Happy Hard On

Happy Hard On

As everyone knows Angeles is a party zone with cheap grog and plenty of beautiful young women, but we are only human and sometimes the partying can take its toll making it difficult to enjoy sexual activity to its fullest. Let’s face it if you are an average male and having sex at least once or twice a day then at some time or another you will have to deal with the inability to get an erection.

Luckily thanks to modern day science, we now have a range of products specifically designed to help males achieve an erection and to varying degrees all of them seem to work. In AC, the whole gamet of pills lotions and jells can be purchased for very reasonable prices but what exactly is available, where do you go to purchase them, how much should you pay, how do you know it’s a genuine product and not a fake? In this article I will try to answer these and many other relevant questions which will hopefully be beneficial information for you the readers and dedicated mongerers.

Viagra (Sidenafil nitrate)

Perhaps the most well known male pill is Viagra or the big blue as it is affectionately called by many of its users Viagra was invented and patented by Pfizer the multi national drug company and although it definitely works it can produce mild and sometimes dangerous side effects.

Genuine Pfizer Viagra is available here in Angeles. The price of Viagra varies considerably depending upon where you purchase it. I have been quoted prices as high as 750 for a packet of four 100 milligram Viagra through to as low as 500 peso and as low as 100 peso from the street vendors.

Viagra can also be purchased as a single pill and again the price varies depending on where you purchase it. I have been quoted prices from 50 peso up to 200 peso for a single pill.

Please note these prices have been quoted to me by bar managers and street vendors and all would be negotiable. There are also various advantageous deals to be made if you buy in bulk.

Reliable sources inform me that street vendors when pushed will sell Viagra for as low as 100 peso for a box of four however when purchasing from them you run the chance of purchasing fake products which of course will not produce the desired result.

Indian Viagra

These pills are manufactured in India and supposedly have exactly the same effect as Pfizer Viagra except they are pink and they are cheaper than the blue Pfizer Viagra. The Indian Viagra is not readily available in Angeles all year round but if you look carefully and ask around enough it can usually be acquired. Normally the best place to procure these is from a bar manager. In truth I have not seen many being sold by the street hawkers. For the Indian Viagra I have been quoted 200 peso up to 500 for a packet of four and for a single pill anywhere from 50 peso to 150 peso.

Cialis (Tadalafil)

Another pill which seems to be growing in popularity is Cialis. More and more people are requesting this as opposed to Viagra. I have heard numerous reasons for this but the major one is that Cialis does not produce the same side effects as Viagra and secondly Cialis stays in the body longer.

Cialis is available in many places in AC and like Viagra there is a large difference in price. I have been quoted prices as high as 900 through to 600 to as low as 200 peso for a packet of 4,100 Milligram Cialis.

For the 50 milligram and 20 milligram packets of four I have been quoted as high as 700 peso per box through to 500 peso per box and as low as 100 per box.

Cialis can also be purchased as a single pill which will cost approximately 150 peso. Like Viagra it is possible to get a substantial discount when you purchase in bulk.

On the street you can purchase Cialis for as low as 100 peso for a box of four 20 or 120 for a box of four, 50 milligram pills. The street price is considerably cheaper but once again you run the risk of it being a fake product which will not produce the desired effect.

The 100 milligram Cialis is a strong dosage and I would recommend extreme caution when taking this. In fact some people refuse to sell it believing that it is dangerous.

Qing Tian Zhu (alternatively known as the Petala palace energetic capsule)

A personal favorite of mine are the Chinese herbal pills called Qing Tian Zhu. These pills are completely herbal ingredients and in my experience do not produce any side effects, in fact many people who have tried them actually say the pill has made them feel more healthy. These pills do not react as quickly as Viagra or Cialis and they can take up to three hours to take effect and like all good things that react slowly but surely the effect is a lot longer lasting. Many people whom I have put onto these pills now swear by them and I have heard numerous stories of guys feeling their effect 48 hours later. In the small advisory sheet that accompanies the pills it actually states that the drug remains in the body from 36 to 72 hours.

The Quing Tian Zhu pills are available from many places and the difference in price reflects this. Some of the hotels such as the Clarkton and the Orange Lion sell this product for 400 peso for a packet of four. From the bars it will normally cost you anywhere from 500 peso to 800 peso for a packet of four.

The best way to take these pills is take one 5 hours before sexual activity and another approximately 2 hours before. At the Clarkton hotel they sell these pills calling them Chinese Viagra. This is actually a misnomer as these pills are herbal not chemical, they are not Viagra and they do not produce the same side effects as Viagra.

Love Puppies and Doberman Puppies

Another herbal pill I recommend is made right here in Angeles and that is the appropriately named Love Puppies. The love puppies are made by a local company called Akita who also make a number of other herbal medicines. They are based just off Friendship Highway and each packet contains two pills with instructions how to take them.

The love puppies retail for 100 peso for a packet of 2. Personally I have found the best results come when you take one love puppy 2 hours before sex and then another one half an hour before sex.

The love puppies work well but their effect does not linger like that of Qing Tian Zhu. A stronger version of the love puppies called the Doberman puppies is now available and retails for approximately 135 peso for a packet of two pills.


The Kamagra pills come in packets of four and in various strengths. They are readily available from a number of bar managers but I haven’t seen much of this product on the streets.

When purchasing from the bar managers you can expect to pay as follows

100 Milligram packet of four will cost you approximately 250 peso.
50 Milligram packet of four will cost you approximately .250 peso
20 Milligram packet of four will cost you approximately 250 peso

Kamagra can also be bought as a single pill which will set you back approximately 50 peso.

Please note these prices have been quoted to me by bar managers who sell them on the side. No doubt you could find this product amongst the street vendors however this may take a little work. To be honest I am yet to have any street vendor approach me selling Kamagra as they tend to specialize in Viagra and Cialis obviously because these two are the most readily available and are in the most demand.

Vigora (sildenafil)

Vigora The basic ingredient in this pill is sildenafil citrate. The Vigora comes in 50 Milligram packets of four and will normally cost around 500 Peso. I believe it would be possible to purchase this product for a cheaper price but I am yet to see any street seller with this product. In Angeles the Vigora is not as plentiful as Viagra or Cialis but quite often it can be procured simply by asking a bar manager..

Levitra (Vardenafil HCL)

Levitra is manufactured by the German company Bayer. This supposedly is their answer to Pfizer’s Viagra. I have not tried Levitra but people who have tell me it works just as well as Viagra but doesn’t produce as intense side effects.

The Levitra comes in packets of four, 2.5, 5, 10, and 20, milligrams. Levitra to the best of my knowledge is not available on the street in fact the only person selling it that I have come across is Tango in the Viper room. Levitra is available as a 20 milligram pill and Tango sells a box of four for 750 peso. A bottle of 30 pills, 3500 peso or ten boxes of four for 4500 peso. If you can find this product on the street you can probably get it much cheaper however it is not a commonly sold product and would probably take a lot of work to find he chance of it being fake.

The Velvet Hammer

The Velvet Hammer is another herbal pill. This pill takes effect about 1 hour after consumption. There are no side effects with the velvet hammer. Velvet Hammers retail for approximately 200 peso for two pills. For best results it is recommended that the user takes two pills approximately 1 hour prior to sexual activity. The only problem with the Velvet Hammer is they are not readily available throughout Angeles.

Kamagra jell

The erection enhancement business has come a long way and these days the consumer is not limited to pills, in fact the Kamagra jell is proving extremely popular amongst consumers. The jell has several advantages over the pills in that it does not produce the side effects and supposedly it reacts on the user quicker than the pills. The Kamagra Jell comes in a 100 milligram sachet and it will cost you approximately 250 peso for a single packet. When using this product it is recommended that you take 1 complete sachet approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity. The advantage of this jell is that it reacts quicker than the pills supposedly starting to have an effect after only 15 minutes.

Viagra and Cialis are available from many outlets in AC but I recommend purchasing your chosen pill from a bar manager. I recommend this because this way you can be sure they are the genuine article and you will probably get a very reasonable price because there are many bar managers trying to supplement their meagre income by selling these products. In most cases the bar managers can be haggled with and it will be possible to get a cheaper price than what was originally asked for.

There are many fake Viagra and Cialis available in Angeles. So how do you tell fake from real? To be honest it’s quite hard because the reproduction of the packaging is so professional and it actually takes a close examination on behalf of the purchaser to pick the fake product. You can however minimize the chances of purchasing a fake product by following these simple steps. Firstly buy your product from a recognized source such as a bar manager. It is in his best interests to sell you the real product. Secondly look for a registration number on the box in the case of Viagra this will be on the side panel of the box. Look for the blue Pfizer stamp on the silver sachet and there should be a date stamp and a registration number at the top and bottom of the silver sachet which contains the pills.

When buying from street vendors be aware that strictly speaking this is an illegal transaction. Most of the time the cops will turn a blind eye but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Secondly, when buying from a street vendor allow for a 100% markup on his behalf. Normally you can haggle at least 70% of his original asking price. Thirdly keep in mind there are fake Viagra and Cialis in Angeles and most often these will be sold by the street vendors.

Well guys I hope that proves to be useful information for all you avid mongerers and even more importantly I hope you get a chance to purchase some of these products and use them here in Angeles. Happy mongering guys and stay hard.

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