Blueberry Hill

Louis Armstrong and Fats Domino sang that they found their thrill on Blueberry Hill. The bar of the same name, here in Balibago, is not entirely without its thrills, either.

This bar is not everyone’s “cup of tea”, since it features live singers out in front of the dancers, mainly long-time Angeles entertainer Jhun Longhair. A lot of couples and mixed groups frequent this club, and Jhun has developed a strong following through his years in town.

“Yours truly” likes to belt out a few tunes on a Sunday night, as well, just to check to see if I can still do it, after all these years. The ownership of The Club is a pleasant English chap named Dave. He has also opened up a Fish & Chips shop connected to the bar, which he has taken great pains to make as authentic and high-quality as possible. The chips are peeled and sliced from fresh potatoes, right on the premises, and the fish is a large portion of John Dory Filet, breaded with their own beer batter recipe, and all deep-fried in beef drippings. Fattening as hell, delicious, and filling. Homemade mushy peas are also available. I’d recommend giving it a try sometime.

This bar is not without it’s own pretty dancers, if one wanders in alone, Lookin’ ‘Round…

That’s it for this look around AC, until next time…

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