Day tours in and around Angeles City #1

Day tours in and around Angeles City

There are actually quite a few short day trips that visitors can partake in within close vicinity to Angeles. These tours afford an excellent view of the local countryside and the Filipino rural lifestyle. In this article I have highlighted two tours which I do regularly on my motor bike but they would be just as good in a car. These tours are only short and take about 3 hours including stoppage time however they really give you a great feeling for the countryside and the lifestyle of the Filipinos living there.

Tour 1: Angeles – Magalang- Arayat.

Head down Fields Avenue until it meets Mcarthur Highway cross over Mcarther and continue along Mountain View Road. Just follow Mountain View Road until you pass City Hall on your left and come to a roundabout. Go into the roundabout and veer left following signs to Magalang. Cross over the bridge which spans the highway and continue straight. Next big town will be that of Magalang.

Magalang is a medium sized town but well worth stopping in to have a little stroll around the markets. It’s an interesting experience to look at all the shops and the different appliances they are selling. These shops are very indicative of the lifestyle in the area surrounding Magalang.

Keep going straight until you come to an intersection. At the Intersection is a Caltex and a patron service station. Turn right and just keep going straight. Follow this road for approximately 20 Kilometers and you will then come to a sign pointing towards the town of Arayat. Take a left turn 50 meters after the sign and you are heading towards Arayat.

Keep going straight and after about 30 minutes travelling at a leisurely pace you will come to the town of Arayat. Arayat is only a small provincial town but it is worth stopping and just having a stroll around. The people are friendly and most will be only too pleased to show you around. Here you can expect some surprised looks as many of them don’t get to see foreigners very much.

After Arayat simply turn around and retrace you’re your journey back to Angeles.

Here are some pictures of some of the things you can expect to see and experience when you take this trip.

Perimeter road heading down towards Fields Avenue. This picture was taken just around the Oasis Hotel area.

Down town Fields Avenue busy as always.

Mountainveiw Road

Heading down Mountain View road leaving Barangay Balibago

Down this road there are many produce stores including pineapples


and even oversized chickens which to us foreigners are normal sized chickens.

The roundabout after city hall

Round the round about and veer left following signs to Magalang

Over the bridge which spans the North bound Highway.

On the outskirts of Magalang there are many little stores which serve the produce needed for day to day existence. Note the many different types of rice. This is the Philipine rural equivalent of 7/11.

Its a nice road heading into Magalang proper with pot holes and cracks predominating.

Building nippa huts seems to be a thriving business in this area.

Great views of Mount Arayat for all those who travel this road.

The entrance into Magalang township.

The Magalang public market. It is perfectly safe and kind of fun to stroll around here looking at all the different produce that is for sale. You will be amazed at what you can find here.

Outside of Magalang it becomes more rural very quickly.

As always the obligatory trike with a sack of rice on top.

Splendid views of Mount Arayat.

Can never go anywhere in the Philippine countryside without seeing a rice field.

Here’s a more cost efficient way of getting around. It may not be quick but you get where you want to go eventually.

Heading out toward Arayat it is a very nice drive as you sit back and absorb the scenery.

The Journey takes you through many pictureque little towns.

Outside of the towns there is some great scenery to be enjoyed.

Turning left following signs to Arayat you are now on the main road to the town of Arayat.

There is some awesome views of the Filipino countryside along this road.

The road is great and not much traffic.

As long as you discount the occassional Caribou.

Along this road there are plenty of places to stop and enjoy a quiet snack whilst savouring the beautiful countryside.

If you wish to you can go to the town of Arayat and have a look around but I tend to turn around and head back rather than go into Arayat town.

There are some interesting old houses to be seen in Arayat.

You will always encounter a little traffic on the way home

This is an excellent one day trip and takes about 3 hours including stoppage time and driving at a leisurely pace. This trip affords you a glimpse into the rural lifestyle around Angeles which in many ways represents the real Philippines much more so than the bars.

From a tourist perspective trips such as this give you a real feel for what this country is all about and actually make the perfect break from bar hopping and drinking.

This article was written by Mjibbo

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