Life in the province…It will be different. There are of course monger opportunities here and we will report on them, but this section of AE will be used mostly for discussion about living away from all the glitz and glamour that is Angeles City and the strange and bizarre life which living on a beach affords.

We love AC and will never abandon her, no matter what. But the grand experiment of our move to Dumaguete is underway and we want to share it with you.

Read on and join in the roller-coaster ride that is province life.

Life on a beach…

Sounds good, right? The imagery running through your head right now is worth more than I could ever write here. So just take a moment and picture what you think life on a beach is and multiply it by 100. That is life here in Dumaguete.

But just what makes that possible and the events to actually get that dream beach front property is not a bed of roses, let me tell you. There were trials and tribulations aplenty which led up to finally sitting down on the beach with the wind blowing through your hair staring out at the playing turtles in your front yard.

But the question remains. Why leave Angeles City, a permanent vacation, to an isolated area like Dumaguete?

First of all, let’s face it. Life in AC’s not too shabby. I mean, what’s not to love? There are a ton of bars, great places to eat, good Expat support, great friends and of course we can’t forget the thousands of willing and able Filipinas just waiting there all seemingly for you. If you can’t find happiness in AC, you just aren’t looking hard enough.

So what makes a man want to leave?

Yup, it’s that ‘life on a beach’ thing again. That dream house right on the beach so close to the ocean that the pounding of the waves can be heard as you drift off into an island slumber. Hell, back in the real world I paid about a hundred bucks for one of those sleep machines which simulated all sorts of white noise sounds in an attempt to put the listener in a comatose like state to get some much needed rest.

While it had the ‘babbling brook’ and ‘forest rain’ setting, inevitably the switch always found its way to ‘pounding surf’ as this insomniac tried to catch 40 winks before heading back into the rat race early the next morning.

Yes, leaving the states was a no-brainer and done with little thought. AC was easy. It was a rescuing of a tired soul. I often tell people that although I am only 40 years old, it is not the years it is indeed the mileage. I needed AC and it probably saved my sanity.

Here on the beach that calming ocean sound is constant. Even now as I write this I can hear the waves pounding into the shore in a relentless battle between surf and sand.

Things slow down here and a pace of life is visibly slower even after only 3 to 4 days of being here. Yeah, I think I’m going to like it here. Sure I will miss the AC life, but it will be nice to visit there as a tourist and forget all those things that annoy there.

Drummer and I always joked that we would like to invent a pill that one could take every night before a bar hop which would make each night feel like the first night. You know, give that ‘deer in the headlight’ look that all cherry boys have. You forget about the vendors on the streets. You ignore the bad service. You forgive the constant ‘white face’ price gouging. You simply have a great time and appreciate all the great things Angeles City has to offer.

Well, I found the pill. It’s called province life.

Past the death lizards and snakes, past the 3 hour pizza runs and the wet salty dog running into the house, past the bug convention at dusk and the muddy foot trails posing as major roads, there is a charm to Dumaguete that makes it all worth while.

At least for now…

Because, let’s not forget. This is just a trial. I might go island crazy and start to look like Dustin Hoffman in Papillon trying to judge those ocean waves for escape routes. Just maybe friends in Angeles will hear a pounding on their doors some night from a runaway island boy looking for a place to crash in AC. I just don’t know yet what life in the province is going to be like.

But oh what a fun ride it will be…

Stay tuned for stories and reports on all aspects of province life. For better or for worse I won’t sugar coat anything about this grand experiment. You’ll get both the bad and the good about living here in Dumaguete.

Living the dream; life on a beach.

Until next time, that was a slice of province life…


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