What Brings Us Back

What brings us back to the Philippines again and again????

A question we probably all have struggled with before. It has taken me about 4 or 5 visits to come up with my list of reasons. Maybe some of you will agree and maybe some of you will not, or some of you may even have more personal reasons. Aside from the obvious; puki, pek pek, nookie, pussy, gash, trim even pwet if you prefer…….there are many more deeper and and meaningful reasons.

I fall under the spell of the filipinas for many reasons, not the least of which is the following:

1. I love the way they eat. The way the hold the fork and spoon (never a knife) reminds me of a small child eating with utensils for the first time. They way they mix any sauces of meat juices with their food always makes me giggle and wonder why……they dip their over sized spoon into the sauce and dribble it on a spoonful of rice and eat it, then they repeat. Why oh why cant they just pour it all over their rice is not a question they can answer or even understand. They are expert and pulling apart a steak or ribs or chicken with a spoon and fork (something I have neither the patience nor dexterity to master). Always at the end of the meal they will hoard a little bit of leftovers for their friends back at work, even though they may still be hungry. They are true eating machines if you just let them go, but they do it so gracefully.

2. I love the way they sleep. I think next time I will try an experiment, I will bf a girl at 6 pm and then let her go to sleep right away and see just how long she will sleep. She will wake up, with no alarm, always about 1 1/2 hours before she has to be back to work, allowing time for a shower and a shit (even they wont admit to that). The way they hold you close, as if to make sure you don’t leave them in the middle of the night. The little noises (I guess you could call it snoring) that come from them as they enter deep REM sleep. Sometimes they wake in the night just to stroke your head and cheeks as if to make sure your comfortable, and then they drift off again. In my opinion the are the very definition of CUDDLE.

3. The way they act in public when they are with their man. Always holding your hand, or putting their arm around your waist when your walking…..as if to say to the whole neighborhood “I’m with him, don’t even try to get between us”. If you give them an umbrella in the rain, they will make sure you fit under it as well. If you go shopping they like to hear your opinion, and they try their best to make sure you don’t get cheated and are treated with respect from salespeople. They like to stop and say Hi to their friends at the internet cafes or clothes stalls or beauty shops all the while pulling you along to “show off”, and encouraging their friends to say how “guapo” you are.

4. I love the way they worry. If you don’t feel well, they don’t feel well. If you are sick they want to take care of you. If you are injured they want to heal you. If you are sad they want to make you happy (they can at times tell the funniest jokes and stories). A side note here: One day I caught a cold or some bug from a dancer at ROADHOUSE, I told her I would not be in that night. Several hours later a knock on my door found her standing there with some BIOFLU and some liquid medicine and a guilty look on her face. How can you turn that away, we went back to the bar and I barfined her for the night, she took care of me.

5. I love the way they say goodbye. When it was time for me to leave, they made it so hard I started trying to work out a plan in my head of how I could stay just one more day. They hold on tight and bury their head in your chest, when you pull up their chin, the tears won’t stop. I assured her I would be back, as I have been back for the past 5 years. She smiled and seemed to understand I was not bullshitting her. I wiped her tears and sent her on her way, always turning to wave just one more time.

6. Last but not least. SEX. I don’t believe the term LBFM does these girls justice. When they get “passionate”, there is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING they will not do to please you…..if they like you. They don’t just fuck you then roll over to sleep, they enjoy to the fullest the whole experience, and try to make sure you do also. When the act is complete, you couldn’t pry them away from your arms with a crowbar, once again, the very definition of CUDDLE. This is a tricky one for some people cause I said before “if they like you”. If the girl(s) really like you, then it becomes their mission to make sure you enjoy the sex, and they expect the same from you. If you bf a girl, and you both don’t really enjoy each others company, then don’t bother taking her to bed, your better off grabbing a freelancer for that.

All my reasons are true for me, maybe also for some of you. Some guys just want to have fun, in my opinion they will miss out on the little things that make the trip so much worth repeating year after year. Some things I didn’t bother to list, the food, the people you meet, the different events (CIA – SOB – LOCKINS – POOL PARTY). They all contribute to the ultimate experience for sure, but what I have stated above can be all rolled into one acronym GFE (Girl Friend Experience). I have had girlfriends here in the states, but never the TRUE GFE. It’s a gift native to the Philippines (maybe Thailand also). Some times I think these girls are born with the need to please encoded in their DNA. Whatever the reasons, I’m glad I have met the girls I have met, I’m glad I have been coming here for 5 years and will continue, I’m glad I have met some of the board members and administrators and bar owners and restaurant owners and mamasans and papasans and Expats and foreigners (you ARL guys crack me up all the time).

As a famous general said one time “I will return”, so it is true for me again, and again, and again, until the day I move here or die whichever comes first.

– Kregg

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