How I Became Addicted to Asian Bar Girls

A Bar Girl Hunters Cherry Story

Intoduction to the thai / filipina bar girl.

Six months ago I would have laughed at anybody who suggested that I might ever become addicted to a lbfm as asian bar girls are called. I would have laughed even louder had it been suggested that I go on a sex tour. I was just your average middle-aged European male with wife and kids off his hands, a good income and yet an empty life as far as romance was concerned. The only women who seemed to be available were cast-offs with far too much baggage in terms of both kids AND padding.

It all started at a photo gallery, I’d gone to an ‘opening’ with the latest ‘prospect’, a rather drab 30-something career-girl who’s only real attraction was a solid chest which just shows how desperate I was getting. At least the booze was free and I might get lucky later. The pictures were interesting, all ‘figure studies’ as nude pictures are politely called, well shot too, none of the ghastly modern style of oblique angles and washed-out colour. Most stunning of all was an Asian nude, I just could not take my eyes off her, all the label said was ‘filipina bargirl’.

When my date went off to the CR I just had to go back and take another look at the nude asian, it’s a long time since a photo has given me a ‘woody’! I wondered just how accurate the description of filipina bargirl was, was she a bar girl and if so, were all bar girls like that and even more important, were they truly available to balding, middle-aged Lotharios on a sex tour?

Over dinner I just couldn’t get the asian nude out of my head and thus it was hardly surprising that the evening ended up a wash-out. I head off home and rather than finishing off the night in front of the TV I get onto the internet. I’d seen the odd documentary, one about an mail order asian bride outfit, another exposing an ageing pop star who’d gone to Cambodia on a sex tour, so such a thing as a sex vacation did exist. Our Sunday tabloids often referred to Pattaya as a sex tour destination so that seemed a good starting point. Pattaya Thailand doesn’t have an airport, the nearest being Bangkok which I also recall as a notorious sex tour destination.

My lbfm Eyes are Opened

I hit paydirt the moment I try a google search on Pattaya, this place is obviously a major player in the sex vacation league, a few websites offering a guided sex tour, seems every girl in Pattaya is a lbfm (now understood as Little Brown Fucking Machine), if I want such a girl Thailand is the place to go.

I wont bore you dear reader with the hours of trawling I did, just try searching key phrases like lbfm, sex vacation, thai bar girl , or broaden your scope by trying filipina bar girl or just asian bar girl. But I will offer a few tips to save you a lot of time. The first is all searches lead eventually to websites like Asian Escapades or TSM where for a subscription you can save yourself an awful lot of trawling! Spend the money, it saves time. The second tip is to decide early on whether you merely want to boink or whether you want to go the asian mail order bride route, from what I gleaned on TSM and AE some guys prefer to find a respectable career girl rather than filipina or thai bargirls.

Filipina bar girl vs. Thai bar girl?

I spent the next week reading acres of trip reports all with a common theme, sex with a lbfm, whether it is in Pattaya, Bangkok, Manila, Jakarta, Batam, or Cambodia is better than we are used to and is fun with a capital F!

Amazing how an asian nude, within a week has me booking a trip half-way across the world to sample the delights of an lbfm. Having read so much about both filipina bargirls as well as thai bargirls I decided to go to Bangkok, Pattaya and Manila. Thai Aiways offered a good deal of UK, Bangkok, Manila, UK so I booked with them. The only slight catch was the return journey in that I had an 8.5 hour stopover in Bangkok but then I saw it as another chance to compare one lbfm with another, kinda filipina bargirl vs thai bar girl LOL.

Off on a LBFM Vacation

I hate flying long-haul but the 12 plus hours pass quickly, helped a lot by the upgrade to Business Class. I’d flashed my Star Alliance Gold card just to use the dedicated check-in desk rather than queue but it seems that Thai have a slightly more appreciative attitude towards f/fs and upgraded me with a smile (either that or their computer hadn’t detected that I’d had my quota for that year). The stewardess serving me was a beautiful girl, thailand here I cum.

There At Last

6am is hardly the best time to arrive anywhere, particularly after a long flight but anticipation kept me going. Immigration was a breeze and soon I’m wheeling my luggage out to find the pre-booked car. Tsm reports had pointed me to a relaxed hotel group called ‘Grand President’, located conveniently off Sukhumvit Road in Soi 11. It seemed a good location with landmarks like Soi 7 Beergarden and Nana Plaza off one way and Soi Cowboy about the same distance the other way.

I’m soon in the car and 30 mins later I’m checking in. I take a power nap rather than sleep for too long as I need to acclimatise and defeat the jet-lag. Unpacking and then a little brunch takes me through to early afternoon and time to set off for my first thailand girl! I head down Soi 11 and turn right into Sukhumvit road. I walk gently not only because it’s very hot but also because the pavement is wall to wall stalls selling everything from fake rolex watches to knock-off designer clothes.

The Bangkok Soapy

I eventually spot Soi 4 across the road and cross over then walk past the infamous Nana Plaza and turn right into a car park by the Raja Hotel. I’m heading to Annies, a massage parlour specialising in the Thai slip & slide massage – the soapy. Up a flight of stairs and I’m in paradise. A small bar with a kinda ‘fishbowl’ at the end full of thai bar girls. The M.O. is to choose a girl and tell the mamasan her number then you can either have a drink in the bar with the girl or just head off to the room. I have the drink, my choice takes hers and heads off to prepare the room. My first Singha slips down nicely and I’m soon naked, lying on an air bed, covered in soapy water with a cute thai bar girl sliding all over me . . .

I think I’ve died and gone to heaven, just gazing at this cute asian nude slipping and sliding all over me is enough let alone the feeling of the cute tits teasing my todger. Eventually I get rinsed off, dried and led to the bed for a bit of BJ action followed by a boink. Thai bar girls as well as massage girls are safety conscious and always have condoms though they are rather small so I was glad I had the foresight to bring a large supply of Durex. After a very satisfying (although short LOL) coupling I lay back and enjoyed a gentle massage.

Once dressed, I gave her a Bht 500 tip (generous as the Bht1500 bar girl fee is ‘all inclusive’ ) but I felt in a generous mood.

I head off out into the afternoon heat and back up Sukhumvit Road to Soi 7 and the famous Soi 7 Beergarden. The format here is slightly different, although a bar they don’t have bar girls, just dozens of freelancers hanging about in the hope of finding a generous ‘friend’. I sit at a table and order a snack and another Singha and survey the lbfm meat market. The trick here is to avoid direct eye contact until you spot a bar girl you really fancy then catch her eye and she’ll soon slide over to join you if she’s interested. After ! False start I find a cute girl and spend some time getting to know her. She was more than happy with a bowl of ice cream and eventually we settled on a short time with the fee left in the air as “up to me”. Asian bar girls are fastidiously clean, she heads to the shower and has a good scrub then drags me in as well (at this rate I’m going to get wrinkled skin LOL). I get another very erotic massage and then a BBBJ. I’m in no hurry for anything else and my thai lbfm seems happy watching tv so I doze for a bit. Eventually I’m ready for a bit of boinking and manage to last a decent time! After another good scrub she dresses and I give her Bht 1,000 plus a 50 “for tuk-tuk”, I get a nice wai in return and off she goes. Soon after I crash out and sleep through till next morning.

Eden Club

Next afternoon I head off to the Eden Club. This is a sort of bar, has thai bar girls but is not an a-go-go. It’s claim to fame is no nonsense hardcore action. Bi girls, girl on girl action, sex-toys you name it they do it. I pick a bar girl and let her choose her running mate and off we go to a room. Thai bar girls are renowned for their work ethic, Eden Club girls go the extra mile. I achieved another first here, my first 3-holer thai bar girl! It was something like Bht1,700 per girl, worth every Baht as by the time I left I was drained.

That evening I head up to Soi Cowboy and the a-go-go bars. Thai bar girls don’t as a general rule speak much english but they can all manage a few questions like ‘what your name’ & ‘where you flom’ and of course ‘buy me lady-drink’ and ‘we go barfine’. Barfines range from Bht300 up and the girls want Bht1k upwards for short-time, Bht 2k upwards for longtime though this is hard to get in some bars. Many are interested in S/T only. Again the figure varies according to the bar, their looks, your looks AND your negotiating skills. I’m heading off to Pattaya the next day where prices are a little lower and I’ve had one S/T today so I decide to just enjoy the scenery and a few beers before heading down to Nana and finding a freelancer at closing time for ‘long time’.

All the bars close around 2am and after that there are lots of off-duty thai bar girls and other freelancers to be found on Sukhumvit, the Grace Coffee shop and all around Soi 4 (Soi Nana). I drift around the crowds and after a couple of false-starts, find a cute thai bar girl who is looking for a comfortable bed for the night. Another good service provider who even woke me in the morning with a nice BBBJ. I don’t lay around although tempted as today I head for Pattaya, wall to wall lbfms and pattaya bar girls are cheaper!

Pattaya for more fun and more bar girls

After packing I check out and leap into the car for Pattaya. It’s a bit slow getting to the highway but then it is the middle of the day. Once one the freeway we bowl along and in under 2 hours.

Stay tuned for next part.
A Bar Girl Hunter 🙂

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