Interview With A Filipina

Interview with MARYANN

1.) Why did you come to Angeles?

I come to Angeles because I want to help my family and to have a

better life. I want to find a foreigner boyfriend, and they can support

me what I need. Because we are a poor family and I really want to give a

better life to my parents .

2.) Why did you get job in Chatroom?

I not want to work in a bar dancing. I get job in chatroom because my cousin worked before in chatroom and she tell me about the job.

3.) How long before you found a boyfriend?

I find a boyfriend in chatroom after more than 3 months. And I realize its

really hard to find a boyfriend, because I don’t know who is serious to

me. And a lot of guys doing bola bola to the girls all the time.

4.) Why did you choose that guy and what was he like?

I choose that guy because I feel in love with him. He has always time

for me and understand my job. And nice person, then after a couple of

months he suggest me to stop working in web site. And he decided to

support me for not working in chat. He say he like the Filipino woman because they are sweet, kind, and understanding.

5.) What happen when you meet him?

When I meet him its hard for me because I hear that first he go to the province to meet his old girlfriend. It hurt me to know he was in the province with his old girlfriend. This girl is already married to another foreigner. He just said they only a friend. But I didn’t believe what he

saying to me when we meet. Then he come to Angeles with his old girlfriend and we meet. She tell me that her husband know she is with my boyfriend and he OK because he think they are just good friends. Then he get me a computer so I can work in Chatroom from my apartment.

6.) What happen after he left Angeles?

Until he go home on his place until now were still together and I don’t

know if his old girlfriend and him has still communication each other.

I’m just happy working in web site again, I’m trying to find a new boyfriend even if I’m working on my other boyfriend business because it hurt what

he done to me. But I will move on and someday I can find a right guy

for me.

7.) What did you do when you find out he bola bola you?

When I found out he bola bola me of course its really hurt and hard to

forget because I really love him. I want to kill him because I hate

him so much for falling me down. After a few weeks I realize that I need

to survive and make a new life again. So I go back to work for him but na I look for new boyfriend as well.

8.) How is your life now?

I’m still working in web site for my first boyfriend and he give me P15,000 a month include my salary for webchat. My second

Boyfriend send me P10,000 per month. My 3 rd boyfriend send me

P10,000 a month but I said each of them I have only one boyfriend every time they ask me

9.) What happen if 2 of your boyfriend come to Angeles at the same


If my 2 boyfriend come here in Angeles I will meet the one who give

Me a big support. And I will stay with him, of course I will stay with

Him because I love him as well. While my second boyfriend I will lie

To him, I will tell him that I’m going to Manila or province to have a

Short vacation and visit my family .

Thank you MaryAnn.

You are welcome Miss Sinag

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