gave the matter some serious thought and then asked Helen if I could pay her bar fine but I would come back later and pick her up. Helen gave me a beautiful smile and replied, “walang problema”.

After I left Stinger I had a strange feeling of contentment and security and I knew this was going to be a special day. I wandered down the street just taking it all in while avoiding the enticing calls of the door girls. I must have strolled for about twenty minutes and next thing I knew I found myself by a little bar in Santos Street. In those days A.Santos street, or blow road as it is commonly called by those in the know, was little more than a dirt road with a smattering of cheap sleazy bars that resembled the huts of a shanty town, yet if you hit it at the right time there was that undeniable vibe about the place.

Santos street was never exactly up-market and there was always a sleazy element to it. Most of the girls found their way there from Leyte or Samar, and there was always the ever present lady boys. The lady boys were not exactly attractive, but they did perform the valuable function of teaching the girls the finer points of oral sex. In fact it was common for the new girls on Santos Street to attend a sort of blow job seminar where the lady boys would give a blow by blow account of the different techniques, and demonstrate them using a banana.

I slowly wandered down Santos Street just observing the bars while ignoring the constant entreaties of the lady boys to come inside. I was about half way down when all of a sudden I spotted this vision of loveliness sitting in a small bar on the right hand side of the road. I glanced over and smiled and in return she flashed a dazzling smile in my direction and next thing I knew I was sitting in the little bar, ordering a beer for me, and a drink for my new found friend.

As I surveyed the little bar it struck me this bar was a really weird design. Down the center of the bar was what looked like a large counter top with curtains acting as drapes. There was no other seating available in the bar and I thought to myself whoever designed this bar must have been drunk or maybe in days gone by this counter top served as a stage where the girls danced. I engaged the girl in small talk all the time noting the mischievous gleam in her eyes but this illogical design still bothered me so I asked her, “why do they have a table running down the length of the bar”? I am not sure my new found friend understood my question, because in answer she slipped through the curtains, crawled underneath the table, and next thing I knew a pair of hands was undoing my jeans, and reaching inside my underpants. I jumped back a little bit startled and then her beautiful face popped up from beneath the table and with a licentious look the like of which I had never seen before, she said, I give handsome sample 300 peso only”.

At first I had no idea what she was talking about and then suddenly the penny dropped and I realized she was offering to give me a blow job right there in the bar. As the realization of her offer dawned on me I actually felt a little embarrassed, I mean I am not normally one for public displays, but then once again her hands were down my pants and suddenly all thoughts of embarrassment disappeared. I sat there at the table enjoying this young lady’s oral administrations hoping that nobody would walk in, and just as I was about to explode she stopped, popped her head up from beneath the table and said, “you make finish 500 peso”.

Looking back on this I realize what a clever marketing technique this was, I mean what man in his right mind will be able to say no. I remember murmuring something along the lines of, ‘sure babe no problem, just don’t stop now’, and next thing I knew she was back under the table sucking on my dick like there was no tomorrow.

I have always prided myself on my “staying ability” but the oral skills of this girl were quite simply amazing and it wasn’t long before I once again felt the euphoric rush of orgasm coursing throughout my body. When I had finished I was absolutely spent and I just sat there gripping the table top asking myself did this really happen. I Must have had a big contented smile on my face because the girl suddenly popped her head up from beneath the table and giggled as she announced, “you pay 500 now”. I fumbled around in my pocket dug out my wallet and handed over 500 peso which she quickly grabbed and ran to the back of the bar with.

As I sat there completely drained I pondered what had just happened. In a way I felt ecstatic and thought to myself, now that’s why I’m in the Philippines, but on the other hand, because of my social conditioning in Australia I felt a little bit dirty, cheap, and even used. This was an interesting mix of feelings for me and I think nearly everyman who experiences this for the first time has the same contradictory thoughts. On the one hand I really appreciated the simplicity and honesty of it all, but on the other hand I also realized it was meaningless for her and just a means of making money.

To this day I still struggle with conflicting feelings and in some ways I love the fact that these girls are having sex for money but on the other hand I still look for some sort of feeling or closeness. Whether they admit it or not, I think most men experience exactly the same thoughts, but at least in the Philippines it is done nicely and there is always that thin veneer of a genuine connection between the giver and the receiver.

After I paid my drinks bill I decided to do a little more exploring before going back to pick up Helen from Stinger. To be honest I knew I would need a couple of hours to restock my energy and there was no better way to do this than by sitting in a bar enjoying a nice cold beer or two. I strolled back up Santos Street towards Fields and on the way I felt like all the girls and lady boys were laughing at me. It was like they knew exactly what had just happened and as such never even bothered trying to entice me inside.

I wandered slowly up Santos street, turned the corner onto Fields and decided to enter the Hobo Bar (now La Bamba). Inside was dimly lit and there were about 5 girls dancing on a little stage. There was no girl there that caught my attention but that was fine for me because I was completely drained anyway and just wanted to enjoy a quiet beer. I sat there for about twenty minutes watching the girls and enjoying the beer. With the beer finished a good looking waitress came over and asked would I like another one but I had decided a new venue was in order so I paid the bill and headed out the door. By this stage I was feeling pretty good and as I parted the curtains to leave I bumped into a guy and a girl walking in. I mumbled my apologies and the guy replied, “fuck you Martin you dickhead”. Taken aback I focused on the guy I had just bumped into and was confronted with an angry looking Wally holding hands with an even angrier looking MayAnne.

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