Big bars VS small bars

Big bars VS small bars

Some people prefer the smaller bars whilst others tend to gravitate towards the bigger bars. In this article I will examine the advantages and disadvantages of both giving specific examples and pictures.

The Big bars

The big bars have a number of advantages over the smaller bars. These are as follows.

1: Quantity of girls:

The first big advantage for the customer is very obviously the quantity of girls. The bigger bars will in general have a lot more girls for you to choose from. For example on any one night the Blue Nile will normally feature up to 150 girls, Neros 100 plus, Camelot 80 plus but the king of quantity is the Dollhouse which is open 24/7 and boasts over 200 girls on anyone night. The Dollhouse owners are currently in the process of expanding by building their new club Atlantis and as such are stocking up on girls. If you’re into quantity and variety then it doesn’t come much better than this.


2: Larger range of products and services:

The big bars are generally speaking, more professional and can offer the customer a greater range of products and services. The big bars offer a number of products and services which are often lacking in the smaller bars. These include the following

Larger range of alcohol:

A larger range of alcohol and generally a better stocked bar. The bigger bars will nearly always have a better stocked bar with a larger range of alcohol than the smaller bars. If you are not a drinker this will mean very little to you but if you like the occasional shooter or a particular brand of alcohol then the big bars better stocked bar will be an attractive feature for you.

Music library:

In general the bigger bars have a more extensive music library and a higher quality sound system. For the customer this means you can listen to the music you like and the sound reproduction will normally be off a higher standard as well. For example in Neros, Blue Nile the Blue Nile Executive, Doll House and Camelot they use JBL speakers not the cheaper Concertz speakers. The music selection inside a bar, particularly in an Angeles bar, is very important. Whilst some couldn’t care less about the music many guys go to a bar specifically because they like the music. Many customers are sick and tired of the same old bubble gum pop played for the girls and secondly when the customer hears the music he likes it enhances his overall experience of a particular bar.

Financial services:

Financial transactions such as paying by credit card or changing money or even having to make a signed chit are a lot easier in the bigger bars. Many of the smaller bars do not have credit card facilities and they do not change money. Lastly it is unusual for a smaller operation to let the customer run a tab whereas in the bigger bar with more cash reserves this is common practise.

Social interaction

To some extent all bars are a social meeting place however in the big bars the social meeting aspect is more pronounced. The bigger bars can comfortably host a greater number of people consequently they function as a social gathering place more so than the smaller bars.

Bar Layout

Simply because the bigger bars have more room this gives the customer more options when it comes to enjoying himself. For example in a big bar you can hide away in a corner with your honey-ko or party with a large group in the center of the bar. You can sit and have a quiet drink or play rowdy drinking games with a group of friends. Simply put there are more options available to you in the bigger establishments.


The bigger bars normally have a lot more glitz and razzamatazz. The glitz and razzamatazz includes fancy lighting, a large range of music, numerous bikinis and special costumes, moving stages, live bands, alternating bar decorations, specialized dance groups, special events, special shows and many other elements. Whereas the smaller bars tend to take the simple ‘what you see is what you get’ approach the bigger bars tend to adopt the more high profile, Broadway like approach. The bigger bars are more commercially orientated, designed to attract the tourists.

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Getting your rocks off.

By definition the bigger bars are more commercially orientated. Because they have a larger number and greater variety of girls this increases the customer’s chances of finding his preferred partner. Indeed the emphasis in the bigger bars tends to be on churning out the bar-fines as well as drinking and partying.

The Smaller Bars

Just as size gives the bigger bars a number of advantages the lack of size also gives the smaller bars certain advantages.

The personal approach

A major advantage of the smaller bars is they are more personal. The emphasis in the smaller bars is not on volume but on a more personalised approach. For example many of the patrons of the small bar are regulars and the bar becomes like their home away from home. The regulars get to know the managers and owners as well as most of the Filipino staff.



There are less girls in the smaller bars and as such it is probably harder to find the so called stunners. However what the girls lack in the looks department they certainly more than make up for in amenable attitudes. Traditionally the girls in the smaller less commercialized bars are friendlier than in the bigger bars and certainly more willing to accommodate the customer wishes.



Under the radar:

The small bars often operate “under the radar” and as such they can get away with things that the big bars cannot. For example lock in parties, raunchy shows, and in some cases oral sex on the premises. Basically they take the approach of being low profile out of the general publics view and this allows them certain leeway when it comes to what goes on in the bar.


In the smaller bars it is easier to dominate the bar and this usually involves a lot less cash than in the bigger bars. The customer can take over the bar, hold private parties with a group of friends, arrange private shows and play with the girls to a much greater extent than in the bigger bars. The girls are also more willing to play than in the big bars.



The smaller bars have a less commercialized feel because they are not dealing with the volume of customers and the customers they do attract seem to be long time locals or long time tourists. Often the music is limited and played at a lower less obtrusive volume. The smaller bars will normally play more laid back older music. The number of girls is also limited and the customers rather than having the “flip em and stick em” attitude will go to the smaller bars seeking a regular repeat favorite.


The smaller bars tend to have lower prices than the big bars normally by about 10% but in some cases 20% lower. The lower prices occur simply because they have lower overheads and secondly their market is the regulars who are more budget conscious.


The bigger bars strive to create the party atmosphere but in the smaller bars they tend to act much the same as the local pub but with girls. The atmosphere or ambience is more laid back and the emphasis is on a more personal approach. It is not uncommon for the patrons to know all the staff inside a smaller bar. Perhaps the best way to describe the ambience is to relate it to the American sitcom “cheers”.


The presentation of the girls once again exemplifies a more basic approach. There are no costume changes here and multiple sets of bikinis, no makeup artist and no special boots. In most of the smaller bars they have one maybe two sets of bikinis and in some cases just panties a bra and sandals. The lighting on the stage is also kept to a basic minimum and normally there is only a limited range of music played through a cheap low quality sound system.

In summary the big bars and the smaller bars operate at totally the opposite end of the spectrum appealing to different customer tastes. Both are fun and it all depends on what the customer is looking for. The bigger bars will always represent the party till you drop approach with lots of girls and loud music, whilst the smaller bars are friendlier more personable and generally laid back catering to an older regular clientele.

The purpose of this article is to show the differences between the small bars and the bigger bars. It does not reflect my personal opinions in any way.

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