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Chapter 2


Now that I have discovered the Philippines and the beautiful Filipinas, at least on the internet, it was time to make all preparations to go and see them in real life. Sounds easy enough, but if you have never traveled internationally before, you will soon find out that it takes a lot of patience and a little bit of travel (depending on the proximity of a U.S. government office to you). What to do first. Again back to the internet for more research. I had nobody I could ask, as nobody I knew had ever traveled outside of the country. I was at the total mercy of my new best friends “The Message Boards”. Looking at Government web sites will give you a bad headache quick. Best just to ask those who have “been there, done that”. The best money I ever invested, less than $100 USD got me (and to this day still gets me) all the information I could ask for, and a few new friends along the way.

Step 1, getting the proper documents to exit/enter the country. In my research I found that I would not be needing a VISA as I wouldn’t be able to spend an extended period of time abroad, thus it was all a matter of applying for a Passport, good for 21 days, which was plenty of time for me. The bonus of having a passport is that it is valid for several years, a plus if your planning to travel frequently and an all around good piece of identification to have. Once again, thanks to keywords and search engines for providing me with the necessary websites to answer my questions about where I can apply for a passport. The first option was to go to a government office in the downtown area of my city. I live in the suburbs and that is about a 15 to 20 mile commute for me, plus outrageous parking fees (if you can find parking), plus the constant needling of runny nosed, itching, twitching crack heads begging for a quarter on every street corner. No thank you, I don’t have the patience for that, even as visions of LBFM’s danced in my head, I could not steel myself to make that commute.

More searching, and more searching provided a golden opportunity. Certain U.S. Post Offices can provide the service. As luck would have it, there was one about 3.5 miles from my house. Ureka!. I called the Post Office and inquired as to the documentation I would need to get a U.S. Passport. Drivers License, Social Security Card and “original” Birth Certificate (which will be returned to you at a later date) along with the birthday of both your parents. I think, I am not sure about this, you will also need something that has been addressed to you, something like an official document or utility bill, something that proves you live where you say you live. You will also need a photo of yourself, standing in front of a white background, if you don’t have one they can take your photo there (for a small fee), but it must be in front of a white background, they were very specific about that.

Grabbing all the needed documents, I ran (well, I walked fast) to my car and within 10 minutes I was there. As many times as I have been to the neighborhood post office, I can never remember there ever being a line of more than 2 or 3 people, as I entered this particular branch, I was taken aback by the line of about 16 to 18 people, all waiting to apply for passports….go figure. Within 30 minutes I was at the head of the line, not a bad wait in my opinion. The whole process took about 10 minutes (including 5 minutes just waiting for the picture to develop), paid my fee of about $100 USD (a little more or a little less, I don’t remember clearly) and was on my way back home with a quick stop at the local Wendy’s to treat myself for my accomplishments that day. Within 2 weeks my passport arrived, now I realize that’s very fast as I have heard some people wait 2 or 3 times that for theirs, and I was so exstatic I could hardly contain my exuberance. I told all my co-workers, all my friends and even all my family. I realize it’s just a passport and no big deal, but to me it was the key to the mysteries of the far east (south east actually).

Step 2, booking the hotel. Where will I go? Where will I stay? How long will I stay? All questions that gave me more computer experience as the choices were almost endless. Once again onto the Message Boards and all the golden nuggets of information to be found. With the use of the boards I was able to narrow my choices of destination cities in the Philippines down to 4 or 5, and in the end there was only one choice to be made (for me that is) Angeles City. Without doubt, for the purposes of my trip, this city has the most exposure on the internet. A veritable candy store for the single male traveler. The hotels in this city, high end and low end, were also numerous. With the help of the Boards (again), I made my choice, a hotel right in the middle of the “action”, it was close to everything. “I would like to reserve a poolside room for 2 weeks in August please”, a day later came the confirmation, “Dear sir, your poolside room in the Dandelion Wing (or some such name) has been reserved for you on the dates you have requested. Thank you and we await your arrival”. A quick trip to the bathroom for a little “sal sal” punctuated my uncontrollable delight.

Where I come from we have 4 seasons, winter, spring, summer and fall. In the Philippines they have 2 seasons, rainy and dry, which are also called slow and busy. The rainy/slow season starts in May and continues until September. My first thoughts were “You idiot, you should have checked the weather before booking”. Now I was having nightmares of being in Angeles City for 2 weeks stuck in my hotel room avoiding typhoons and torrential rains. A slight depression set into my brain, until I was back on the boards, were all my fears were put to rest. Yes it rains, but not a lot and not everyday and typhoons usually hit land a bit further north than where I was going to be. So I decided a little rain in a hot and humid climate could be a good thing as it may cool things down a bit. Also I found that visiting in the slow season was more economical as prices for various businesses are usually reduced.

Step 3, booking the flight. Now here is where geography, personal preference and a thrifty nature differ from folks to folks. As I said before, I live on the East Coast of the United States. Looking for cheap flights that connect in 9 different airports around the globe with multiple layovers was not entering into my thoughts. I booked a flight from east coast to west coast then onto the Philippines, flight time was not a consideration as I was just eager to get there in the shortest amount of time possible. In later years, price, flight time and layovers would enter my planning, but not for my very first trip. $1500 USD (plus tax and fees) at this point in my life was a small enough price to pay for what I was about to experience, at least I had hoped it was going to be. Another quick email to the hotel with my flight information and a request for transportation to and from the airport was met yet again with a quick reply. I was all set….yahoooo

Chapter 1: DISCOVERY

Chapter 1


When did you know you wanted to go to the Philippines? I don’t remember the exact day or the exact time but I remember the year. It wasn’t any earth shattering, eye opening moment of clarity I can tell you that, it was more a matter of research and gradual discovery. I have always been attracted to Asian women. As far back as my high school years I can always remember wanting to be with Asian girls. At the time it didn’t matter if they were Korean, Chinese, Japanese etc. As long as they were Asian, I wanted to be around them. I have dated my fare share of so called “western” girls, but the first time I actually had a romantic encounter with an Asian girl (who happened to be Japanese), I knew I could never again be comfortable with occidental females in a romantic environment. “Once you go Asian, you never go Caucasian”. Truer words were never spoken.

Then came the “computer age” and the advent of internet. Virtually a whole world of knowledge at your fingertips. All you needed was time (because it can be time consuming) and a little imagination. Being the young man I was, just entering the full bloom of manhood and full of raging hormones, of course I dabbled slightly in the search for free porn. I am not ashamed to admit this, as it was part of my evolution into the mongerer I am today. Literally hundreds of thousands of sites dedicated to one thing, naked Asian girls, all exposed for my viewing pleasure. I was in hog heaven, albeit fleeting, I enjoyed hours upon hours of viewing slant eyed, olive skinned, ebony haired beauties. At this point I would like to thank those responsible for allowing me to discover and understand the power of “keywords” and “search engines”. Gods will/karma/fate/happenstance, whatever the cause, I was able to stumble upon the now famous, possibly infamous, Filipina.

Trying to find a Filipino community, in vain I might add, in my geographic locality turned up about 0 possibilities for me to try and meet someone from the islands who lived here. I knew there had to be some somewhere near me, but my searches always ended in a certain disheartening lack of information. I had decided to try the “low tech” approach and turned to word of mouth for my information. I queried friend after friend until finally one told me about a co-worker of his who was married to a Filipina. He had met his wife through a catalog. A catalog? They actually have catalogs of Filipinas who want to get married? True enough as it turned out. This was, perhaps, the first of many “red flags” I was about to encounter regarding Filipinas.

Through my friend and his co-worker, I was able to meet the wife, which in turn led to the opportunity to meet many Filipinas now living in the United States. By the way, I still celebrate that day, as sort of an anniversary, by sending my friend a bottle of Hennessy, which he accepts with a huge grin. Now I can proceed, having finally accomplished my goal of meeting some Filipinas that lived near me. I was instantly intrigued by their culture and beliefs and took a keen interest in the language (Tagalog) which I found fun to use. Trying to learn as much as I could from all the girls I met turned out to be a daunting task as they were more interested in learning my language and culture and trying to forget their own. Now some of you may know, and some of you may not, but when Filipinas come to America, it doesn’t take long for them to become “westernized”. A terrible dread disease indeed. They change from the cute little fun loving girls we met overseas to evil little temptresses who care for no one and nothing except how to get more money and where they can go to spend it. This may not be true of all, but in almost every case I came across, it was true.

Now I have settled on the notion that the Philippines holds the girls of my dreams, more so than Japan or China or Korea, etc. In future years I would come to realize that Thailand was a very very close second in that race. So back to the “high tech” approach. I immersed my self back into the World Wide Web and searched for all the information I could find about the Philippines and the people (girls mostly of course). I tried chat rooms, chat sites (with women who would masturbate for a price), date sites, web sites and countless others, none to my liking. Finally I hit upon Message Boards, and I found a home (at least in the virtual world). A place where information, first hand knowledge, one on one communication abound.

I am not what you would call dense, but at times I am a little slow to pick up on things. After all the months of gathering the desired information, I knew I had to go there. Yet it never occurred to me to go ahead and make plans to do so. I had a good steady job, that afforded me the means and opportunity to go, I had a somewhat lax familial life that allowed me the means and opportunity to go, yet still I never thought about actually traveling there. When it did occur to me to go, it was like a ton of bricks fell on my head and woke me up into reality from a sexual fantasy induced coma. My discovery was almost complete now, all that was left to do was go and take my first foray into, what I believed, was a true paradise for a single guy who was in love (at least lust) with the Asian female.

Introduction to a Mongers Life

This series of articles was sent to us by a member who wishes to remain anonymous. They are a great read and we hope you will enjoy them.

A Mongers Life

How does a man become so enamored with a certain place, a certain people, a certain lifestyle, to the point that it becomes his only reason to work, to the point it becomes his only topic of conversation, to the point of obsession. When a man visits Angeles City, his life, at least for a few days or few weeks, becomes perfect in every respect. He may suffer dread sickness, unimaginable hardships, even near death experiences, yet he can imagine himself being no other place in the world.

When you go to Angeles City, especially for the first time, you can imagine no greater pleasurable experience, your every waking moment has become the greatest adventure of your life. When you return to your native home, wherever that may be, you now find yourself going through terrible withdrawals (affectionately known as PPD..Post Philippine Depression). When your there, nothing of your home life matters to you anymore. Family sickness, workplace problems, unpaid bills have no place in you cognitive thinking. When your not there, nothing matters to you more than getting back. Family sickness, workplace problems, unpaid bills all have now become trivial in nature. Somehow you are able to keep them in the perspective of “How will this affect my next trip”.

Is this a good thing? Some would say yes, as it gives a new meaning to our hum drum everyday life. A way to keep unimportant matters from becoming important. A way to fight the dreaded 9 to 5 existence that leaves so many with a numb, stuck in a rut, feeling that plagues our very existence. These are the men who believed there was nothing better in life than working for the weekend, when they could go out with the boys and have a few drinks and spend exorbitant amounts of money just to look at some, less than healthy, unhappy, snobbish women who think we are the dregs of humanity, and then brag about it at work the next day at the water cooler. Some would say no, this is not a good thing. These are the people who have yet to discover the hidden pleasures and treasures of Southeast Asia. All they know is what they hear in the (uninformed) news. To them it is just a “slave traders” paradise. A place where perverts and child molesters go to act out their fantasies with relative impunity to the law and its consequences, and an inhumane disregard for other cultures and other peoples.

Angeles City is a place to go to meet people, that is the ultimate outcome of every visit to this less than modern little town. You will meet online friends who have common interests and common goals. You will meet women/girls here, whose own deep desire is to meet their prince charming who will take them away from a poverty ridden, corrupt environment, yet are just as happy to “date” some men so as to, at least for a day or two, escape their sad life and be treated as they have not been treated before….as a human being. You will meet expats (people from far away countries who choose to live there). These are the people who greet you with their hands out, not expecting you to put anything into their hands, instead expecting you to take their hands in friendship. They will make us feel welcome and comfortable in a strange land with strange customs and ideals.

So what is it that makes us want to come back. What is it that keeps us coming back. What is it that helps us to reaffirm our role in life as MAN. What is it that, on most occasions, makes us a better, happier, healthier human being when we are there than when we are not. I will, humbly, attempt to put into words that which is near impossible to explain to others. Near impossible because most of what “IT” is, is emotion, sub-conscience feelings, life changing experiences that are too personal for some to relate to others in any coherent, logical way. In the next few weeks/months (as this is no small task) I will be relating personal experiences (mine and others), offering my own opinions as well as the opinions of others I have contacted, citing facts that can be verified, should you choose to, and occasionally adding some literary flourish just for the hell of it. It will be entertaining (to some), enlightening (to some), memorable (to some) and just down right dirty fun at times.

Why do I choose to remain anonymous? To add to the flavor of course, but also I choose to be seen as “everyman” who has been through or is about to go through this evolution of first time visitor (cherry boy) to seasoned traveler (mongerer). Thank you and I hope you enjoy this material.

Big bars VS small bars

Big bars VS small bars

Some people prefer the smaller bars whilst others tend to gravitate towards the bigger bars. In this article I will examine the advantages and disadvantages of both giving specific examples and pictures.

The Big bars

The big bars have a number of advantages over the smaller bars. These are as follows.

1: Quantity of girls:

The first big advantage for the customer is very obviously the quantity of girls. The bigger bars will in general have a lot more girls for you to choose from. For example on any one night the Blue Nile will normally feature up to 150 girls, Neros 100 plus, Camelot 80 plus but the king of quantity is the Dollhouse which is open 24/7 and boasts over 200 girls on anyone night. The Dollhouse owners are currently in the process of expanding by building their new club Atlantis and as such are stocking up on girls. If you’re into quantity and variety then it doesn’t come much better than this.


2: Larger range of products and services:

The big bars are generally speaking, more professional and can offer the customer a greater range of products and services. The big bars offer a number of products and services which are often lacking in the smaller bars. These include the following

Larger range of alcohol:

A larger range of alcohol and generally a better stocked bar. The bigger bars will nearly always have a better stocked bar with a larger range of alcohol than the smaller bars. If you are not a drinker this will mean very little to you but if you like the occasional shooter or a particular brand of alcohol then the big bars better stocked bar will be an attractive feature for you.

Music library:

In general the bigger bars have a more extensive music library and a higher quality sound system. For the customer this means you can listen to the music you like and the sound reproduction will normally be off a higher standard as well. For example in Neros, Blue Nile the Blue Nile Executive, Doll House and Camelot they use JBL speakers not the cheaper Concertz speakers. The music selection inside a bar, particularly in an Angeles bar, is very important. Whilst some couldn’t care less about the music many guys go to a bar specifically because they like the music. Many customers are sick and tired of the same old bubble gum pop played for the girls and secondly when the customer hears the music he likes it enhances his overall experience of a particular bar.

Financial services:

Financial transactions such as paying by credit card or changing money or even having to make a signed chit are a lot easier in the bigger bars. Many of the smaller bars do not have credit card facilities and they do not change money. Lastly it is unusual for a smaller operation to let the customer run a tab whereas in the bigger bar with more cash reserves this is common practise.

Social interaction

To some extent all bars are a social meeting place however in the big bars the social meeting aspect is more pronounced. The bigger bars can comfortably host a greater number of people consequently they function as a social gathering place more so than the smaller bars.

Bar Layout

Simply because the bigger bars have more room this gives the customer more options when it comes to enjoying himself. For example in a big bar you can hide away in a corner with your honey-ko or party with a large group in the center of the bar. You can sit and have a quiet drink or play rowdy drinking games with a group of friends. Simply put there are more options available to you in the bigger establishments.


The bigger bars normally have a lot more glitz and razzamatazz. The glitz and razzamatazz includes fancy lighting, a large range of music, numerous bikinis and special costumes, moving stages, live bands, alternating bar decorations, specialized dance groups, special events, special shows and many other elements. Whereas the smaller bars tend to take the simple ‘what you see is what you get’ approach the bigger bars tend to adopt the more high profile, Broadway like approach. The bigger bars are more commercially orientated, designed to attract the tourists.

Click to view


Getting your rocks off.

By definition the bigger bars are more commercially orientated. Because they have a larger number and greater variety of girls this increases the customer’s chances of finding his preferred partner. Indeed the emphasis in the bigger bars tends to be on churning out the bar-fines as well as drinking and partying.

The Smaller Bars

Just as size gives the bigger bars a number of advantages the lack of size also gives the smaller bars certain advantages.

The personal approach

A major advantage of the smaller bars is they are more personal. The emphasis in the smaller bars is not on volume but on a more personalised approach. For example many of the patrons of the small bar are regulars and the bar becomes like their home away from home. The regulars get to know the managers and owners as well as most of the Filipino staff.



There are less girls in the smaller bars and as such it is probably harder to find the so called stunners. However what the girls lack in the looks department they certainly more than make up for in amenable attitudes. Traditionally the girls in the smaller less commercialized bars are friendlier than in the bigger bars and certainly more willing to accommodate the customer wishes.



Under the radar:

The small bars often operate “under the radar” and as such they can get away with things that the big bars cannot. For example lock in parties, raunchy shows, and in some cases oral sex on the premises. Basically they take the approach of being low profile out of the general publics view and this allows them certain leeway when it comes to what goes on in the bar.


In the smaller bars it is easier to dominate the bar and this usually involves a lot less cash than in the bigger bars. The customer can take over the bar, hold private parties with a group of friends, arrange private shows and play with the girls to a much greater extent than in the bigger bars. The girls are also more willing to play than in the big bars.



The smaller bars have a less commercialized feel because they are not dealing with the volume of customers and the customers they do attract seem to be long time locals or long time tourists. Often the music is limited and played at a lower less obtrusive volume. The smaller bars will normally play more laid back older music. The number of girls is also limited and the customers rather than having the “flip em and stick em” attitude will go to the smaller bars seeking a regular repeat favorite.


The smaller bars tend to have lower prices than the big bars normally by about 10% but in some cases 20% lower. The lower prices occur simply because they have lower overheads and secondly their market is the regulars who are more budget conscious.


The bigger bars strive to create the party atmosphere but in the smaller bars they tend to act much the same as the local pub but with girls. The atmosphere or ambience is more laid back and the emphasis is on a more personal approach. It is not uncommon for the patrons to know all the staff inside a smaller bar. Perhaps the best way to describe the ambience is to relate it to the American sitcom “cheers”.


The presentation of the girls once again exemplifies a more basic approach. There are no costume changes here and multiple sets of bikinis, no makeup artist and no special boots. In most of the smaller bars they have one maybe two sets of bikinis and in some cases just panties a bra and sandals. The lighting on the stage is also kept to a basic minimum and normally there is only a limited range of music played through a cheap low quality sound system.

In summary the big bars and the smaller bars operate at totally the opposite end of the spectrum appealing to different customer tastes. Both are fun and it all depends on what the customer is looking for. The bigger bars will always represent the party till you drop approach with lots of girls and loud music, whilst the smaller bars are friendlier more personable and generally laid back catering to an older regular clientele.

The purpose of this article is to show the differences between the small bars and the bigger bars. It does not reflect my personal opinions in any way.

Red’s Cherry Angeles City Trip

I made this trip report for a “Newbie”, like me, in mind. Also… It is kind of a diary for me. I think I rambled too much and got into too much detail but I had to get it out of my system. After finishing this report I thought twice about posting it… but hey… I figured maybe some other new guy might get something from it.

There are a lot of members on AE that know why I came to Angeles. For those of you that don’t I will make a long story short.

I met a girl online from Angeles let’s call her “D”. She is quite lovely and we became friends. We chatted many times a week on yahoo instant messenger. As I learned more about her I found that she hated her job as a dancer on Fields Ave.. She told me all about her family and that she was only working the bars to help her siblings. Her mom left the family when she was young and her Dad has been “missing” since a week after her 18th birthday. He was the only one supporting them and “D” (being the eldest) stopped her studies and entered the bar scene to support her family.

I started to send her money so she could quit the bar scene.

Shortly after I started to send her money I did some research on where she was from and stumbled upon a site called Asian Escapades.

As I started to learn more about life in Angeles through this site my suspicions about her telling me the truth grew. As months passed and it was nearing the time for my first trip to Angeles I had to know if she was being honest with me. The only thing I had that I could check up on is that after I started to send her money she said she got a job at El Sombrero. The job only lasted a few weeks but still it was something that I could try to check up on before my trip.

Two members of AE helped out and in the end I found that El Sombrero never hired her as a waitress. Well by this time my trip was already planned and I figured that if things did not work out with “D” what better place for a single guy to be… right !!! So off I go to Angeles City.

With advice from some of the members here I showed up unannounced to try to make sure she was telling me the truth about her work and life there in Angeles. Again…. I wanted to make sure she was not working in the bars after I started to send her money.

So… My first day in AC I drank beer at Kokonutz because it had the view of La Pasha. La Pasha is where she worked before I started to send her money.

Drinking beer and waiting to see if she would show up for work I was approached by a few freelance girls at Kokonutz. Each freelancer was on the dirty side and definitely on something. I don’t know the drug of choice for these girls but it is not attractive. There eyes where yellow (probably a sign of a more serious problem) and watery. I was begged by two of the three freelancers to use my hotel shower.

As I looked around Kokonutz I noticed that the staff of girls there were quite cute. It made me wonder why the management would let these freelancers rome the room and literally sit beside a guest uninvited and start a conversation. Whatever drug they are on it is not conducive to a good conversation. The freelancers were fidgety and “not all there”.

Maybe this is what some of the tourists like but I failed to see the attraction. Anyway I am sure Mo’s bars are a blast. Kokonutz has a great set up but in my opinion I would have had a better stay there without the freelancers.


Well… I did not see “D” go to work at La Pasha that night and did not want to bar hop alone knowing that I would be meeting some AE members at C’Italian the next night. So I just went back to Wild Orchid Resort and drank beer and had some fun with the staff at Wild Orchid Resort.

Knowing what I know now I should have went into one of the bars and picked a bar fine but I felt a little out of my element and decided to just take it easy. I will not make this mistake again. If you have a free night with no obligations do not spend it alone. Go into any of the places recommended buy this site and have a blast.

Some of the great staff at Wild Orchid Resort.

I took a long walk around Fields and walked into most of the popular hotels just to see what was out there. After the walk I knew I was staying in a great hotel. I am sure everyone has their own opinion on which hotel is best but I plan on staying at Wild Orchid Resort next time I come to AC. The rooms were spotless and bug free. The staff there didn’t just straighten up the rooms everyday. They really cleaned every inch of the place. I thought the room was great. The pool speaks for itself !!!

The next morning I still did not call “D”. At this point I still didn’t know if she has been honest with me over the last eight months and I really wanted to meet the guys from AE and have dinner and a bar hop before calling her. This was not a mistake!

Well…. What a dinner it was. I arrived to see a table full of people in a really nice room that Jung and Netguard procured at C’Italian.

Most of the guys at AE know how great C’Italian is BUT LISTEN UP !!!! To all you newbies like me. C’Italian has the best food in Angeles. It is truly the only place that I had a meal that was just perfect. I spend most of my time in New York City. Anyone that has ever been to NYC knows that the food in NYC is exceptional (if you stay away from the tourist traps). Well… I traveled half a world away and found exceptional food at C’Italian.

Bring your date there, meet your friends there or go alone and have the best meal in Angeles City…. (order the PANNIZZA)

Check out their menu @

I did not do a great job taking pics of my trip to Angeles. So I had to steal a few from AE’s report…

A few pics from The Cherry Dinner

Jung’s appetizer. Yep he ate the whole thing !!! Hee hee…

Netguard’s appetizer… Well actually he ate 14 of these appetizer’s before the main course… hee hee

I passed a little gas and cleared the room….

Anyway this dinner was great. I met a lot of great people and felt welcomed by all. We ate a lot. I mean the food just kept coming. Dish after dish hit the table and everything was great. The owner, Chris, certainly knows how to feed a table of people. I only ate at a few different places during my stay in Angeles and the food was good but not like C’Italian.

After dinner we had more drinks and hung out in the adjoining room for awhile before they took me on my first bar hop.


We started at “My Bar” This is a great bar and like a “Newbie” I bar fined the first girl that clung to me. I was advised before starting this bar hop not to take the first girl I see but I liked her and decided that this will be the one to break my Cherry Bar Hop. She was great company and I knew that if I wanted to bar fine a different girl I could have. There was no need… she bar hopped with us all night and I really liked her company. Really… Most of the guys here will advise you not to bar fine the first girl you see and basically they are right but if you feel right about one of the first girls you see … I say go for it. You must understand that the guys giving advise, to someone new like me, have been in Angeles for quite some time and know a lot more than someone new, like me. I guess what I am trying to say is… If it feels right… Do it. Sometimes even the veterans from Angeles don’t know what is best for you personally. Yes … they have the best advice on living and visiting Angeles but can never guess on what type of girl you should bar fine first.

After leaving “My Bar” with the guys and this girl, Jung noticed immediately that this girl’s boyfriend was following us. This is something I probably would not have noticed. Just another reason to meet some people before you go to AC. Especially if you are traveling alone. This girl’s boyfriend was not looking for trouble he was just trying to intimidate his girl into deciding not to go out with me. Jung, Netgaurd and the guys took care of the situation in minutes.

We went to Alaska, Bunny Ranch, Blue Nile, Blue Nile Executive, Roadhouse and Insomnia.

Thank god someone was on top of taking pictures. Hee hee hee I have a few pics of “My Bar” and then the next photos on my camera are of me poppin’ my cherry at the hotel with my first bar fine. I think a few of the AE members took pics. Thanks for that guys… I guess I was a little preoccupied with her little ass gyrating on my lap all night.

I had a great time with her. I was advised NOT to bar fine the same girl again… (not because she was a bad bar fine) but because the person advising me wanted me to go with a different girl for obvious reasons. I decided that I wanted another night with this girl and bar fined her again anyway. She was a nice girl with a perfect little @#$%^ and just wanted to see her again. So I did…I can’t remember where the fuck we went this night. We started at “My Bar” and had some drinks with the manager. Great Guy…. Then I am pretty sure we went to meet Jack and Gordy but where???? Maybe one of them can jog my memory…

I had a great time.


So now… back to the girl I came to meet….

I had a few nights of fun and decided to find out if “D” was for real. I had an offer to go to a BBQ but decided that I just had to find out for myself if the girl I came to meet was telling me the truth.

Remember “D” told me she worked at El Sombrero…

Anyway I went to El Sombrero with the girl I bar fined. I sent her in with a picture and told her to ask the owner if she had ever worked there. She came out with a sad look on her face and said “Sorry Red, He has only seen her in El Sombrero eating and never hired her”. So I tipped my bar fine girl and sent her on her way.

Well I just about gave up on the girl I came to meet and was ready to spend the rest of my trip bar fining the lovely selection of woman there on Fields Ave. I went back to Wild Orchid for some eggs, showered and took a nap. The afternoon power nap is great because you just ate some food before the nap and you wake up thirsty for beer. Hee Hee

A few hours later it was time for the La Pasha girls to show up for work again. I found myself at Kokonutz again looking to see who would filter into La Pasha. I was approached by the same nasty freelancer from the last time I was at Kokonutz. I told her politely that I did not want any company. To my surprise she left me alone. I thought for sure that it would take awhile to get rid of her but she just said “OK” and left me alone.

Again… I did not see “D” go in to La Pasha to work. So I went in and asked the manager if he knew her. I showed him her picture and he said “NO, I don’t know her”… he then asked the Mama at La Pasha if she knew this girl….. AND TO MY SURPRISE … the Mama said “She has not worked here for about 8 months… she has a boyfriend from NYC sending her money and chooses not to work at the bars anymore”.

Once I learned that she was telling me the truth about working at the bars… I called her immediately. She was very surprised to find out I was in AC unannounced and said she will be at La Pasha in minutes.

We met at La Pasha within the next half hour… Finally I saw her face for real. This was pretty cool for me. Here I am a half a world away and meeting someone that I have chatted with for 8 months. To me, this was pretty cool. I am sure members here have heard many stories like this and it is nothing new to the veterans of AC but I thought it was great to finally see a face I have known for so long.

I apologized for showing up unannounced and explained to her that I knew she never worked at EL Sombrero even before I got my tickets to come to Angeles. Then I told her that I went there in the afternoon and confirmed this fact myself. I asked “How honest have you been with me over last 8 months”.

She started to cry…. she admitted to me that she never had worked at El Sombrero! She said “I told you that I had that job there because I was so embarrassed that I did not find a job outside the bars yet”.

I guess I put this pressure on her because after sending her money to keep her from the bar scene, I asked her to help me help her and find a job outside of the bars.

We talked for an hour or so at La Pasha and then I got text messages from the boys at AE. They said they were on a bar hop and invited us along.

So… we went to meet the AE guys and I had a great time. She, on the other hand, did not. During our bar hop, at any given time, there was an AE member questioning “D”. I saw this happening and I was grateful that the AE guys were looking out for my best interest. I let it all happen because I knew if there was a question left unanswered these guys would find it out.

Did they behave? Yes, of course they did … there was no mention of the girl I had bar fined the nights before and I appreciated their candor. They asked her many questions about her life in the Philippines and asked many questions about my relationship with her. I must say that I watched as she was drilled with these questions … but I knew it had to be done. I listened in a little and like cops these guys new what to ask and asked quickly. I felt bad for her but she should have never lied to me. Had she just told the truth none of this would have been happening.

Anyway… I had a great time that night and I thank the guys that were trying to help me find out if this girl was for real. For you readers that were not there, realize that this is the first time AE members met “D”. They were very concerned about my well being and only tried to help me in my plight to have a relationship with a filipino bar girl.

Some pics from that night…

Well… that night I finally took “D” to my hotel room. She was very upset. She started to cry and told me how upset she was about all of my new friends questioning her. She said… “Red, Why do all of your friends question me? … Didn’t you tell them about me? … Didn’t you tell them that I never worked in a bar after you helped me? … Didn’t you tell them that we have chatted for 8 months? … Didn’t you tell them that I was honest and for real”?

Once again I was honest with her and told her that I had doubts about her and that is why I came to AC unannounced. She turned to me and said … “Goodbye Red, Maybe you will find out that I am honest. Maybe your friends will tell you different. Maybe you will see that I have fallin for you. Maybe you will see me as I am. Maybe you will decide to trust me. My God Red, I hope you see the truth”… She turned and left my room… As she was at the door I asked “Are you sure you want to leave”? … She said “I am sorry I lied to you about working at El Sombrero but I was embarrassed that I did not find a job. I have no other lies to hide and it is up to you to figure that out”. She turned and left.

Well at this point I just felt awful. I could see in her face that she was the real thing and I also saw complete honesty in her eyes. I know she was being honest.

On the other hand, I was a little pissed off. I traveled thousands of miles, spent 24 hours in a plane, sent her money for months and she left!?!?! :angryfire: To top it all off I had not had a good cup of coffee in days. (Is there a good cup of coffee in Angeles if there is I missed it…)

I called her cell and told her that we only have limited time and if she wanted to work this out it would have to be tonight. She came back and we talked for a long time. In the end she understood why some of my new friends asked her all of those questions and understood that if she had not have lied about her job as a waitress none of this would have happened. I also reminded her of the time SHE told me that “all” the girls there lie. She realized she was wrong and forgave me and all the guys that questioned her.

The next morning at breakfast she got a text from Robinson’s Mall saying that they have a job offer for her. So she went home to get her little sister, change and shower. She came back to Wild Orchid and we took a trike to Robinson’s mall. She met the manager of the dumpling stand and got the job. Since we where at the mall I asked if she needed any food for home. She said “That would be great let’s go shopping”. I guess shopping and women is something that goes hand in hand all over the world. Hee hee hee.

I loaded a carriage full of food. I was so surprised at how many items I picked out she had never tried. Well… I was soon to find out why. We loaded a couple of trikes up with the food and went to her place.

She opened the door and said “Welcome to my mansion”.

My god… She lives with two brothers (18 and 20) and two sisters (5 and 14) in a place barely fit for one person. Her kitchen and fridge had no food. The smell in the hallway was awful. Her place had no windows. They kept the place clean but the condition of the walls and floors made it impossible to look like a nice place. She sleeps with her sisters on a mattress and the her brothers throw a mat on the kitchen floor to sleep. Well it only took a few seconds for me to realize that if I was a beautiful young woman living like this, I would be working the bars too. In fact… I would be working the streets, bars, hotels, or wherever.

My god I couldn’t believe this young lady lived only to help her family. She could have easily sent her family back to Samar and lived better if she just took care of herself. She is not selfish and I immediately saw how much she loved her siblings.

After her family happily unpacked all the food and stocked their shelves and fridge I invited them all to go swimming and have dinner at Wild Orchid. I am a single man but I must say I had a great time with all of them. Her brothers and I played pool and drank beer while the ladies went swimming. We ordered food and just had a great time. When it got late and the little one came down off of her Coca-Cola high “D’s” siblings went home.

The next morning we went and picked up the little one and went shopping again for some clothes she needed for work. While we where shopping I asked if the little one needed some new shoes “D” said “She has never had shoes.” I guess all this girl ever had was those cheap rubber flip flops. So we bought her a couple of outfits and a few pairs of sneakers and shoes.

This whole family thing and getting involved with a girl so many months before coming to Angeles was definitely an eye opener. Seeing how these kids are growing up is something I will never forget.

After shopping her family all came to swim and play pool again.

Dinner time came (Well… an 11 pm dinner time) and I got a text from Jack asking if I was going out. I invited him to dinner with “D” and the whole family and I was happy to here that he would join us. We tried to go to Azzuro but they had closed. We went to Bourbon Street instead and I thought the food was good. After dinner it was time for “D” and her family to go home. They all had work or school to go to the next morning and we sad good night. “D” sad she wanted to get some rest because she started work the next day and told me to have a good time with Jack.


YEAH !!! …. BAR HOP !!! …

Jack and I started at Lancelot. One of the few places I visited that had German beer. I am a beer drinker and for those of you planning a trip to Angeles be aware that the beer selection is extremely limited. San Miguel is everywhere and it is a decent beer. It is definitely better than a lot of the fast brewed beers that are so common in the US. But in my opinion it pales in comparison to a lot of German, Belgian and Micro Brewed beers from America. If you are an american beer drinker you will have plenty of good beers to choose from and I am sure you will find San Miguel a tasty beer that really goes down well. If you are a beer drinker that likes beers from all over the globe be prepared to have a small selection. I did not find one dark beer in Angeles.

The beer selection was no big issue on my trip. The fun outweighs the beer choices by far. I am just getting picky!!!

Finally a pilsner glass at Lancelot…. MMM German Beer…

More pics from that night…

I bar fined another…. Pics do not do her justice she was absolutely beautiful…

This is at 7 am at Doll House…. She was a trooper and bar hopped with Jack and I all night…

This girl was so hot. This was a lucky man.

Anyway… Once again I had a great time with Jack and we finally said goodnight at about 8 am….

My goodness what a great town…

I hardly remember when this girl left the room. It had to be around 2 pm. I went back to sleep and woke up to a text from “D” telling me she had a dinner break.


I went to meet “D” for her break at Robinson Mall. She was eating at Jolibee’s. I noticed her 46 peso meal ticket and asked her why she would eat this crap knowing that she worked a half of a day for this unhealthy meal. She spent a half of a days salary on a meal that did not look like any meat I have seen before. Do these girls no math?

I went to Wild Orchid and watched TV until she was done with her work. After work she came to my room and I decided to take a shower. While I was in the shower she turned on my camera and saw all the pics of the bar hop Jack and I had. She saw me with the girl I bar fined and asked if I bar fined her. I told her that I did. I knew this was a mistake but I did not come all this way to lie to someone. I tried to explain to her that we are not married and there are no ties that say I can’t date someone else. Well, as you can imagine, this did not go over very well. I think it is acceptable to sleep around if you are just dating or trying to find the one you want to be serious with. As long as you are honest about your sex life we can all make decisions from there. I guess this is not the case with a filipino girl. I kind of thought that she would understand me seeing that she too had multiple partners a week when she worked in the bars. She was in the bar scene for years, I am sure she had more partners then I have ever had.

Well you live and learn. Guess I should have lied to her… but fuck that… I am a single man on vacation and “D” and I are not married. I came there to see if we were compatible and have a good time. They day we decide to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” I will stop sexual relations with others.

She did not understand any of this and stormed out.

Well… what do you do when a girl storms out of your hotel room in Angeles…

YEAH !!! BAR HOP !!!

I went directly to Lancelot and met Maik (the manager) for some beer. I sent Jack a text and he showed up for some drinks. Jack sent Gordy a text and there we were drinking again.

We talked about what I had admitted to “D” and the guys basically said that I fucked up. I guess the filipino woman would rather be lied to then try to work out serious issues about dating. Well this might be a problem for “D” and I in the future. I don’t like to lie about any sexual partners I have had and this openness might be something she can’t handle. We have not decided to be “boyfriend and girlfriend” and I still don’t feel I am wrong… Am I?

I bar fined again… The girl was a little heavier and not as young as my last bar fines but she was great company and better in bed.

Some pics from that night…

Well Gordy went to meet a girl that had sent him a text message and Jack hung out for another drink until he felt the need to bar hop again. Jack went to meet Gordy and I stayed at Lancelot with my bar fine and Maik for another beer or two.

As Lancelot was closing I received a text from Jack to meet them at Brown Sugar. So off we went. Can you believe once again I did not take one picture of the dancers at Brown Sugar!!! I am such a loser. Well buy the time I got to Brown Sugar Gordy had decided to go home. So again I am closing a night into the morning with Jack.

Fuck the Energizer Bunny !!! Jack puts that little pink shit bastard to shame.

Well it is 7 am again and I was ready for bed. I said goodnight to Jack and took the bar fine to the hotel.

Sorry… she didn’t like me to take pictures of her…


About 1 pm or 2 pm that same day I tipped the girl I bar fined and thanked her for her time…

I laid in bed thinking of the past bar fines, the partying and of “D”. I spent the rest of the day and night alone. “D” sent me a text message that night after her work and I just told her that I would be spending the night alone. I was still a little mad that she walked out on me the night before. I had a few text messages this night and told everyone I was staying at the hotel and not going out.

After a full nights rest I walked downstairs for coffee at about 8 am and who did I see there? Yep… just the guys I needed to talk too. Tom and Kim !!! I told them all about what has happened between “D” and I. They gave me sound advice and by about 9 am or 10 am they took their car home.

As I ordered my breakfast it hit me …!!!… I had tipped girls that I have bar fined more money then “D” could make in months working at the mall. I ate my breakfast, went to my room and waited to hear from her. She sent a text on her dinner break and I went to the mall to meet her.

I see once again that she has a 52 peso personal pizza she is eating. OK… better food choice from the last time but she still worked a half day for this pizza. Realizing that working for slave wages at this mall she would never get on her feet and start to make a better life for herself. So I offered to support her until she found a job that was fair. Well … as fair as a job can be in Angeles without selling her body.

I told her to go upstairs and say that she had to quit work because her Grandma is sick in her province and needed her help. She did but came back downstairs and said that they are short handed and she agreed to finish the week. I told her to call me when she was done with work and ready to go out.

I went to meet Jack and Gordy. We hit Neros, Blue Nile, and Blue Nile Executive. “D” called when she was ready and said she wanted to spend the night with me and not go bar hopping. So I left Jack and Gordy and met “D” at Wild Orchid. Over some food and drinks she forgave me for my past bar fining activities and we had a nice time.

The next night there was a band at C”Italian and It was my last chance to hook up with some of the AE members that did not go out during the week. “D” had to finish her work week and missed the band and dinner. Once again I had a great meal.

“D” called and I went to pick her up to bring her back to C’Italian. We met at Wild Orchid and she decided that it was our last night together and we should stay in. Of course, I accepted.

On my last day in AC I had this overwhelming feeling that I should extend my trip. So (of course) I called Jack and went to Action Travel to try to extend my trip. The girls at Action Travel were willing to dive in and make all the changes necessary but we decided that it was too late to make changes to 3 flights and 3 car transfers on such little notice. Like a fool I showed up there hours before my flight from Manila. I should have went to Action Travel the day before and all would have been much easier.

With thoughts of spending more time with “D” and some AE members I did not party with enough, I regretfully packed my bags. Action Travel sent a van and “D” and I were on the way to MNL airport. It was a nice but sad trip to the airport. We rapped up a lot of feelings that we had for each other and we decided to continue this new relationship.

We said goodbye and I left “the girl I came to meet”.

Well there you have it! I started a relationship with someone I have wanted to meet for a long time, made a lot of new friends, bar fined girls, partied, drank beer and just had a great time.

I did not get to party enough with some off the members from Asian Escapades but I will catch up with those guys next time. It was not easy to try to spend time with all of the guys from AE, spend time with a girl and her family and spend time with some of the lovely ladies on Fields Ave. But I did a little of each and I can’t wait for my next trip.

My only advice for a Newbie, like me, that is planning a trip to Angeles City would be……

#1. Listen to the guys on this site !!! They are great people!!! They spent a lot of there free time to help me on my first trip before I got to Angeles and as I was in Angeles. All the info you need on bars, restaurants, hotels and travel is right here on Asian Escapades. Look around and if you can’t find a piece of information on Asian Escapades there will be plenty of help to lead you to the information you seek.

#2. On your first trip to Angeles City… DO NOT have any obligations… Yeah… it was great to meet someone I have chatted with for a long time but do something like that on your second or third trip. On your first trip you should be free. TRUST ME !!! When you hit Fields Ave. for the first time you will be glad you can spend your time any way you want to.

#3. Read #2 again.
Till next time….

Buying Land or a House and Lot in the Philippines

Buying Land or a House and Lot in the Philippines
by Rickcafecom.

Over the last year I have been looking at houses to purchase and have realized at the current time, it is probably cheaper to buy a plot of land and build the house rather than buy a used, already constructed home. If you are buying thru a real estate agent, they are normally getting 5% to 10% off the top of the purchase price, so it is of course cheaper to purchase straight from an individual seller. Even if you try to transact the deal thru a Filipino neighbor there is usually a percentage of the purchase price that goes to the finder that you’ll never hear about, usually 1 to 2%. Land is currently going anywhere from P4,000 a square meter on up depending whether it is a corner lot, and which housing development or area it is in, and of course prices are going up steadily with the development of the airport and the finishing of the Tarlac, Angeles, Subic highways, which is why you see corporations like Robinson’s Land Development purchasing large tracks of land for development.
As a side note, it is true that foreigners cannot own land in the Philippines, but real estate sellers and lawyers of course have found a way around the legalities with foreigners being able to own condominiums or have a Filipino buy the property and in turn fill out an Irrevocable Deed of Conveyance of Beneficial Ownership with special power of attorney from the Filipino to the foreigner for the property, thus allowing the foreigner to virtually have the same rights as a land owner, being able to build, lease or sell the property.
Here is a summary of my first attempt to purchase a lot which explains the age old phrase, “Buyer Beware”. I was informed of a 300 square meter lot in a secure subdivision xyz for P4,300 a square meter, and thru an office intermediary made the deal to be closed a week later, with all parties to be present to transfer the money and title at a local bank for the safety of all parties concerned. The intermediary, who works at the housing office of Subdivision XYZ, went thru all the motions of preparing the transfer of the title, receipts, powers of attorney, checking the land title in city hall to insure there was no mortgage on the property (as did I) which was bought by the owner/seller, Mr. Iggie (we will call him) whose name is on the property title, in 1985 as an investment for approximately P600 a square meter (not a bad investment).
On the day of the transfer everyone shows up at the bank on time, me with the money, the Subdivision Representative with all the papers, and Mrs. Iggie and her son (both from Bulacan, 90 minutes away rom Angeles City). I then asked Mrs. Iggie (whom I have never met), “where is Mr. Iggie”, whose name is on the title. She replies, “Mr. Iggie is sick and cannot make it to the appointment but he has signed all of the papers,” and then she presents me with the signed receipts and a xerox copy of his passport, drivers license and a copy of their marriage license. I said to Mrs. Iggie, “Whereas Mr. Iggies name is on the title, I would feel more comfortable talking to him before we close the deal, and does he have the flu or what, and we can complete the deal in a week when Mr. Iggie is feeling better”. Mrs Iggie replies, “oh no its not the flu, he has cancer and can’t travel.” “OK” I reply, “well can we call him and verify it is him on the phone by asking him personal questions from his identification cards?” “Oh no” says Mrs. Iggie and son, “He has cancer of the throat and can not talk.” The light is really coming on now there is a problem with this sale and I ask Mrs. Iggie, “Can I drive to Bulacan and visit Mr. Iggie at his house to verify the sale of the property?” Mrs. Iggie replies, “well it would be difficult as he is home some days and other days he is in the hospital”. Now pretty much realizing I am dealing with Mr. And Mrs. Grifter, I said, “Well call me one day before, when you know what location he will be in, home or hospital and I will come down to verify the sale.” Mrs. Iggie and her son agreed to this and departed the bank with the housing representative. I stayed in the bank to conduct some other business which took approximately 30 minutes and when I exited, the housing rep approached me in the parking lot and said, “Do you have time for Mrs. Iggie to talk to you again, she has something to tell you?” “Sure” I reply and Mrs. Iggie and her son get out of their van and approached me. Mrs. Iggie now tells me, “We didn’t tell you the entire truth, Mr. Iggie died last month of cancer and signed all the property sale receipts before passing away, as he didn’t have a will prepared. We are now trying to sell the property without going through the long, and expensive process of probate court, to have the titles changed, to pay his medical bills.” I politely thanked them for providing the rest of the story and explained there would be a problem purchasing property from a dead man, especially 6 weeks after the date on the death certificate, which they had volunteered to now show me.
So there you have it, example one, of purchasing property in the Philippines, stayed tuned for the next chapter.

By Rickcafecom.

Trikes – Getting around Angeles City

Trikes – Getting Around AC

One of the pervasive images associated with daily life here in the Philippines is the ubiquitous “Trike”.

Like most things in life trikes have their good points and bad. Whilst they are a convenient means of transport and faster than the over crowded snails pace jeepneys,
They are not exactly comfortable and the drivers can be either very hospitable or down right hostile.

For us foreigners the trike is a means of transportation but for the driver it is often his sole means of an income. In short it his business and this should always be remembered by the passengers. Many drivers have an attitude towards their passengers ranging from cordial politeness through to blatant hostility. This is not to say all trike drivers are bad but there are certainly a few “bad apples” and these people should be avoided whenever possible. Remember the vast majority of Filipinos view us as walking ATM machines and see it as their right to charge accordingly. By following the simple guidelines which appear later in this article you will most likely avoid the bad drivers and your trike experience will be pleasurable and efficient.

In the provinces or in some of the outer areas of Angeles where the drivers have not had lengthy exposure to foreigners or general commercialization, the fare will nearly always be cheaper. In fact in many areas they have a set fare for each destination and this fare applies to foreigners and Filipinos alike. In downtown Balibago there is no such arrangement but the trike drivers know there are generally accepted fares to each destination.

The following are some handy hints which can help you when utilising the trikes in AC.

1. Before travelling by trike ask around a little bit and get an idea of the normal fare charged. This will vary as different people have differing ideas as to what the fare should be but by asking around you should get an approximate guideline of how much to pay.

2. Before getting in the trike ask the driver how much to a designated destination. Some will tell you an amount straight out and it is then up to you to either accept the stated price or negotiate what you feel is a more realistic price. If the driver is not willing to negotiate just say ok no problem give him a friendly smile, then walk a little distance and try the same procedure with the next trike driver. Most trike drivers will realise the inflated price approach has not worked and will then tell you a more realistic price in order to get your business.

When asked the price to a certain destination many drivers will reply “up to you”. This is where you must have a set price in your head which can only be gotten by experience or by asking around first. If he says up to you tell him your price and make sure he accepts it before you get inside the trike.

3. Always have the exact money or at least as close as you can to the exact amount. Many times the trike drivers will tell you they have no change which can be bothersome as you run around trying to find change. As a rule of thumb I normally try to travel with 200 peso in 20 peso notes.

4. Try to avoid the young testosterone laden drivers and the rickety old trikes that can take an inordinate amount of time to reach their destination. The young guys are often keen to chat with your honey-ko so put her in the trike with you and keep your arm around her. Simple body language such as this will normally discourage the amorous advances of a Filipino trike driver.

Look for a trike that has a high roof and a bit of leg room and a bike that is in reasonable condition. This will make your travelling more comfortable.

To be honest a number of trikes are small with a lack of leg room a low roof and hard seats which dig into your back as you negotiate the AC pot holes and bumps.

Here is some other advice which I think you will find helpful:

1. If you are with a Filipina who you know well, let her help with the negotiations. If she is someone whom you have just met let her stay in the background and you do the negotiating yourself. Often the girls can negotiate a better price than us foreigners.

2. Do not have the, I live here, I am not a tourist attitude. Even though you may live here the trike drivers regard you the same as any other foreigner fare and will charge accordingly.

3. Always remember the later it is, the higher the price. For example a journey that would normally cost you 70 peso in the daytime will cost you 100 at 3AM in the morning.

4. Wherever possible try to get a single trike driver rather than one from a group of drivers. In my experience I have found the single trike driver happy for the fare and friendly whereas the trike drivers who are stationed in the so called tourist spots tend to charge expensive prices and often have an attitude.

5. After the ride and you are paying the driver if you have a problem just pay him what you think is the correct amount and walk away. Do not try to argue with a trike driver because you can never win simply because they have strength of numbers on their side and the few peso you are arguing about means a lot more to them than it does to you.

Here are the average trike fares which I pay travelling to and from certain destinations. This does not make them the right fare but they can be certainly be used as a guideline and you can see the map by clicking HERE or click the map below to get a bigger map to see where the areas are located:

– From Fields avenue starting at Kokomos to Stampede Bar, which is about 620 meters, you should not pay any more than 50 peso.

– Moving up Fields Avenue, which turns into Don Juico Avenue or Perimeter area such as stopping in to have a drink at Illusions, Garfields Bar or Fire N Ice or 1,500 to 1,680 meters from Kokomos, the trike drivers will ask you for 70 to 80 peso, but they will normally accept 60 peso without any problems.

– Again, from Kokomos to the Clarkfield area (the VFW, Josephaville 1 area), which is 2,300 meters, the trike drivers will ask you for anywhere from seventy to one hundred peso. I normally pay 70 peso the Filipinos will pay 40 peso some Filipinas tell me.

– If you are staying at or visiting the Clarkton Hotel or Vila Sol subdivision area, which is 2,700 meters from Kokomos, I have heard some trike drivers have charged an outrageous 250 peso, but you should not pay any more than 100 peso, but I normally give them 80 to 90 peso.

– From Kokomos to Friendship road or gate it is an estimated 3,710 meters and the trike drivers will normally ask you for 100 to 120 I pay them a flat 100 peso as this is quite a distance.

– If you are feeling adventurous or have friends in the Timog Park subdivision, which is more than 5,500 meters, expect to pay the trike drivers 150 peso or 120 depending if you are lucky or not. Further than this further up the Fil Am Friendship Highway is definitely 150 peso or more.

– Getting back to closer to Kokomos and Fields Avenue is the Diamond Subdivision or Swagman Hotel area which is across from Saver’s Mall off Mac Arthur Highway or 820 to 1,350 meters, the trike drivers will ask you for 70 peso, but I pay them 50. This is only a relatively short journey, but it can take a while because of the traffic congestion on McArthur highway.

– From Fields Avenue to the Mountain View area, where a lot of the stay inns are located and it is only 500 to 700 meters from Kokomos, I pay 40 peso. This is only a short distance although it can become time consuming due to the narrow streets and congestion on McArthur Highway too.

You may notice that in each case I recommend paying approximately 10 peso less than what the trike drivers will ask. For a tourist on holiday over here you probably think why quibble about 10 peso and it is not worth the trouble. From a tourists perspective you would be exactly right but please remember most locals here are on a budget and if you are catching trikes every day the extra 10 peso can add up. Besides the trike drivers seem to come to some unwritten agreement approximately once a year that the fare should go up and they do this without any notification to the passengers. The same distance covered in the province would be half the price.

One way to avoid the constant negotiating with trike drivers is to hire a trike on a daily basis. The Filipinos refer to this as a trike service. To arrange a trike service you need to negotiate with a driver whom you feel you can trust and make sure you make the terms of the verbal contract very clear. For example what hours are involved is it just for a few hours or for a more extended period of time, is the weather a factor in determining the price, do you expect him to wait outside each establishment as you visit it or does he simply pick you up at a certain place and time, is the driver free to look for other fares or have you purchased his services exclusively for yourself.

Just to give you an idea I negotiated the following with a local driver. Normally they will ask 100 peso from Vila Sol to Fields Avenue so assuming this was his basic asking price I negotiated the following. 5 trips a week Wednesday through to Sunday at 8PM. The trip would be the same one ie; from home to Neros and he eventually came down to 400 peso for the five trips which makes it 80 peso a trip. I then negotiated a monthly price for the same service and he came down to 1500 peso to be paid in installments of 375 peso on a weekly basis. This makes it 75 peso per trip.

In the negotiating process I explained to him that this was a regular fare and it was always the same distance at the same time. I then asked him would you rather have your trike sit empty and he replied “no problem for me, the price is the price”. As a result I just walked away. What annoyed me about this whole process was not just his self defeating attitude towards the negotiation but also the fact that I am sure a Filipino passenger given the same negotiation would have gotten a considerably cheaper price.

Anyway, if you can negotiate a decent price in my humble opinion a regular trike service is the best way to go and beneficial for you and the driver.

If you should ever run into trouble with one of the trike drivers the rule of thumb is be assertive not aggressive. As I stated earlier there are a few bad apples and if you get one of these do not confront him just walk away. It is never just a solitary driver. Nearly all drivers are part of a group and will rely on the group as their backup. If you have a dispute about your fare just pay the guy what you think is correct then walk away.

Of course you will hear horror stories regarding trike rides however the vast majority of times the trike is an efficient and reliable way to get around and travelling via trike is an integral part of the Philippine experience.

Have fun and hope this article will save you some money and give you more confidence in getting around AC using the trike system.

Happy Hard On

Happy Hard On

As everyone knows Angeles is a party zone with cheap grog and plenty of beautiful young women, but we are only human and sometimes the partying can take its toll making it difficult to enjoy sexual activity to its fullest. Let’s face it if you are an average male and having sex at least once or twice a day then at some time or another you will have to deal with the inability to get an erection.

Luckily thanks to modern day science, we now have a range of products specifically designed to help males achieve an erection and to varying degrees all of them seem to work. In AC, the whole gamet of pills lotions and jells can be purchased for very reasonable prices but what exactly is available, where do you go to purchase them, how much should you pay, how do you know it’s a genuine product and not a fake? In this article I will try to answer these and many other relevant questions which will hopefully be beneficial information for you the readers and dedicated mongerers.

Viagra (Sidenafil nitrate)

Perhaps the most well known male pill is Viagra or the big blue as it is affectionately called by many of its users Viagra was invented and patented by Pfizer the multi national drug company and although it definitely works it can produce mild and sometimes dangerous side effects.

Genuine Pfizer Viagra is available here in Angeles. The price of Viagra varies considerably depending upon where you purchase it. I have been quoted prices as high as 750 for a packet of four 100 milligram Viagra through to as low as 500 peso and as low as 100 peso from the street vendors.

Viagra can also be purchased as a single pill and again the price varies depending on where you purchase it. I have been quoted prices from 50 peso up to 200 peso for a single pill.

Please note these prices have been quoted to me by bar managers and street vendors and all would be negotiable. There are also various advantageous deals to be made if you buy in bulk.

Reliable sources inform me that street vendors when pushed will sell Viagra for as low as 100 peso for a box of four however when purchasing from them you run the chance of purchasing fake products which of course will not produce the desired result.

Indian Viagra

These pills are manufactured in India and supposedly have exactly the same effect as Pfizer Viagra except they are pink and they are cheaper than the blue Pfizer Viagra. The Indian Viagra is not readily available in Angeles all year round but if you look carefully and ask around enough it can usually be acquired. Normally the best place to procure these is from a bar manager. In truth I have not seen many being sold by the street hawkers. For the Indian Viagra I have been quoted 200 peso up to 500 for a packet of four and for a single pill anywhere from 50 peso to 150 peso.

Cialis (Tadalafil)

Another pill which seems to be growing in popularity is Cialis. More and more people are requesting this as opposed to Viagra. I have heard numerous reasons for this but the major one is that Cialis does not produce the same side effects as Viagra and secondly Cialis stays in the body longer.

Cialis is available in many places in AC and like Viagra there is a large difference in price. I have been quoted prices as high as 900 through to 600 to as low as 200 peso for a packet of 4,100 Milligram Cialis.

For the 50 milligram and 20 milligram packets of four I have been quoted as high as 700 peso per box through to 500 peso per box and as low as 100 per box.

Cialis can also be purchased as a single pill which will cost approximately 150 peso. Like Viagra it is possible to get a substantial discount when you purchase in bulk.

On the street you can purchase Cialis for as low as 100 peso for a box of four 20 or 120 for a box of four, 50 milligram pills. The street price is considerably cheaper but once again you run the risk of it being a fake product which will not produce the desired effect.

The 100 milligram Cialis is a strong dosage and I would recommend extreme caution when taking this. In fact some people refuse to sell it believing that it is dangerous.

Qing Tian Zhu (alternatively known as the Petala palace energetic capsule)

A personal favorite of mine are the Chinese herbal pills called Qing Tian Zhu. These pills are completely herbal ingredients and in my experience do not produce any side effects, in fact many people who have tried them actually say the pill has made them feel more healthy. These pills do not react as quickly as Viagra or Cialis and they can take up to three hours to take effect and like all good things that react slowly but surely the effect is a lot longer lasting. Many people whom I have put onto these pills now swear by them and I have heard numerous stories of guys feeling their effect 48 hours later. In the small advisory sheet that accompanies the pills it actually states that the drug remains in the body from 36 to 72 hours.

The Quing Tian Zhu pills are available from many places and the difference in price reflects this. Some of the hotels such as the Clarkton and the Orange Lion sell this product for 400 peso for a packet of four. From the bars it will normally cost you anywhere from 500 peso to 800 peso for a packet of four.

The best way to take these pills is take one 5 hours before sexual activity and another approximately 2 hours before. At the Clarkton hotel they sell these pills calling them Chinese Viagra. This is actually a misnomer as these pills are herbal not chemical, they are not Viagra and they do not produce the same side effects as Viagra.

Love Puppies and Doberman Puppies

Another herbal pill I recommend is made right here in Angeles and that is the appropriately named Love Puppies. The love puppies are made by a local company called Akita who also make a number of other herbal medicines. They are based just off Friendship Highway and each packet contains two pills with instructions how to take them.

The love puppies retail for 100 peso for a packet of 2. Personally I have found the best results come when you take one love puppy 2 hours before sex and then another one half an hour before sex.

The love puppies work well but their effect does not linger like that of Qing Tian Zhu. A stronger version of the love puppies called the Doberman puppies is now available and retails for approximately 135 peso for a packet of two pills.


The Kamagra pills come in packets of four and in various strengths. They are readily available from a number of bar managers but I haven’t seen much of this product on the streets.

When purchasing from the bar managers you can expect to pay as follows

100 Milligram packet of four will cost you approximately 250 peso.
50 Milligram packet of four will cost you approximately .250 peso
20 Milligram packet of four will cost you approximately 250 peso

Kamagra can also be bought as a single pill which will set you back approximately 50 peso.

Please note these prices have been quoted to me by bar managers who sell them on the side. No doubt you could find this product amongst the street vendors however this may take a little work. To be honest I am yet to have any street vendor approach me selling Kamagra as they tend to specialize in Viagra and Cialis obviously because these two are the most readily available and are in the most demand.

Vigora (sildenafil)

Vigora The basic ingredient in this pill is sildenafil citrate. The Vigora comes in 50 Milligram packets of four and will normally cost around 500 Peso. I believe it would be possible to purchase this product for a cheaper price but I am yet to see any street seller with this product. In Angeles the Vigora is not as plentiful as Viagra or Cialis but quite often it can be procured simply by asking a bar manager..

Levitra (Vardenafil HCL)

Levitra is manufactured by the German company Bayer. This supposedly is their answer to Pfizer’s Viagra. I have not tried Levitra but people who have tell me it works just as well as Viagra but doesn’t produce as intense side effects.

The Levitra comes in packets of four, 2.5, 5, 10, and 20, milligrams. Levitra to the best of my knowledge is not available on the street in fact the only person selling it that I have come across is Tango in the Viper room. Levitra is available as a 20 milligram pill and Tango sells a box of four for 750 peso. A bottle of 30 pills, 3500 peso or ten boxes of four for 4500 peso. If you can find this product on the street you can probably get it much cheaper however it is not a commonly sold product and would probably take a lot of work to find he chance of it being fake.

The Velvet Hammer

The Velvet Hammer is another herbal pill. This pill takes effect about 1 hour after consumption. There are no side effects with the velvet hammer. Velvet Hammers retail for approximately 200 peso for two pills. For best results it is recommended that the user takes two pills approximately 1 hour prior to sexual activity. The only problem with the Velvet Hammer is they are not readily available throughout Angeles.

Kamagra jell

The erection enhancement business has come a long way and these days the consumer is not limited to pills, in fact the Kamagra jell is proving extremely popular amongst consumers. The jell has several advantages over the pills in that it does not produce the side effects and supposedly it reacts on the user quicker than the pills. The Kamagra Jell comes in a 100 milligram sachet and it will cost you approximately 250 peso for a single packet. When using this product it is recommended that you take 1 complete sachet approximately 30 minutes before sexual activity. The advantage of this jell is that it reacts quicker than the pills supposedly starting to have an effect after only 15 minutes.

Viagra and Cialis are available from many outlets in AC but I recommend purchasing your chosen pill from a bar manager. I recommend this because this way you can be sure they are the genuine article and you will probably get a very reasonable price because there are many bar managers trying to supplement their meagre income by selling these products. In most cases the bar managers can be haggled with and it will be possible to get a cheaper price than what was originally asked for.

There are many fake Viagra and Cialis available in Angeles. So how do you tell fake from real? To be honest it’s quite hard because the reproduction of the packaging is so professional and it actually takes a close examination on behalf of the purchaser to pick the fake product. You can however minimize the chances of purchasing a fake product by following these simple steps. Firstly buy your product from a recognized source such as a bar manager. It is in his best interests to sell you the real product. Secondly look for a registration number on the box in the case of Viagra this will be on the side panel of the box. Look for the blue Pfizer stamp on the silver sachet and there should be a date stamp and a registration number at the top and bottom of the silver sachet which contains the pills.

When buying from street vendors be aware that strictly speaking this is an illegal transaction. Most of the time the cops will turn a blind eye but it doesn’t hurt to be careful. Secondly, when buying from a street vendor allow for a 100% markup on his behalf. Normally you can haggle at least 70% of his original asking price. Thirdly keep in mind there are fake Viagra and Cialis in Angeles and most often these will be sold by the street vendors.

Well guys I hope that proves to be useful information for all you avid mongerers and even more importantly I hope you get a chance to purchase some of these products and use them here in Angeles. Happy mongering guys and stay hard.