Angeles City Tidbits

Well, it is that time once again to unload a bunch of pictures I’ve taken over the last few months or so that just didn’t seem to belong in their own news item but were of interest enough (at least to me) to be put somewhere.

So, that is why we are here. To play that age old game of show and tell. Pretend we are back in school and it is my turn to stand up in front of the class and ramble on a bit about nothing really important.

Ok, enough snickering… I know most of you think that is business as usual for me, right? LOL

First up is yet another Western Union has opened up in Angeles City. This one is located between Margarita and 7-11 and by location should be pretty popular with the local bar girl population.

I find this amusing as I did a quick search on the Internet on Western Union locations by using their Site Locator and this is what I found:

Los Angeles, California, a city with a population of more than 4 million people, has 5 Western Union Official offices.

Angeles City which has a population of about 300,000 has 32 locations.

Just amazing…

Was in 7-11 the other day and saw something that just made me laugh out loud.

Take a close look at what is for sale here.7-11 is actually selling bola bola!

Now you know when your girl’s lies seem to be getting weak and she disappears somewhere and when she comes back her story’s ring more true. Well she probably went to 7-11 and got a refill on her bola bola!

And if she is buying the premium bola bola, you might want to lower her allowance!

You gotta love this! Only in the Philippines.

Don’t see it? Take a closer look…

Netguard and I were at the bank using the ATM and the guard there got up to take a break. When he left he actually handcuffed his chair to the pole!

Heheheh So hard to believe. You think the gun alone would be deterrent enough, but I guess there is a chair napper in town and plastic chairs are a hot commodity!

Ok, part two of only in the Philippines!

Maybe you don’t read Tagalog but the sign basically says that dancers are not allowed (bawal: A word everyone should know) to wipe their lipstick on the CR bath towels. If they get caught they will be required to pay a fine.


Well, take a look at the towel! Just goes to show that a sign is about as valuable as the ink it’s printed with.

Here is an interesting item. On most club doors now there are posted signs stating that minors are not permitted into the clubs.

The weird thing about this is that there is no posted age and I have heard many different stories on what it means. I have even heard that the age difference is different for girls and guys where a girl who is 18 is not considered a minor but a guy needs to reach 21 for this same honor. Then there is the question of drinking age and smoking age, etc.

However, whatever the meaning all the clubs now sport this sign. I am sure that it was mandated from the Mayor’s office, of course. There is no way that all the clubs would come together on something so trivial as a posted sign. So the real question is, is this actually doing anything or just for show?

You be the judge…

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