C How They Made Me! Chapter 8

Memoirs of a Philippine Mongerer

C How they made me chapter 8:

After two months in M.H.Del Pilar I was becoming part of the scenery. All the staff at the hotel knew me and the guard would wait to see whom I would bring home with me after a jaunt down Del Pilar. The Filipino guard was actually a pretty good bloke and I would often see him offering assistance to the more intoxicated guests staying at the hotel. Another guy who is part of the Mayfairs history is Mario the bar tender. Mario was basically a sleaze bag with what I refer to as the cricketers moustache made so famous by the Australian cricket team during the mid seventies to the early eighties. I don’t know why but personally I have a problem with Filipino men who bear the “machismo” mustache. Invariably the mustache is symbolic of a hostile attitude towards foreigners or at the very least a sort of sleazy, crafty approach towards life. But sleaze bag or not Mario was entertaining and he could always whip up a quick drink or regale guests with a humorous story of something that happened to him or somebody he once knew. Like Dave and Ken Mario was a wealth of information and seemed to know everyone but in the end my hesitancy to befriend him proved be the correct choice as he was summarily fired for theft of hotel stock. Once again my instincts concerning the mustache Filipino male proved correct.

By this time I had settled into a regular routine which would include an afternoon bar hop with David and maybe a quick short time to be followed by a night time bar hop which somehow always culminated with a visit to Visions for a late night drink and probably a bar fine. During my afternoon bar hops I would often run into Hilda standing outside Punchline and occasionally I would go inside and buy her a drink and have a little chat. Hilda always seemed laid back and very accepting of my “butterfly” ways. She would see me come and go with a procession of different girls but at no time did she ever give me grief about any of them, in fact quite the opposite, many a time she would see me walking down the street hand in hand with my bar fine and she would merely smile and wave hello. Half the time I am sure she knew the girls I was bar fining but she would never acknowledge their existence preferring instead simply to smile at me and give me a kiss on the cheek. Now I look back on it I realize this was probably her subtle feminine way of marking her territory.

Hilda and I settled into what I would call an easy going friendship and to this day I have exceedingly fond memories of her and I will be eternally grateful for all the things she easily taught me about her country and the Filipina species in general.

After doing the M.H.DelPilar and Mabini street for a two month period I decided there had to be more the Philippines than the endless little brown girls and rounds of Jack Daniels and coke. So once again it was back to my handy Lonely planet guide to the Philippines where I discovered Boracay beach. I read about Boracay and having grown up in a beach area and having experienced the Maldives a short time before coming to the Philippines, I decided Boracay was a place I should see. With visions of a tropical paradise firmly implanted in my mind’s eye, I sought out David and asked him about Boracay. David was as usual a wealth of information and as he showed me the map hanging in the travel agency office pointing out Boracay he asked me “mate who are you going to take down to there”? I looked at him and naively asked “you think I need to take someone” to which he replied “sure mate , Boracay is nice but it is hardly a place to pick up girls. There are a few hanging around but nothing to really party with after having been in Manila these last two months”. I thanked Dave for his advice and after he had booked two plane tickets for me to Boracay we decided it was time to find me a Boracay partner.

While we were walking down Mabini dodging the pot holes and constant beggars with their hands out David said “mate don’t be in any hurry to chose anyone to accompany you to Boracay all the girls will love to go there with you so just take your time. That day our first stop was Firehouse followed by Bubbles and the Delcima Club. In all these bars it was a quick visit with a few drinks and a social chat with some girls but in the end I didn’t find anyone whom I thought would be a good partner for my time in Boracay so in the end it was inevitable that I found myself walking up Del Pilar heading towards Visions.

Just as we got near Visions we passed Punchline and sure enough eagle eyed Hilda spotted us and shouted out “hi David hi Martin. Come inside we have new sexy lady.” Upon hearing this David looked at me and whispered it’s probably bullshit but what the hell it’s only one drink and then if nothing here we can head to Visions. David and myself walked into Punchline and straight away we were presented with two gorgeous young things with dark skin firm little tits firm rounded bottoms and mud between the toes. David settled right in and bought both the new girls a drink as he balanced each scantily clad young nubile on his knees. Watching this I was impressed and I found myself wondering how David could have the street so wired that he actually had former bar fines touting potential new bar fines for him. This man definitely had life figured out and I decided then and there to some extent emulate this man who was rapidly becoming my mongering hero.

Whilst David chatted away with the two new girls I found myself sliding into another easy conversation with Hilda and after about three drinks and a little grabbing of protruding body parts David loudly announced “well mate I am going to do a double header. This pair of bookends is just too good an opportunity to pass up. If you want just go on to Visions and I will catch up with you tomorrow”. I looked at Dave and at the two scantily clad dark brown girls giggling as they gently stroked his male member through his jeans and said, “yeah I can see why”. “You know what mate I think Hilda here is a great girl and we seem to get on really well so I think I will ask her to come to Boracay with me”. David smiled and said yeah that’s a great idea Hilda is always pleasant company”.

I asked Hilda if she would like to accompany me to Boracay and for an answer she gave me a beaming smile and jumped up to get her mamasan Vicki who ambled over and asked me you take Hilda Boracay” to which I replied, “yes mummy” and then she held out her hand asking me, “how long you take Hilda for” and it was just then that I realized if I was to pay for the entire time on a daily basis it was going to add up and I really didn’t know if I had enough money. I looked at David imploringly and he understood my predicament immediately. David took the mamasan together with Hilda into a corner and chatted quietly with her then 5 minutes later with a sly wink to me he said “give mummy Vicki 8 thousand piso and Hilda is all yours”. At the time I only had about 3 thousand piso on my person so I borrowed another two thousand from David and told the mamasan I would bring the balance by tomorrow or if for some reason I couldn’t I would give the money to David who would bring it in for them. This seemed to satisfy the mamasan and without further ado David and myself and three hot young Filipinas were out of there and heading back to the Mayfair for yet another night of fun and games.

That night I literally had awesome sex with Hilda, she was a little Negros wildcat. Maybe it was the promise of an extended stay in Boracay or maybe it was a genuine attraction and I can still vividly remember the painful shower as the jets of hot water hit the scratches on my back. After my shower I woke Hilda up and gave her the remaining balance of money owed to the bar and instructed her to pay the mamasan then come back because the next day we were heading down to Boracay.

Hilda was gone for about three hours and just as I was about to give up on her and head out to try and find another Boracay companion I heard a little knock at the door and when I opened it there was Hilda with a travel bag hung over her shoulder. She looked up at me and say sorry me long time I get bag from home.” Feeling somewhat relieved and with my faith in human nature now restored I gently guided Hilda to the bed and proceeded to work on a new round of scratches on my back.

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