Deep Thoughts

The other day I was sitting in my den playing TIGER WOODS (2006) as I have done many times, and I noticed that on the 9th hole at St. Andrews my score was abissmal….how can that be, I consistantly score in the mid 40’s (per 18 holes) on this course. First I thought my controller was sticking, then I thought my swing was off, then I checked the wind gauge…….all to no avail. I remember thinking “what the hell are you doing wrong, you need to get your head in the game”, as it was a Tournament and of some importance. Then it struck me, my head WASN’T in the game.

I caught myself thinking about DADDY JERRY’S B-DAY BASH at the Alaska Club, what kinda games for the girls did he have planned. I was thinking about the CIA event at Roadhouse, and how much would they raise this year. I was thinking about the SOB at Confettis, what kind of bacchanalian events would they be holding. I was thinking if the Flamingo has gotten any better since the last time I was there last, as I am staying at the Orchid (as usual). I was trying to remember where exactly ACTION TRAVEL is so I can get my new AE Membership card when Im there. I was wandering if I would actually meet any boardmembers during my barhops. I was wandering if I can still get a bananaque mmmmmmmm.

The common theme is, I was thinking about my upcoming trip to AC (10 days and counting down). Normally I would be unwinding in my den after another drone like day at work (grocery manager). Playing a few rounds of golf on the good old PS2 keeps me from despair in the work-a-day world. For the past several days it has become increasingly difficult to concentrate on anything but “THE TRIP”.

It almost feels like my “cherry trip” all over again. The anticipation is almost unbearable. I actually look forward to boarding that plane and the 4 hour flight to LAX….the 2 hour layover….the 17 hour flight to GUAM….the 1 hour layover….the 5 hour flight to MANILA…..the 2 hour layover (waiting for luggage)….the 2-3 hour drive to Orchid Inn. OMG Im drooling now just thinking about it.

For those of you who live there (in paradise), you may not understand (or maybe you would). How can a trip to the Philippines make a middle aged man feel like a kid again???? Could it be that for a week (in my case 2) he can get away from everything for awhile and relax and do absolutly nothing, no thinking, no decissions, no problems, no nagging, etsc…. Could it be that he will have a chance to experience new culture and see new places and people, try exotic food, etc… I SAY NO. Its because he can go somewhere in the world, other than where he’s at now, spend time with beautiful young girls, drink to his hearts content, meet new friends (hopefully) that have some things in common, eat the same food he gets at home (for the most part). In short my friends, what draws him to the phils is LBFM’s….noone can deny.

I think I’ll go to bed now and have LBFMs dancing in my head. I will try to dream up some new position they have never tried before. I will go over my travel itinerary again. I will wash my clothes I am going to bring and iron my shirts and pants….again. I will make sure all things fit to 2 bags, because there is an extra charge for 3. I must remember to mail the Orchind Inn and make sure I get my AE 10% discount.

Happy mongering all………


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